When You HATE Your Country…

Have you seen this yet?

More Michelle Obama Disdain

That look on Michelle’s face is connected to what follows:

If you are going to understand Progressives, you must learn how to speak “Progressive.” You must understand that they use the same words as you and I, but they hold entirely different understandings of what those words mean. If you listen to them and read what they write long enough, and look to what they do so you can connect their words to their meanings, you eventually come to understand that they are never silent about what they really want, why and how they intend to do it. They are always open and up front with us, it’s just that they KNOW you do not understand. Here is another case in point.

Did you see this story?

Happy ‘Violence, Disease, & Land Theft’ Thanksgiving? This MSNBC Anchor Thinks So

If you did, did you remember this from 5 years ago (pay special attention to the words starting around the 2:40 minute mark):

The first story is connected to the second: it represents the intentional changing of our history and traditions. In this case, it also represents how these people are willing to lie to you to achieve their goals. To be sure, the story of European settlement of North America is not all sunshine and roses, but it is not the rape, murder and plunder the Left makes it out to be. What’s more, the violence was not one-sided, but you have to actually do your own research using sources from before 1900 before you can trust that you are getting an honest understanding of what really happened.

But what matters here is that you understand that this is how Progressives operate: out in the open, just using a different language. This is also why the Left thinks the Right uses “dog whistle” and “code” language: it’s because the LEFT uses them. So, naturally, the Left is convinced everyone uses it and, thus, they see and hear it in everything their opponents say and do. HOWEVER, this does not mean the Left is wrong!!! Once you understand that there are Progressives inside the Republican Party, then you understand that the Left is not only justified in thinking the Right is just like them, when it comes to Republican Leadership, the Left is probably correct.

Now consider this: the Left controls both your public school system and the “main stream” media, and they use both to create and support THEIR view of the world, morality and “how things ought to be.”

Are you starting to understand the extent of the problem yet?

5 thoughts on “When You HATE Your Country…

  1. I speak progressive quite well if you need any translations. For instance, if someone today uses the term global warming I know they are not up on their newspeak because the term progs use now is climate change. If my Oakland neighbors hear you say the term global warming they will know you are not of their tribe.

    • Trappedinca,

      Thanks, I appreciate the offer, but I’m up to speed, too 🙂 That’s why and how I know that the Progressive lexicon changes very, very quickly: it has to. Once we in the great unwashed catch on to a certain word or phrase, they change it and then act as though it means something entirely different…until we can nail them down on the change. Then they suddenly start using another term for the same thing as two terms before, they just act like it is different and you are an idiot for not accepting their bold faced lies.

      The linguistic two-step/side-step. Progressives invented it 😉

    • OK, then hows this:

      Go back to sleep, everything will be OK. Just let us shuv this here metal plug thing-y into the back of your skull and you can return to your dream world while we harvest your bio energy. 🙂

  2. From the Washington Post Style blog…

    Posted at 05:00 PM ET, 11/11/2011
    Michelle Obama wears knee-high boots to Veterans Day service
    By Cara Kelly

    “In a fittingly somber, black ensemble, First Lady Michelle Obama joined her husband in paying tribute to American service members at Arlington National Cemetery in honor of Veterans Day.”

    Now here is the kicker…

    Obama chose a skirt and matching coat with a large black lacy print for the event, coupled with a turtleneck, statement necklace and knee-high boots. Although the bracelet sleeved coat is very Jackie O, extremely tall boots may seem a departure from Obama’s usually conservative style.

    Does that accurately describe her clothing as pictured?

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/arts-post/post/michelle-obama-wears-knee-high-boots-to-veterans-day-service/2011/11/11/gIQAcLR1CN_blog.html I Would post the pictures, but Utah don’t like no back-sass, and so has cut me off at the knees.

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