Upon This Rock

If one wants to destroy a building, one attacks the foundation.

All of the TV shows on demolition of old buildings show that the companies who do demolition on that scale first study the drawings to find the key pillars or girders that hold it up and that is where they strap the dynamite. They seek out the areas of the construction where the least amount of explosion will do the most damage and to determine which support structures are critical to the structural integrity of the building.In short, they look for the weak points.

Then…boom! The structure collapses and all that is left is a dusty pile of rubble.

Destruction of a nation follows the same process.

Along with foundational principles, the pillars of a nation are the beliefs and traditions that tell the story of what a country represents. These may be myths based on historical events that are not accurate to the nth degree, they may well have been embellished or altered in the telling over the years but in the telling, they reveal the aspirations and soul of the nation. Paul Revere may not be the actual person who made the midnight ride or the first Thanksgiving may or may not have included turkey and dressing but the themes that surround these events are representative of the unique American culture, individual risk and bravery for the benefit of the country and an appreciation for the blessings of God are but two examples from these traditional stories.

As much as the American left excuses lies that support what they claim is the “greater truth”, they do not give the same latitude to American traditions that go against their belief that America is inherently evil. One suce example from yesterday is this attack on Thanksgiving by Robert Jensen, a raving left lunatic (who somewhat unsurprisingly is a professor of “journalism”):

Forget all that turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, today should be a day of fasting and atonement for American “sin.” That’s according to Robert Jensen, a journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin. Jensen, known for his hard-left politics, also calls Thanksgiving a “white-supremacist holiday.”

Jensen’s opinion piece “No Thanks for Thanksgiving,” appeared on the far-left, Soros-connected website Alternet on Thanksgiving eve. In it, he wrote how Native Americans suffered because of the “European invasion of the Americas.” He went on to compare the Founding Fathers to Nazi Germany. “How does a country deal with the fact that some of its most revered historical figures had certain moral values and political views virtually identical to Nazis?” he asked.

According to Jensen, Thanksgiving is “at the heart of U.S. myth-building. “But in the United States, this reluctance to acknowledge our original sin — the genocide of indigenous people — is of special importance today,” he explained.

This is via CNS News, I won’t link to this trash – nor will I link to the communist cesspool that is Alternet – but you are free to google and go.

This is how you destroy a nation. You attack its very foundations, its identity, its idea of who it is and what it stands for.

This is just one example of how these communists are slowly dismembering who we are.

Removing God from the public sphere, arguing that religion had no role in the birth of our country, that our founders weren’t really religious men, that they didn’t base our founding principles on Judeo-Christian philosophy or that they didn’t intend for religion to be part of our daily governance is the larger effort engaged by the Godless left – and yes, I believe that people who profess to believe in God or are members of a particular religious organization that supports secular humanism are not truly secure in God.

Any “Christian” who believes that Marxism or communism is a valid answer for America’s problems is actually supporting the destruction of God in public and private life because in these human political systems, there is room for only one god – and that is government.

Thankfully, the converse to using the weak pillar to destroy a building is constructing it on a solid foundation.

Matthew, Chapter 7, verses 24-27 says:

24 Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:

25 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.

26 And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:

27 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.

The recognition of the necessity of a strong foundation is clear when Jesus spoke to Peter in Matthew Chapter 16, verse 18:

And I say also unto you, That you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hades shall not prevail against it.

What the American left has done for a hundred years is to take the constitutional blueprint of our country and search for the weak pillars to strap the dynamite to. These include the raving, self-righteous, navel gazing, self-loathing, post-modernist lunatics like the aforementioned “journalism” professor who, while enjoying the bounty of this country and the freedom brought about by it, try to detonate their own little bombs to destroy our identity, to make us doubt ourselves and the good that America has done (and is doing) in the world.

Thankfully for us, in the men who crafted our founding principles, God chose rocks upon which to build our country. Our obligation as Americans is to protect that foundation.

