Whoops! The First of Many Crows the Liberals Will Have to Eat

The Democrats made this bed. Scaring seniors about any changes to Medicare or social security. Now they have to lay in it. Should be interesting to watch them sell cuts to seniors now.

AARP, the lobbying powerhouse for older Americans, last year made a dramatic concession. Amid a national debate over whether to overhaul Social Security, the group said for the first time it was open to cuts in benefits.

The backlash from AARP members and liberal groups that oppose changes in the program was enormous — and this time around, as Washington debates how to tame the ballooning federal debt, AARP is flatly opposed to any benefit reductions for the nation’s retirees.

AARP uses its power to oppose Social Security, Medicare benefit cuts for retirees

15 thoughts on “Whoops! The First of Many Crows the Liberals Will Have to Eat

    • “The Republicans made us we didn’t want but what could we do? Same ole spin.”

      Gosh Sara, the Republican’s made you do what that you didn’t want to do? Are you trying to hang Obamacare on the Republicans now? Hehehe, silly liberals.

      Folks, whenever I get on a rant about how liberals never take ownership for their own history, use this woman’s intellectually massive comment as an example of why I state that.

      Obamacare = Bush’s fault too.

      Go figure.

  1. Sad thing is over the last few years, quite a few Reps were stepping up with the political will to make Social Security and Medicare sustainable in the long-term. But Obama had his Obamacare agenda, turning every opportunity to negotiate into a campaign moment. He has no concept of give and take, and behind the winning smile is a very mean man.

    It sure would be good to see Paul Ryan in the House Majority seat. He has a special way of bringing out the President’s true colors. Oh well.

  2. AARP had Obama’s back when it pushed Obamacare, they carried a lot of water for the Prez.their actions lost them tons of members. My husband and I never signed up with AARP, we went with AMAC and when the AMAC magazine shows up in the mail box the cover never features some idiot actor telling us how bad our country is, much better than AARP.

    • Sarah; I’ll be damned if someone gets more thumbs down than I! I hold the record. So don’t be slick and try to steal my RNL 2012 Thumbs -down trophy from me! It’s time to play naughty and vote for myself!

  3. I’m close to the age now that my mom started reading AARP propaganda. For a mature extremely intelligent woman to get hooked on becoming a “gray panther,” the liberal rhetoric had to be extremely persuasive. It was a change in her that I didn’t see coming. Plus it was sad. I couldn’t convince her that AARP offered wrong thinking.

  4. ARRP has been against God, apple pie and mom for a very long time. They have been getting thier junk mail back from me every time they give me a postage paid envelope. The still send their garbage.

    • Same here Sarah! I delight in cutting their “membership” cards (which I did NOT ask for) and letters and sending them back in their pre-paid envelope. After all, Harry Reid did say that seniors LOVE junk mail. I really have a hard time deciding if I should send AARP junk mail to them or to the esteemed (stumbling) Harry Reid.

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