Racism: The Universal Excuse For American Progressivism

I have reached a point in my political thinking where I’m beginning to hope the Mayan’s were right and December 21st is the end of civilization. At least this one.

We have finally reached such a superficial level in our debates that what we do is no better than a playground argument between two seven year-old children engaged in an “are too, am not” exercise in logic. I can’t believe that the sheer weight of reality and facts haven’t collapsed on top of what is the thinnest of rational foundations.

In an argument, if I were to support the position of a Caucasian solely because they were Caucasian, I would be taking a racist position.  In America, that hearkens back to the post-Civil War days of white race superiority/black race inferiority. In our current conversations, nothing illustrates true racism more than crying “racist” every time Obama or another a black member of the “progressive” political establishment, including President Obama, is criticized. This has become the ubiquitous and “one size fits all” defense that is reflexively offered by “progressives”.

It is time that we consider the possibility that the true racists are not the people criticizing the Administration but the ones who are defending it. Just as my theoretical support for a white person simply because they were white – regardless of the correctness of that position – is clearly racist, defense of a black person in the face of legitimate issues simply because they are black is as well.

Nothing illustrates this more acutely than the current kefluffle over UN Ambassador Susan Rice. We addressed the dichotomy of the charges against Susan Rice vesus those of Condi Rice here, that theme was expanded on by Eliana Johnson at National Review:

That didn’t take long. U.N. ambassador Susan Rice has yet to be nominated as secretary of state, but prominent Democrats are already denouncing opposition to her potential nomination as racist on the basis of remarks by Republican senators that she may not be qualified for the job. Would that they had been so sensitive to racial overtones back in 2004, when the African-American nominee for secretary of state, the Republican Ms. Rice, was denounced on the Senate floor and pilloried in racialist cartoons.

Rice’s nomination, noted the Washington Post, garnered “the most negative votes cast against a nominee for that post in 180 years.” As the Senate debated her nomination, Senator Barbara Boxer charged that Rice “frightened the American people” into supporting the Iraq War; Senator Jim Jeffords accused her of being part of an effort to “distort information” in the service of “political objectives”; and Senator Pat Leahy, who voted in her favor, endorsed her by saying that her tenure as national-security adviser lacked “strong leadership, openness, and sound judgment.”

But the remarks of Senate Democrats paled in comparison to the material served up by America’s humorists. Syndicated cartoonist Ted Rall depicted Rice proclaiming herself Bush’s “house nigga.”

But it isn’t even this hypocrisy that is appalling, it isn’t even the willing ignorance of history that makes this situation untenable, it is the use of the charge of racism to avoid even once scintilla of objectivity that is so maddening.

Jason Riley at the WSJ writes:

“Susan Rice should have known better and if she didn’t know better, she is not qualified,” Mr. McCain said on “Fox and Friends.” “I will do everything in my power to block her from being the United States secretary of state.”

Cue Democratic Rep. Marcia Fudge, the new chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, who shot back that the attacks on Ms. Rice were racially motivated. “There is a clear sexism and racism that goes with these comments being made by, unfortunately, Senator McCain and others,” said Ms. Fudge. Fellow CBC member James Clyburn of South Carolina concurred, telling CNN that Ms. Rice’s critics were using “code words” that “those of us—especially those of us who were grown and raised in the South—we’ve been hearing these little words and phrases all of our lives and we get insulted by them.”

Clear sexism and racism from John McCain and Lindsey Graham? The same John McCain who chose a woman as his presidential running mate in 2008, denounced birthers, refused to make Jeremiah Wright an issue in his campaign and adopted a daughter from a Bangladeshi orphanage? The same Lindsey Graham who has pushed harder for comprehensive immigration reform than anyone in Congress except . . . John McCain?

[Just a note, Jason Riley is a black man, married to a white woman, Naomi Schaefer Riley, who was subjected to a bit of racism last year when she accurately wrote that collegiate “black studies” programs are nothing but a bunch of “left-wing victimization claptrap.”]

As a pure theoretical exercise and contrary to the facts, let’s assume that Senator John McCain is a racist. Let’s also assume that Susan Rice did, in fact, exhibit incompetence in her job. Does the fact that McCain holds racist views (in this hypothetical exercise) change the fact that Rice acted incompetently?

No it doesn’t.

No more than accusing the President’s critics of racial motives will change the fact that his policies have not worked. Even as repugnant as it would be and even if racism is a factor in the accusation, incompetence is incompetence.

There is no black incompetence that is different from white incompetence, there is only incompetence. Dumbass is a racially neutral condition.

Race simply cannot be the universal excuse for being either right or wrong. When it is used in this manner, it is in fact, racism. Refusal to see past the way that charges of racism are being superficially applied to the realities of the moment is an invitation to disaster.

Logically, we must consider that there has been the evolution of a new racist class every bit as intent on urinating on Martin Luther King’s grave as was the KKK.

This time the white hood is covers the head of the “progressive” movement in America.

11 thoughts on “Racism: The Universal Excuse For American Progressivism

    • Yep. Probably not the best strategy…but when you think about it, one has to ask: if the post-modernists are right and we do create our own realities, who would want to live in a reality where racism is the dominant motivating force of the day?

