Something to Make You go Hmmm?

So, tell me something: if Obama is NOT planning to “run” for a 3rd term, or “get even with his enemies,” then what could possibly be the reason for OBAMA’s people to be pushing this story?

Democrats push to redeploy Obama’s voter database

36 thoughts on “Something to Make You go Hmmm?

  1. I saw this yesterday and thought the SAME THING! They made it sound as if they were going to sell the data and then I thought… so WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS!?

    This is a HUGE opportunity and open door! Take their base and educate them.

    • Poli Tecs,

      If you join them or use their tactics just because “it suits you,” then you ARE them and there is no reason to support you, either.

      This is the problem most “conservatives” do not understand: where they stand ideologically at this point is nothing more than the flip side of the same coin.

      The only viable option is to reclaim the original principles and ideals of our founding. Sadly, though they believe they embrace these principles and ideals, the right does not fully get there. They are based in the ideals and principles of Edmund Burke, and his philosophy is a dangerous tool in the hands of evil or ignorant leadership.

      • OK I made a bad assumption… I assume we all agree the “Grand Old Party” has become and “Old Ass Party” still functioning their poll data on “gut feelings” and outdated data models. That they are completely BOTCHED the opportunity this database represents – Obama used New Media and won!

        So my comment revolves around bringing this party up to date, grabbing this DB the left is offering for a dual purpose as in; 1) a demographic target to bring back to our side with our message using new media for “Conservative principals” and 2) over-shadowing the “old growth” in the party so as to take it back from a bunch of sell-outs.

        • PoliTecs,

          I understand what you are getting at. I guess I am just one of the throwbacks who believes the best way to handle this issue is to stand and deliver the unvarnished truth.

          If no one listens — and they won’t — then you’ve done what you can and were supposed to do.

          But to get involved in manipulating people — whether you think you are doing it for “the right reasons” or not — is to be the same as that which you pretend to oppose. Only, when you do it this way, you fool yourself in to believing you are different because you are trying to “do the right thing.” If you read what they write, you learn that this is EXACTLY where the Left is now and how they got there.

          If we are to “save” the nation, we have to step out of the political paradigm and stand with our founders: make the moral case for individual rights and liberty or die trying. But do NOT start down the path to the dark side…

          Anyway, that’s my opinion. Others no doubt will differ.

          • Notwithstanding the Star Wars reference, I completely agree, although as you probably know the principles are new to me. Focusing my anger against the Left has seemed like time well spent, but, maybe it’s time to start fresh with the classical approach.

          • You again are reading into my statements wrongly. I am not advocating “manipulation” at all. I am advocating the use of these databases in a similar manor as the left used it for – basically as a resource. They used it to disseminate propaganda and lies about conservatism. We should use it to educate people of what the constitution actually says and means but mostly how great and simple it is. What our values not just mean but their outcomes and results. And we do this with an approach to be “for” something just as they did by stirring the anger pot under a ‘getting the rich’ mantra. We do this in simple 6th grade level statements just as they did. But our message will educate them on how to be the rich rather than how to hate the rich.

            I hope this makes sense now…

            • Poli Tecs, I think I see what you mean. I liked your helmet comment by the way. I think what you are saying, strictly speaking, is something I could support. At the same time, the GOP has proven just as willing to engage in manipulation as the Democrats. For example, the GOP has its own databases and will look for swing voters who believe in the right to bear arms, and will hammer those people with ads or phone calls relating to the Second Amendment. Probably not what you have in mind?

              This is making me sad.

              Good night.

              • Yes but that needs to expand. We need to capture the minds of those that are against the 2nd Amendment but may not fully understand why. The current Republican model is limited to “like minded people”, how does that capture anyone new. It doesn’t. See we are eventually preaching to ourselves.

                I talk to people on the street, in Starbucks and work. I am shocked at realities like their ignorance of the 17th Amendment. I challenge myself to explain what it is and why it should be abolished in a simple 6th to 8th grade level manor. Simple and right to the point with a positive reason why – how it will benefit them and their kids future. Once I capture them I go into the positive reasons of our founders and why this makes them so great and beyond their own years with such simple documents like the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and their personal diaries. If I capture them more I go into Locke and the root to our founding philosophy. I do it with passion and enthusiasm because its true and real and the person can see and feel that emotion. Its called capturing your audience.

                But we need to personalize our movement of conservative ideas and reach everyone. Eventually the tide shifts.

