Dishonest, Diversionary and Pompous…

I don’t feel good today. I guess that I’m just pretty sick of it all.

Not because the things that we talk about in the political sphere aren’t important, I’m just tired of the problems never getting solved and the rehashing of the same old things over and over and yet over again. As proof, I have been reposting things that I wrote one, two, three and even up to five years ago – and the problem is that they are just as applicable today as they were then…

That disturbs me – and it should you, too.

It indicates that we have not really moved one inch toward resolving these issues, we just keep re-framing them, re-ordering the words, changing the names and having a go at each other all over again. It has become all about the loudness of the shouting and not what the shouting is about. Case in point – the New York Times article that I posted about yesterday on Hurricane Sandy relief – rather than focus on the help being given by private citizens and that not being given by the government agencies, the focus was how unequal we all are and how that makes all those white people who were helping hypocritical, bigoted and racist.

I wish it would change – but it won’t.

The American left have become the masters of deflection, perfectly executing the Muhammad Ali “rope-a-dope” strategy on a national scale, shucking and jiving until the American public lose interest and then heed the calls that we “just need to move on” so that “we can get back to work for the American people”. They just won a national political election, running on exactly nothing other than pitting group against group long enough to cross the finish line.

It has been this way since they realized that they needed a way to keep Bill Clinton in office in the face of clear guilt. I guess it really depends on what your meaning of “is” is after all.

There is a tactic that goes something like this: we say “Look, it is a scandal that four Americans were murdered in Benghazi”, they say “this is unfortunate result but it is not a scandal, it only seems that way because you are talking about it”. Another variant is what Bob Beckel used yesterday on “The Five” – Eric Bolling and Dana Perino said something to the effect that it was Al Qaeda that murdered the ambassador – Beckel said “No, it wasn’t. Al Qaeda doesn’t exist and besides, nobody in the government says that they did it”, so the argument becomes about what the group is called rather than the fact that armed militants with an axe to grind against America killed American citizens…bur somehow the identification of the group invalidates that there was a failure in policy and security and that those failures were watched in real time from Washington.

Deflect, delay and discourage. That’s Obama’s second term plan. Run out the clock.

Dishonest, diversionary and pompous…

I keep that up in the masthead as a reminder of Joe’s 180 Degree rule. That was what I was called by a local Panama City, Florida leftie who had lost the debate on a particular issue and this was his parting shot at me.

The American right wing plays right into this deflection tactic with all of their hyperventilating over the scandals – scandals that the leftist owned media yawns and they do not understand that the louder they yell, the more the left points to that yelling as evidence of how fake and trumped up our outrage is. Fast and Furious, tax cheats and radical czars in the President’s cabinet, Solyndra and now Benghazi, all examples of true scandals that would have ended a Republican presidency are treated as if they are nothing. The left has successfully planted the thought in the mind of the public that the importance of a scandal is inversely proportional to the level of discourse surrounding it and if that doesn’t work…play the race card because to question a black female political appointee is sexist and racist or something…

I’ll bet that comes as big news to Condoleezza Rice after what she endured during the Bush administrations – being called a “house nigger”, a “Prissie”, being the subject of racist cartoons and to openly be called a liar by elected Democrats.

Sooner or later we need to get the clue that there is a way to defeat this “rope a dope” and that is to land a knock-out punch. We need to keep our mouths shut, stay out from in front of the cameras and do the hard work of investigating and revealing the truth until we are sure that there is convincing proof and then lower the boom. The evidence is there, it just needs to be handled in such a manner as to create an overwhelming case to convince an American people that 50% of which are conditioned for “reality show” theatrics and the other 50% just bone tired of all of it.

I’m so tired of it all that I’m about ready to test the theories of both sides and let the left run wild. I think that would end in disaster – but it would be a disaster that comes about much faster than this death by a thousand cuts that we are suffering now. Like ripping off a scab, better to get it done and over with to start the healing.

Time for at least one Party to be the adult.

I hope there are enough serious people left in elected office for it to matter.

18 thoughts on “Dishonest, Diversionary and Pompous…

  1. “Case in point – the New York Times article that I posted about yesterday on Hurricane Sandy relief – rather than focus on the help being given by private citizens and that not being given by the government agencies, the focus was how unequal we all are and how that makes all those white people who were helping hypocritical, bigoted and racist.”

    Precisely. A couple of weeks ago, I went to Sam’s Club and ordered 100 queen sized blankets to be shipped to New York. Does not seem like a big thing, but trust me, it’s not a cheap endeavor. Was considering ways to do more (maybe putting together a group of medical folks I know, and driving up there for the holidays) … until I read your story.

