HEY!!! White Guys!!!

From the Dryer Report….Did you vote for Barack Obama?  Well if you did that’s all the thanks you’ll be getting from the Obama Campaign. The Great Obama

You see the Obama campaign is moving forward leaving you White males behind.  Barack Obama wants feedback about the campaign, and how to take the Democratic “movement” beyond 2012, but not from white males.  What you say?  Don’t believe that the all-inclusive Barack Obama would leave out white males when seeking feedback.  Take a look and find White Male in the list of constituency groups asked to provide feedback.

Obama constituency groups

So the hard work and passion that you put into the re-election of Barack Obama is all they wanted.  The Obama campaign needs not your continued feedback to help move forward as they continue their work beyond 2012.  Sorry.

Obama Biden Feedback

And Barack has always said that this “movement” was always about you…. well not you white males, but all those others who he dearly cherishes.  Why he even used more social media to express his devotion to those passionate about the “movement”.

Obama Feedback Tweet

So if you’re white and male, you voted for Barack Obama to a second term, you’re dismissed others will shape the future.  Thanks for doing your part… now step aside because there are others whose feedback is highly desired and needed.

So see you in 4 years.  Oh yes, you DID vote for that.

10 thoughts on “HEY!!! White Guys!!!

  1. Oh FFS. Really? They are asking “which constiuency group” one identifies with. Sorry- but “white males” is not a constiuency group. It is too big and diverse a category to be useful. And they are not asking ANYONE for their race- obviously an african american, jewish american, etc may very well not identify with that constiuency group.

    • So . . . The first on this list is African American followed by Arab American, Asian American and Pacific Islanders, Jewish American, and Native American. You don’t believe White American or Caucasian American is a constituency group? Here’s some post-election stats for you;

      • Sex
      Male: Romney – 52 percent, Obama – 45 percent.
      Female: Romney – 44 percent, Obama – 55 percent.
      • Race
      White: Romney – 59 percent, Obama – 39 percent.
      Black: Romney – 6 percent, Obama – 93 percent.
      Hispanic/Latino: Romney – 27 percent, Obama – 71 percent.
      Asian: Romney – 26 percent, Obama – 73 percent.
      Other: Romney – 38 percent, Obama – 58 percent.
      • Income
      Under $50,000: Romney – 38 percent, Obama – 60 percent.
      $50,000 to $90,000: Romney – 52 percent, Obama – 46 percent.
      $100,000 and up: Romney – 54 percent, Obama – 44 percent.

      Still wonder why white males are not included on HD’s survey?

    • But drugs, they did include Women, a rather diverse group themselves
      But what would white males do for themselves? Lobby to increase the pay differential between them and women? Decry the addition of yet more women to the Senate? Make the Super Bowl a national holiday?

      • Now that men are outnumbered by women in college enrollment, medical school school, etc, we may soon need one.

        Greg, are you now also a closet metro-sexual? lol 🙂

  2. No Bells…. Clearly listed is women… that is besides being Female or other. Whatever the hell other is. Sorry FFS but Obama doesn’t want to be bothered with the White Male….only when they vote for him … after that then see ya Suckas…. Obama the great maker of racial union. Yep you voted for that.

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