Benghazi Isn’t A Scandal And If It Was, It is Reagan’s Fault

Maybe Nixon, too…Probably the Bush’s, too…but for sure, just partisan opportunism (just like all the other scandals that are only scandals because the Republicans hate a black president):

Or so says Ed Kilgore:

The continued Republican frenzy over the killings in Benghazi, which has now been going on for more than two months, is pretty obviously motivated by partisan opportunism, linked to the frustrated desire for an “Obama scandal,” and for validation of the underlying conservative narrative that the administration is more concerned about pandering to Muslims than protecting Americans. But putting all that aside (if you can), along with the Petraeus side-show, there’s the underlying problem of an U.S. diplomatic structure that is being encouraged to think first and foremost of its own safety, rather than its actual mission. This is the topic of a fascinating New York Times Magazine piece by Robert Worth that traces the devolution of U.S. embassies and consulates from interactive listening posts to isolated fortresses, beginning most notably with the Beirut bombings of 1983. Here’s a brief excerpt from the detail-rich piece, which deserves to be read in its entirety:

Three decades later, after serving as an ambassador in three countries, [Ronald] Neumann found himself marveling at how much his profession has changed. “The dangers have gotten worse, but the change is partly psychological,” he told me. “There’s less willingness among our political leaders to accept risks, and all that has driven us into the bunker.”

Nothing illustrated those changes better than the death of J. Christopher Stevens, after an assault by jihadis on the U.S. mission in Benghazi on Sept. 11. Stevens was a brave and thoughtful diplomat who, like Neumann, lived to engage with ordinary people in the countries where he served, to get past the wire. Yet his death was treated as a scandal, and it set off a political storm that seems likely to tie the hands of American diplomats around the world for some time to come. Congressmen and Washington pundits accused the administration of concealing the dangers Americans face abroad and of failing Stevens by providing inadequate security. Threats had been ignored, the critics said, seemingly unaware that a background noise of threats is constant at embassies across the greater Middle East. The death of an ambassador would not be seen as the occasional price of a noble but risky profession; someone had to be blamed.

While Worth focuses on the Beirut bombings as the turning point, you could make a strong argument that the politicization of diplomatic deaths, and in turn the lowering of the “political risk” threshold, dates back to the Iran Hostage Crisis. Those searing events were intimately connected (in memory and symbolism more than election data) with the demise of the Carter Administration and the rise of Ronald Reagan (though Reagan himself initiated a literal withdrawal of U.S. diplomacy from Lebanon after the Beurit bombings).

More than getting Obama re-elected, Benghazi illustrates the true power of the press and how dangerous it has truly become.

I don’t know if Benghazi is a scandal because of bad foreign policy, “leading from behind”, true incompetence or criminal indifference. I have an opinion but as a citizen, I have no ability to investigate on my own. It the past, that was the role of the press, to be the surrogate of the public. That role is no more.

What I do know is with Democrats fighting any inquiry into anything by politicizing absolutely everything and the current administration receiving cover from a mass media that has 1) chosen sides, 2) promoting the narrative that there is “nothing to see here”, 3) refusing to do even the most minimal of investigations and 4) actively ignoring the story, it is highly unlikely that we will ever find out.


7 thoughts on “Benghazi Isn’t A Scandal And If It Was, It is Reagan’s Fault

  1. I tell you how we find out, and I suspect it is actually legal (though we need a constitutional type to chie in).

    The Republicans have one last chance to show some value to the nation here, as well.

    Impeach Obama AND ALL THE DEMS OBSTRUCTING THE INVESTIGATION AT THE SAME TIME! The try them together as co-conspirators in treason and obstruction of justice.

    If you can make that stick, you also solve the problem of not being able to get a conviction in the Senate as those members who would acquit would be co-defendants.

    If I remember the way the Constitution lets the House and Senate control their own memberships, it may be possible to ram this through — even over majority objection.

  2. “only scandals because the Republicans hate a black president”

    Right, and the reason I don’t trust Susan Rice is because of her skin color, not because she either blatantly lied or can’t see the obvious.

    I have to hand it to the Dems, they are getting pret-ty good at this race and gender game. Pret-ty sick if you ask me.

  3. This is the all inclusive list of folks who share the blame for anything that does not occur according to the Obama administration’s plan:

    George Washington
    John Adams
    Thomas Jefferson
    James Madison
    James Monroe
    John Quincy Adams
    Andrew Jackson
    Martin Van Buren
    William Henry Harrison
    John Tyler
    James K. Polk
    Zachary Taylor
    Millard Fillmore
    Franklin Pierce
    James Buchanan
    Abraham Lincoln
    Andrew Johnson
    Ulysses S. Grant
    Rutherford B. Hayes
    James A. Garfield
    Chester Arthur
    Grover Cleveland
    Benjamin Harrison
    Grover Cleveland
    William McKinley
    Theodore Roosevelt
    William Howard Taft
    Woodrow Wilson
    Warren G. Harding
    Calvin Coolidge
    Herbert Hoover
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
    Harry S Truman
    Dwight D. Eisenhower
    John F. Kennedy
    Lyndon B. Johnson
    Richard Nixon
    Gerald Ford
    Jimmy Carter
    Ronald Reagan
    George Bush
    Bill Clinton
    George W. Bush

    Did I miss anyone? Oh yeah, and Mickey Mouse too.

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