    Given the response of the person in the article, and Gates’ interpretation of your post, I have decided not to even bother … out of fear of castigation.

    As darwinistic as it sounds, sometimes I suppose you just have to let them eat cake.

  2. We need to do something different. I know I will catch my usual ration of traitor baiting hate for this, but the answer is to leave the Republican Party and build off the TEA Party movement. I’m telling you, I have looked at the numbers and, with people like Allen West and Ron Paul to lead it, you would have a majority Party in 2 years. I am convinced of it.

    What is missed in this mix is that not ALL of the 49% will vote for the Democrat — even though they ARE getting government money. There are a good number who still have a little love of country left (and yes, I am saying that those who put self before country do NOT have love of country — they just want to claim/believe they do).

    The one thing that is for sure is what you just pointed out: as long as we keep doing what we’ve been told to do for decades now, we’re going to keep getting what we’ve been getting. At some point — IF you’re rational — you have to start thinking this is exactly what is intended for us to do: stay on the treadmill going nowhere.

    • I’m there. Republicans are useless…nothing but a bunch of quivering quislings.

      The CLP (Classical Liberal Party) is the way to go. Tea Party plus social conservatives plus libertarians plus constitutionalists plus pro-business and trade.

      I’ve no illusions about completely turning back the tide, but somebody has to start to stem it.

      It’s a hard road. There is not a person in the country that isn’t touched by some sort of government intervention and we have spent generations getting people comfortable with socialism – its hard to get off a drug like that. I believe that, far from voting for more “stuff”, the bulk of the young people who voted for Obama did so out of fear. I don’t meet many of the 30 and under group who believe that they can make it without government help. They can’t get it from their parents because they are cut to the bone already.

      We have whole generations who are afraid of being independent.

      That’s a hard nut to crack.

      • Utah,

        I agree, we are in trouble. Also, I am NOT happy about the idea of needing to abandon the Republican Party. For me, it’s just a matter of being realistic. The Republican leadership — even the ones we thought were our hope such as Rubio and Jindal — are taking the party to the Left of where it already is. For me, it might as well join the Democrats. This leaves us with two choices: form a third Party or give up (trying to do anything as a rabble of Independents is not going to work in the current environment).

        We need quite a bit. We need legal beagles to start fighting back against all the cultural legislation being used to destroy our society.

        We need to find people who will help us gut the established media. Beck is blazing the way on this one, but he is not getting as much help as he could and should be getting from those who are still clinging to their Party rather than liberty.

        We need to find some educators who can put together a home-school program using the internet. WE MUST GET OUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS!

        And these are just for starters….

  3. “I’m telling you, I have looked at the numbers and, with people like Allen West and Ron Paul to lead it, you would have a majority Party in 2 years. I am convinced of it.”

    Sad to say, but too many dashed hopes in me to believe that. I want to, but I am coming to conclusion that too many in this country wants now is a free ride. The numbers are large. Very large.

    There just comes a time when you have to circle your wagons, and hang on for the ride. I believe we are there, or almost there now. Let the Free Sh*t Army have what they want, protect your own assets, and let that parasite kill the host.

    Then, and only then I am afraid to say, the Free Sh*t Army will learn the illogic of their ways.

  4. Augger,

    Look to the numbers about social issues. The majority of Americans are still “conservative” in what they believe, it’s just that the Republicans REFUSE to run a real “conservative.” Not since Ronald Reagan has “conservatism” been vigorously advocated and articulated. Run someone like that and give them fair time and support and they will win.

    There is a reason the Republican Party is so violently opposed to Paul, Beck and others like them — because they could lead the destruction of the Republican Party and Party leaders know it. Notice how much help they gave West? ZERO! The Republicans didn’t oppose a single case of any number of CLEAR voter fraud cases. Why? For me, the answer is simple: Republican Party leaders are content with where the Party and nation are going.

    Polling consistently tells us the majority of Americans — even the 49% — are NOT happy with where we are going. Build off that and we have a chance.

  5. A third party would need to start soon so it could build steam. (The media will only hamper and not help this endeavor.) What do you do? What Augger said; you disenfranchise the FSA. How do you do that? Go to the root of the problem; money. A Fair Tax would make everyone working richer thereby growing the economy. The Freddy Freeloaders would be the ones screwed. If this came to pass, and the govt. is getting less money, but still spending more than what it takes in, a smaller portion of the polpulace would then be affected as less people would be on the govt.’s dime.

