Big jolly fat guy in a red suit…

Today, after sweating over lines and music (actually, I just “perspired”) I went on to some sites. One site in particular caught my attention because the author bemoaned Santa Claus. She moaned and groaned in great detail how this was “lying” to your children because Santa can’t be seen.

Confession time: I believe in Santa Claus. My comment to her was the 1897 letter by Virginia O’ Hanlon to the NY Sun writer, Francis P. Church.  What happened next was interesting……

At first, I didn’t know what to think. A conservative recommended the comment and a liberal told me it made her want to puke. Naturally, I lost my temper with the liberal and showed my tail. I told her that’s typically what happens when you receive coal for Christmas every year. Yes, I can be a naughty elf!

Then I got to thinking. Is it that Santa Claus is akin to God in that he can’t be seen and he is the spirit of giving of one’s self by one’s own achievements? Or are we to believe that it’s more empowering to teach children that the government must decide who is naughty and who is nice?

How’s about a poll? Do you believe in Santa Claus?

I only ask this because inquiring elves want to know….


18 thoughts on “Big jolly fat guy in a red suit…

  1. Actually when I saw the picture that was my first thought…..Where is the Jolly Fat Guy?

    I mean I enjoy ‘Cheesecake’ as much as the next person….but after a while it all becomes just……Whatever.

    So yah…. I guess I do believe… the way expressed by Utah in his post below, his comments on America’s past.

  2. No No…..the Babes were “bad”….as in good.

    Santa in tights….Yikes !…………….At least it wasn’t Mic Jagger right !?

    The Erasmus (Nostrodamus) with the John the Baptist Skull is a nice touch though… you do Birthdays Too… ;- )).

  3. Well hello, please allow me to weigh in on this one. First of all, I just want to say Kells sounds like the kind of friend you want to have around Christmas time; ya just might make out like a bandit and be filled with the spirit of jolly St. Nick, and I have to admit I am a sucker for that sort of thing.

    That said, please allow me to introduce another side of myself, the Mr. Scrooge side. Mr. Scrooge found this part very interesting:

    “Then I got to thinking.” Grr. That’s usually where the trouble starts. (Easy there, Scrooge.)

    “Is it that Santa Claus is akin to God in that he can’t be seen and he is the spirit of giving of one’s self by one’s own achievements?” Bah Humbug!!!

    “Or are we to believe that it’s more empowering to teach children that the government must decide who is naughty and who is nice?” Grrr.

    All me to translate for Mr. Scrooge.

    What do they call that? A rigged question? Or a false choice?

    If you ask Mr. Scrooge, spiritual values were probably a lot stronger before the advent of Santa Claus, and there is a lot of foolishness and hypocrisy tied into the myth of Santa Claus. You can especially see it in the violence that takes place in the quest for (mostly silly) commodities on Black Friday. In other words, Santa Claus can be seen as a primer for understanding and expecting entitlements.

    Let’s face it, we are a profligate society with a profligate government. I would like to see a graph showing over time the percentage of people with useful possessions versus those with an abundance of commodities but lacking the proverbial pot to piss in. Contrast 9/11 to WWII. After 9/11, there was no talk of sacrifice and making a contribution to society, as there was during WWII. The solution after 9/11 was “normalcy:” go out and buy stuff (that you probably don’t need).

    In conclusion, impractical cultural values are at the root of the nanny state … that perpetuates impractical cultural values.

    On a lighter note, and this is ‘me’ talking, aren’t there supposed to be scantily-dressed hotties on this page? I don’t see them. Sad. 😦 I know what I want for Christmas. 🙂

    • Justin, it’s funny you bring up Scooge. I’ve been in the show, A Christmas Carol, several times. I then directed two comedic productions of it. I see the dichotomy of Scrooge just as I see the dichotomy of Santa. In the end, it comes down to where your heart lies in that sea of morality. I can expound on my thoughts, but you may be confused as you are not of the superior sex.

  4. 🙂 Why do I get the feeling I am about to get schooled? Well, it sounds like this is a very personal subject for you, so, I’ll tell you what, if you decide to fill me in, I will acknowledge that I am an inferior example of the inferior sex, and I will listen with an open mind. And if I break the rules, it’s an automatic thirty lashes with the Indiana Jones whip. How does that sound?

    • Cool. I’m very fond of spankings. Shall we begin with Scrooge, then? (I’ll do Kells abridged.)

      On the one hand, you could argue that Scrooge is only looking out for his best interests. When two fatties enter his office, they immediately break into the “gimme, gimme” spiel. To which Scrooge replies. “Are there no prisons? (yes) And the Union workhouses? (yes) I’m glad to hear it.” The fatties then persist that they just want to spread the love and ask, ” What shall we put you down for?” And Scrooge replies, “Nothing. I support the prisons and the workhouses, so they can go there.” This flustered the portly fellas, cause one said “Many can’t go there; and many would rather die.” And Scrooge says, ” If they would rather die, they had better do it and decrease the surplus population.”
      The next line in the the phrase is kinda crucial: Scrooge: Besides — excuse me — I don’t know that.”
      Fellas: “You might know it.”
      Scrooge: “It’s not my business.”

      That is your hint, sweet Justin……..

        • Or is he? It’s the irony that Dickens probably didn’t realise at the time. Think on this: Dickens himself led a tough life, but succeeded. Yet, I suppose he could be construed as the Steve Jobs of his time. His writing can be viewed from both sides of the coin (whether or not that was intentional, I shall never know.) What I love about the story is its spirit. I do believe that was intentional. The spirit of humanity, morality, giving and loving one another. Thus my, er, Dickens’ hint: “I don’t know that.”
          “You might”(the nudge.) ……… “It’s not my business”(the dismissal.) It’s poignant that a child opens Scrooge’s eyes.

          One day, I shall probably have to take a literature class because I ramble on about a show I’ve read, performed and directed a gazillion times, but really have no clue what a college prof would tell me. That would be most interesting………huh, well, I’m a big girl now.
          What was I on about? Oh, yes! Santa. I think you’ll know what I have to say on that. Then again, there are some that complain that I don’t make myself clear. I really don’t know who that could b.

          Sorry, if I’ve bored you to tears. Now I feel sleepy. I believe I have bored myself to tears…..

  5. Be careful with the literature class. You might have to read Dickens through the ‘lens’ (they love the word ‘lens’) of a Marxist Deconstructionalist Feminist Anti-Colonial Critical Theorist … you don’t want to know. You are a deep thinker for sure, Kells. You can be kind of vague at times, but, here you are being purposefully enigmatic. Which is cool, but it’s not going to work, because I am no more inclined to apply my imagination than you are to read “More Than A Theory.” But … it was worth a try.

    • Just ordered it, Mr. Smarty Pants, Jr. How’s about a challenge? When I wrap this show, I’ll read and review it. And you must read and review a play of my choice. The only rules would be that these must be our own thoughts. Are you up for it? We can have the RNL boys judge. Please know that I’m extremely competitive……oh, and I’ve got boobies. 😉

  6. Let me make sure I understand, now all I can think about is boobies. You review ‘More Than a Theory’ (great song!), then I review a play (let me guess, Cats?), and then we get judged. And then you said something about boobies, competitive boobies? Are you trying to bribe me? Boo-bies …

  7. Okay, well, how about this: The winner gets to post themed pictures of herself in Victoria Secret lingerie, and then everyone else gets to caption them. Deal?

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