The Obama-Target on MY Back

For something a little different, I thought I’d share a bit of what I do for a living. Several people on the RNL have asked in the past, and though I have tried to explain it, it is difficult to understand. What I do is one of those things that is easier to understand when you see it. For instance, this is a commission job I recently finished (anybody recognize what it is and which squadron it’s from?):

And this is a project I finished this week and am now selling to the global modeling community. It is a resin replacement cockpit for a WW II German fighter plane, a FW 190A-8 to be specific:

What I do is take the original kit parts and either correct them by modification or replacement or – as in the case with this cockpit – I make a completely new, historically accurate and highly detailed replacement for what comes in the kit.  I make most of the masters from scratch, usually with just plain plastic stock and hand tools, or — sometimes — a miniature milling machine and a lathe.  Then I use the masters to make rubber molds, which I then use to make 2-part polymer resin castings which are packaged and sold to the end user to build up in his own model.  I am the very epitome of the cottage industry as I run EVERY aspect of my business, and I do it from a shop in my back yard (and yes, I sometimes work in my PJ’s).

As a comparison, this is a technical drawing from a German maintenance manual for the FW 190A-8:

In addition to what I have posted here, I do rapid-prototyping work for the electronics industry.  I have cast for the U.S. Air Force, Motorola USA, Honeywell Batteries and Global Technologies.  I have also done work for a rather accomplished Hollywood special effects artist who is something of a mentor of mine.  If you have seen the Terminator series, Spiderman and Dr. Octopus, AI and any number of Spielberg movies, you have seen my mentor’s work.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be in business.  This is a manufacturing company that depends on petroleum-based materials.  I am treated just like I was Dow Corning Chemical — NO BREAKS for being a small, 1-man shop.  As a result, I have a big, fat, Obama-Target on my back and the EPA-IRS-99%er drones overhead.  Needless to say, I feel very much like an unappreciated and very endangered species.

Anyway, I had a few minutes and thought I’d post something a little different for a change.Consider this my best effort at a human interest story (with just the right amount of self-conceit thrown in – just for Kells 😉 )


My ultimate master piece and crowning glory can be seen in this thread.  LOTS of pictures of something that fits in your hand..

31 thoughts on “The Obama-Target on MY Back

    • LOL, yep, I know it — and I even know some of the guys who built a few of the things on that home page (though not all that well 😉 )

      As a side-line business connected to what I do, my peers have written books and helped narrate several “Best of” shows on the Military Channel. I turned down several requests to write books, but I have reviewed them for a couple major book publishing companies. I am in a niche market, but part of what comes with where I am and the level I’m at is the recognition of being a bit of an historic expert on the material I deal with (I sort of have to be, my customers know that the early Tiger I tanks had Left and Right handed track links, and I have to replicate stuff like that for them if I want to stay in business).

  1. My uncle flew HellCats off of Carriers in the Pacific……Big fat round engines.

    WRT the Babes… time tell them you WORK with models or better yet…You’re in Oil. Chicks don’t get military detail….Gingers OR Mary Annes….Jus’Sayin.. ;- )).

    • Don,

      LOL, Yes, I know. Hey, I “lifted” that pic from a buddy’s site. It seemed to be right for the post.

      F6F Hellcat: specifically designed to defeat the Zero. Yep, one of America’s best in WW II. It’s primary claim to fame was the highest kill rate/number enemy aircraft destroyed in the Pacific War as well as being the primary fighter in the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot. Rugged buggar, to.

  2. so what, exactly does petroleum have to do with Obama? Let’s see- fuel prices nearly trippled under Bush. And have fluctuated above, and mostly below this new normal high, under Obama. And of course, domestic oil production (yes- largely “fracking”) reaching record highs under Obama.

    Maybe you should be looking at 3D printing- which will be your major competition if it is not already. such as the makerbot.

  3. WHOA….Kells…I’m in Luv, A Woman that likes a War movie. George Pepard…..Was he first flying Junkers in that Joe I don’t remember?

    No I’m impressed Kell…..Trying to get my SO to what a War flick is like …it ain’t happening…..although I have watched “Pride and Prejudice” close to 40 times with them.

    • It’s a great show. I tell you, if there’s a good story and someone as hawt as Georgie boy as the lead, I’ll eat whatever they’re dishin out. The flight scenes are very well done as well. Have you ever seen the show, The Great Waldo Pepper?

      That aside; I’m very fond of Pride & Prejudice. If you’ll recall, Greer Garson was a ginger, my sweet. 😉

      Maryanne was a silly Lizzie!

  4. Justin…….After her 45th viewing or so she says to me:

    “ know what?”


    Her:…”I think I know what P & P is….”

    Me: “What’s That…?”

    Her:….” It’s basically a 6 hour mini series about Fore-Play.”…………..Bada Bing !

    True story…..Luckily I was looking in the Fridge for a Beer when she said it

  5. This scrum must have started at low altitude: two turns around the fray and we’re already in the weeds.

    Well, you know what happens when you get low, slow and out of ideas all at the same time, don’t you? 😉

  6. Greer Garson was Gorgeous…Ur right.

    Mary Anne is Open and Fun……She looks like she’d really LIKE you…..attitude is the whole game … ;- ))

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