    I don’t know if I’m making any sense, but in my opinion, if I step back and look at the big picture, this is what I see. Your thoughts?

  6. While I share your dismay with the Republican Party and how it seems to be moving further to the left I really don’t think the answer is another political party. Having owned a home in Oakland, CA since 2000 I think I got to see the Obama folks up close long before they won the White House. My husband and I found them so anti-American we bought another house in a rural area and abandoned our house in Oakland, we hope to sell it next summer as prices are coming back a bit in Bay Area. We had a 15 yr mortgage for many yrs so we are not under water like a lot of our neighbors.

    Believe me when I tell you that the average American would not be comfortable living in a city or a country run by this new order. Everything is about race, absolutely everything and local officials prattle on endlessly about diversity and multiculturism. After our experience in Oakland we will never live in a multicultural city ever again, it is a nightmare. Imagine living somewhere the neighbors on one side don’t speak English and the ones on the other side hate you because you are white and you’ve stolen things from them. They won’t be able to articulate exactly why you are to blame for their troubles in life, but they will let you know they learned all about it in college. The fact that I’m descended from famous abolitionists and was never taught to look down on anyone doesn’t mean a thing because of the way I look-white and blonde. How can I possibly fight that?

    I believe the only answer for traditional Americans like myself is secession. I understand it will take many years to accomplish, probably won’t happen in my lifetime, but once we move I am going to find a group promoting secession and I’m going to spend my time and my $ helping them. It is the only solution to what ails us. We can keep going over these same problems over and over, year after year, but a house this divided can’t solve these problems.

    • I wish it were that easy @trappedinca but for all the eliminationist rhetoric the left spews about not wanting the red states, they won’t let go. It is the same as the Ponzi scheme that is Obamacare, they have to have everybody in the pool sending in money and selling their votes for bread and circuses for the socialist Utopia to work.

      In other words, they want just enough of our capitalism to pay for their misadventures in Marxism.

      What going on in Europe and has taken hold in the US is not true “dictatorship of the proletariat” Marxism, it is some kind of remora like ideology that attaches itself to its host in parasitic fashion, sometimes restricting it, sometimes letting it run. It is Marxism by half-measure.

      That’s why it can’t be logically defeated, once and for all because when the pressure is on, they allow it to drift toward free enterprise and federalism, when the pressure is off and they feel safe, back to communism and national central planning. Hard to hit a moving target.

      And the shame of it all is that it works for them – at least until it kills the host.

      Think “Aliens”.

      • Utah,

        Serious question: how could the Left (blue States) hold on to the Right (red States) if they did try to secede? In the War of Norther Aggression, you had to Right-Wing nations fighting each other. They may have differed, but they both understood HOW to fight. Not so the Left today. They would need help. So, say we (the red States) secede and the Left (blue States) call for blue helmets to help “keep us in line,” how many formerly blue supporters break within the Blue States when the realize the Right/red were correct?

        I am war gaming in the real world here, and I’m deadly serious. I am seeking your input: how does the Left/blue realistically “hold” the right/red if it secedes???

        • Political power. There are “blue” people in the “red” states who would use every legal trick in the book to keep the federal cash coming. I’ll post something later – this Scottish independence thing is running into all kinds of issues and is something akin to what we would face.

          • Utah,,

            Any secessionist movement would have to account for just that thing. Simply put, were I to be part of the secessionist movement, I would tell all the “blues” left in the red States that they have no legal standing left in any connection tot he old union — PERIOD!

            If you do not do that, then you’ll be in the same place we are now, where our courts actually become the vehicle of our own destruction. So, unless you account for this issue, why secede?

            I am looking forward to your post. Honest! 🙂

  7. Believe me Utah, I dont think it will be easy at all, but many things in life are not easy. When our ancestors came to America it wasn’t easy, when my great- great grandparents traveled from New York to Utah with Brigham Young it wasn’t easy. When i started a biz in our spare bedroom in Marin that eventually ended up in the SF finl dist it wasnt easy.

    While I agree that this new kind of Marxism is hard to pin down we had no problem learning over time not to trust Oakland govt even when they appeared to be swinging our way. We saw through them & I believe more and more people will continue to do the same. This problem is going to require action and sacrifice. I have no question that there will be Americans that will rise up to meet this challenge.

    Think Aliens? Was that a movie? After living in our Hermosa Beach house for 6 months several yrs ago I stopped going to movies-not a fan of LA or Hollywood product.

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