            • You again are reading into my statements wrongly. I am not advocating “manipulation” at all. I am advocating the use of these databases in a similar manor as the left used it for – basically as a resource.

              With respect — I mean that: I am not trying to insult or belittle — but I AM reading you correctly. I just don’t think you see what I am getting at because you are not looking past your objective.

              Look, the data mining is what I object to: it is unwarranted and goes contrary to the principles and ideals set forth in the Declaration. So, if we are going to complain and criticize about the Left doing whatever they want in pursuit of their goals, we cannot then turn around and do the same thing in pursuit of ours. There is no “but our goals are right” argument here: ends-justify-the-means thinking is wrong — no matter which side of the coin you’re on.

              They used it to disseminate propaganda and lies about conservatism. We should use it to educate people of what the constitution actually says and means but mostly how great and simple it is.

              See what I mean: when they do it, you don’t like it. But if you do it, it’s OK. Sorry, same-same. If it isn’t, then stop objecting to anything the Left does as you really have no foundational principles of your own, you’re just upset because you’re being out-hussled. Which then makes these words ring hollow:

              What our values not just mean but their outcomes and results. And we do this with an approach to be “for” something just as they did by stirring the anger pot under a ‘getting the rich’ mantra. We do this in simple 6th grade level statements just as they did. But our message will educate them on how to be the rich rather than how to hate the rich.

              What values? If you can’t live your values, then you don’t have your values. And your whole argument here has been to do the wrong thing for the right reasons. NEWS FLASH: the Left thinks that is what it is doing this for — the “right” reasons.

              As I said: flip side of the same coin. I just don’t want that coin anymore, I want a new one.

              • Okay, so while the left mails out propaganda, we just sit on our A-double-crooked letter and don’t bother mailing out fliers of the Constitution. I’m sorry, B., but there has always been databases.

                Funny, you chose him. We share birthdays.

                • Kells,

                  It is NOT that we do not tell people about what we believe or why, but that we do not intrude on privacy and illegally spy on people to target them by category to do so.

                  Violating the spirit of the declaration to teach the principles of the declaration destroys the declaration.

                  • Your not correct. There is NO data mining here. This DB was collected voluntarily or by legit means. Yet another example of where the Republicans didn’t learn anything from 08.

                    This is a legit DB of data and NO ONE is advocating an in your face approach.

                    It can be as simple as an email which starts off like:

                    Did you know…?

                    Then followed by a keenly worded description of a bill and how it will affect your life. A fact that uses emotions to capture their mind.

                    This isn’t that hard! The old hard core McGovern approach fails. Right message, wrong approach.

                    • PoliTec,

                      OK, if that is what you see here, I won’t debate you. HOWEVER, I do disagree as I have been following this and related stories and I believe they most certainly ARE doing things that are not in keeping with the spirit of this nation’s foundation.

                      Oh, and I would also point out that “legal” does NOT necessarily equal “in keeping with the spirit of this nation’s founding.”

                • I’m not saying we ask them what kind of toothpaste they use for cryin out loud! I’m saying you get the list of eligible voters from all parties and mail them the simple facts. I would mail out a fun, simple quiz. (Who doesn’t love a challenge?) Give it a catchy title, like: Do you know as much about the Constitution as a 5th grader? They could then check their answers by referring to the included Constitution.

                  • Kell,

                    I don’t think you understand what is happening. The Obama people are using social media, data mining and forced “cooperation” from places like Google, Twitter and FaceBook to “map” the people they are targeting. There’s no “voluntary” sharing of the data they are after: they are stealing it from sources in ways that may or may not be legal, but are most assuredly contrary to the principles of individual rights and liberty.

                • Well, Poli says it’s a legit database. As far as all these electronic devices spying on us, I feel that it is illegal. Then again, look how those stupid cameras at intersections passed. It’s creepy to think about being filmed at a stoplight.

                  • Kells,

                    First, as I keep telling people: making it legal does not make it right. Our nation has passed many corrupt and unconstitutional laws (I give you Obamacare as an example).

                    Second, with sincere respect to PoliTec, I think his love of technology has prevented him from seeing what is actually happening. Have you followed the stories about Google, Twitter and Facebook being “strong-armed” into “cooperating” with the government? There’s your “legit” data mining. But it goes past that. The govt. gets information from your email providers, who read your emails for marketing purposes. More “legit” data mining. And then there are the laws making it “legal” for the govt. to just listen in on your cell conversations, tweets and emails (all in the name of “security,” mind you — I guess that makes it “OK” to violate the spirit of America).