      Especially here in the real “reality” where it isn’t…

      I just don’t get it.

  1. When I was born it was pretty hard for American blacks to do anything right, now they can do no wrong. The pendulum has swung from one extreme to the other and neither makes any sense. No race is all good or all bad, but it seems to me whites snd blacks are trading places in this country. Several years ago when I was living in Oakland, CA a problem developed between a white middle aged neighbor and the teenager of a black neighbor. Eventually, after the black teenager pulled a knife on the white neighbor they all ended up in court. I was not in court, but I was told that the judge who was white listened to both sides and said he thought the black teenager probably was harassing the middle aged white neighbor, but he just couldn’t rule against an African American!

    Just one more reason why I favor secession. I have no idea how we are going to get past this, but I’d love to hear how others see this.

    • Trappedinca,

      Just one more reason why I favor secession. I have no idea how we are going to get past this, but I’d love to hear how others see this.

      Scripture says we are to remove the evil from among us. Since that would most likely be against the teachings of the new covenant, I suppose the best option is to remove ourselves from the evil. So I stand with you: time to secede.

    • @Trappedinca: I’ve heard it described as “racial immaculation” the idea that being of a certain race provides a protection that other races do not – but at its root, it isn’t really about race, because black conservatives are attacked and black liberals are not.

      It is chapter and verse the same process by which the Nazi’s in Germany justified every atrocity under the sun. What they are saying by virtue of their actions is that the ideology of “progressivism” is immaculate and perfect and any other is illegitimate.

      In both cases, race was used as an excuse to progress a certain political view and nothing more.

  2. Utah,

    So you’re telling me I had better not point out that the majority of what people covet in this world is the result of WESTERN CIVILIZATION, which, itself, is the result of what “old, dead WHITE men” have done???

    Sad: now we can’t even discuss objective reality without being attacked as “haters.” So, exactly how long should we expect this self-enforced fantasy world to last before reality exerts itself on our pipe dreams? 😦

  3. For whatever it’s worth, I thought Jay Carney and Hillary Clinton were spineless puppets for the same reasons as Susan Rice, and they are ‘white,’ and one of them is even male. I guess if ‘spineless puppet’ is Obama’s new criteria for Secretary of State, give him what he wants. Personally, I would rather see Susan Rice than John Kerry’s mug.

    Kells is right, this is bizarro world, the 180 degree rule on steroids. Everyone who fights ends up worse off than they were before. I actually feel a little sorry for Graham and McCain right now.

    I think Utah’s conclusion in “Dishonest, Diversionary, and Pompous,” was pretty good. Just let the admin run free, see how much trouble it can get itself into, and don’t say a word about it. Eventually, left to its own devices, it will deliver a knock-out punch on itself.

    • There are really only three possibilities with regard to Susan Rice’s performance: 1) she knew what she was doing and therefore is complicit in a cover-up, 2) she was truly relaying what she thought was the truth and therefore used very poor judgment or 3) the Obama administration sent her out as a smokescreen and therefore she was duped into being a sacrificial lamb.

      None of these are hallmarks of someone who should be considered for Secretary of State because 1) is unethical and possibly illegal, 2) indicates a severe lack of curiosity and horrible judgement and 3) she is far too trusting in her political loyalties…and far too naive to be trusted with a position of that authority and responsibility.

      I’m actually thinking that it probably was situation #3 because the cynical Machiavellian politicos surrounding Obama would have expected the usual suspects, the useful idiots like James Clyburn, to trot out the racism defense. Obama’s “manly” defense of the poor little woman brought out the sexist charges, which was something new…but in sync with their bogus “War on Women” theme.

  4. Is Obama applying political Aikido?

    “The general tactic is to invite the attack you want, go to meet it, and then get out of its way. The footwork is designed to meet an attack boldly but without becoming or appearing aggressive. The posture is described as being present to your opponent. The state of mind is “Here I am. Come and take me. Give it your best shot. . .” You move toward the aggressor, closing the distance between you to dominate the rhythm of his attack. Then, at the last instant, you step out of its path, leaving him confused and off balance, and yourself in control of the situation.”

    “The basic idea here is to add your intentions to your opponent’s as a kind of vector sum, instead of opposing them directly. If you pit your will directly against his, you must use strength to overcome his strength. By superposing your will on his, if you can somehow contrive to do so, it becomes possible to re-direct and lead him, and thereby use his strength to your advantage. ”


  5. It has gotten to the point that liberal blacks make me physically ill. They are hateful, disgraceful, anti-God, anti-everything, anti humanity. All of their posturing for fairness is a fukken lie!

    The recent attacks on Allen West prove my point. To those hateful souls, Allen West symbolize what they hate the most, everything anti to them. EVERYTHING.

    I have never been a racist and will not allow them to turn me into one, but they’re doing a great job alienating me from any rightful positions they may hold.

    I’m sick of their rants about slavery when they are slaves to a political party by choice.

    I’m sick of their rants about racism when they are the worst racists.

    I am sick of their rants about poverty when its the lifestyle they choose.

    Shut up already and leave blacks who have been successful alone.

    You can’t hold a candle to those brave souls.

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