And Now, the Good News (if You’re Obama)

Famed Economist: US GDP Growth Will Never Recover

World famous investor Jeremy Grantham has released his forecast for the American economic future – and if he’s right, we’d all better pack up and head for New Zealand. According to Grantham, an annual GDP growth rate of 3% — long considered the norm in the United States – “is gone forever.” Instead, says Grantham, “GDP growth … is likely to be about only 1.4% a year, and adjusted growth about 0.9%.”

“Fundamental Transformation:” that’s Obama’s “Mission accomplished” statement.

3 thoughts on “And Now, the Good News (if You’re Obama)

  1. To borrow a phrase from Tvarisht Lenin……Shto Dyelatz…( What is to be Done ?).

    And I DON’T ask that rhetorically.

  2. And of course you realize you’re quoting an economist who has set up two foundations to counter climate change?

    And that his predictions have nothing to do with Obama- but that of the changing country, and world we live in?

    Maybe read something other then Breitbart? Here- business insider: or Investment news here:

    Or read his actual report at his companies site here:

    And despite how you all love to ridicule me- this is what I’ve been saying for over a year- the jobs lost during the economic collapse at the end of Bushs term are never coming back. That our country- the world- and our countries role in it is forever changed.

  3. “You wake-up every morning with this current administration and it’s like, WHAM! Kick to the nuts.” Scooter Biggs, Comments Section.

    Why New Zealand, anyway? Maori warrior rituals?

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