                    Oh, and if people think all of this has nothing to do with the govt. facility that stores ALL electronic communications issued from or to this nation, then they are in need of a tin foil hat because they are not paranoid enough for healthy and free self-governance.

                    This IS all connected, and it IS contrary to the spirit of this nation’s founding.

                • Kells,

                  If you are serious about “fighting back,” you “go dark.” That means we stop using anything and everything that is tracked electronically.

                  Ever wonder why they are trying to do away with cash money? 😉

                • Kell – WE FIGHT AND WE DO NOT STOP UNTIL WE WIN (just as Washington did to win the war!)
                  Joe – COME ON! That is an absolute lying down loser strategy! I am starting to get really pissed off with your comments. GO DARK!? Then you are advocating the statuesque of the grand “OLD” party. That is how we lost at the national level. We got a net gain of about 65 seats in the House! Do you even point this out or ask why? I have yet to read it.

                  We did because the Tea Party made that happen, its called a ground game by using some of the tactics like databases, cell phone number gathering via VOLUNTEER forms like the ones I filled out and other VOLUNTEER methods. I got calls and I was recruited to make calls for Romney… and I DID! The problem is that by the time they got on board the WINNING game the Tea Party used to GAIN SEATS in the House – Romney ignored the whole way thru – he already lost!

                  I honestly do NOT know where your disconnect is. You sound like the Pat Buchanan of the world. While the guy has some good ideas, putting up walls and burring our heads IS NOT A STRATEGY but for failure.

                  WE MUST USE all the resources available possible and NO ONE – here me… NO ONE is advocating a sacrifice of principals!

                  Its funny you say these things while posting on a Blog! LOL

                  • Poli,

                    Now it is YOU who are missing me. Did I say we should go dark, or did I tell Kells the only way to avoid being traced was to go dark? Go back and read it again 😉

                    As for the rest: yep, fight until your PARTY wins. See, right smack in the middle of what I have been getting at this entire time and you still do not see it.


                    • Poli: 🙂

                      (You’ll find that — as a philosopher by training — I often take the side of another, or speak in the voice of my opposition to illustrate a point. Those who do not read me closely enough to distinguish between the times I do that and when I actually assert my own position often get confused. They tend to think I am of two minds when all I am doing is either answering a question — as with Kells here — or playing devil’s advocate. I can’t help it, it’s how I was trained to work my way through complicated issues. Sorry 😦 )

                    • Ok… I’m a direct no ambiguity personality. I don’t fit in CA but I love this state so these moderates can kiss it where the sun doesn’t shine. 😊

                      I got your angle but can’t promise I won’t fall for it in the future. He he

                    • Poli,

                      Heck, I get caught by it myself sometimes, so why shouldn’t others? 🙂

                      I live in Anaheim, Tustin and Diego for a while back in the 80’s. Survived 3 years on a motorcycle in that loony farm part of the world. Awesome weather, CRAZY people.

                • Sweet silly Socrates (you, of the “I drank what”??!! fame) surely you must see that we are in a brave new world and must engage in a strong offense as well as a strong defense, no?

                  Truly, I think I need to have you join mother and Holl the Doll in “organising” my fridge. (They seem to be taking great pleasure in this activity.) This is ludicrous. There is a method to my madness; I know where everything is! Now I shall probably not be able to find a single item in my own fridge. Who the hello goes to a person’s house and ponders where everything is located in their host’s fridge??!!

  2. Oh dear ****** god- I don’t have enough hands for the facepalms required for this post.

    hmm- let’s see. It couldn’t possibly be because the data on democratic supporters could help election efforts in governors races next year, mid term elections the following year, major elections n 4 years, etc etc… no…it *must* be Obama is planning on running for a 3rd term or plans to get back at his “enemies”.


    • “Oh dear ****** god- I don’t have enough hands for the facepalms required for this post.”

      Oh dear, speaking of “facepalms” (as if we are playing World of Warcraft, or Call of Duty)

      “If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We’re gonna punish our enemies, and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us’ — if they don’t see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election — then I think it’s going to be harder. And that’s why I think it’s so important that people focus on voting on November 2nd.”
      – Barack Obama

      Maybe you have a flippant response to your “homeboy” (to borrow from Biden), on his loose use of the word “enemies”?

      Of course not.

  3. Put on your tin foil hats, I have thought from his original campaign retoric that what he really wants is President for Life, like his contempoaries.

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