58 thoughts on “Upon This Rock

  1. Would “Jim Crow’ laws, poll taxes, children working in factories instead of going to school, and separate water fountains for blacks be considered ‘weak’ pillars, or parts of Americana that you just really miss?

    • Oh for Christ’s sakes Greg. Pulling the race card, seriously? Talk to Woodrow Wilson about your precious water fountains. Separating them was his idea.

      • That’s what progressives did, nitwit! They tore down pillars of racism and inequality. They empowered the people to fight against ingrained prejudices. Were they perfect? No, But neither was America of that time, despite Utah’s teary-eyed vision of the country’s past.

        • Of course they did, nitwit. Call me an Utah a**kisser, but your “or parts of Americana that you just really miss?” comment was an ad hominem attack on Utah. I’m not as stupid as you would like to believe Greg, and I get your little dig at Utah. Get over yourself.

        • Ur obtuseness may well go down in mental midget “infamy”…mal-famy.

          Your Progressive GOD W Wilson was a Eugenicist….and Augger clearly showed Wilson’s policy of DIVISION in advocating Separate water fountins based on race. Because…You are right !! That IS what progressives did and DO…..they embody the Politics of Division and separation….NOT unity.

          America wasn’t perfect…..but the Foundations established in 1789 et passim are what allowed for huge social changes and economic advancements that provided for the Highest standard of living and freedom the Earth has ever known. America did this IN SPITE of the regressive pull and policies of The Progressive agenda…….which at root is little more than an attempt to regain power by a small group of Elites……the same power structure that has existed since the beggining of time under various name.

          Progressivism = REGRESSION = Societal Division……….”Striving for Diversity is actually an act of Dividing Peoples.”

      • Augger,

        It is ALL he has: he has NOTHING else. What’s more, he cannot and will never see that is was CHRISTIANS who destroyed the institution of slavery in this and most every other land in this world. It has ever been the Godless secular humanists who have laid waste to and not built up society.

        But, for people like Greg with their poor understanding of logic and sound reasoning, they firmly believe that something like the feeble complaint he offered destroys Utah’s argument. Hardly! It actually re-enforces it as this world is not now and has never been monolithic. Some believe, others don’t, and even among those who believe, humans go astray because we are willful and stiff-necked creatures.

        Frankly, we should take pity on Greg. He doesn’t understand the extent of his error.

        • “Frankly, we should take pity on Greg. He doesn’t understand the extent of his error.”

          This is where we disagree Black. I think Greg fully understands his foolishness. Moreover, he attempts to sell a false syllogism. I find him dishonest, disingenuous, and down right pathetic.

          He’ll get no pity from me. Period.

    • So many times when we talk about the past we judge it only by the standards of today. In colonial America not all people wanted slavery. For instance. Let’s talk about the first slave ship that sailed into Boston harbor. The crew was arrested, the slaves were sent home to Africa and the people of Boston paid their fare home. Obviously, if every city handled the slave ships like Boston had America never would have had to fight about slavery. America was good a d bad then just as it is today. However, another country that handled slavery differently was Saudi Arabia, I read they did not abolish slavery until the 1960s.maybe they should be the “great Satan” for awhile regarding slavery.

        • “My point is that we were not all that moral back in the day, period.”

          Then maybe you should just say that instead of offering a ton of flippant remarks, digs.

        • Greg,

          That doesn’t cut it. NO ONE HERE has EVER claimed this nation — or any nation for that matter — has been or ever was “perfect” — AND YOU KNOW IT! You know bloody well we are not making that claim. What’s more, you know bloody well that pretending you have made a point by “pointing this out” does NOTHING of value here.

          You need to understand that Augger has you here: in principle, you have been acting VERY disingenuous as of late and it is beneath you (at least, I used to think it was… 😦 )

  2. I would hate Robert Jensen, but I can’t muster up that much emotion for the little cockroach. So I will merely pity all the people he has infected with his venomous deceitful lies. UT should have fired him years ago when he wrote that article in the Houston Chronicle after 9/11/01.

    • But we as Conservatives ( Jeffersonian Liberals) HAVE to fight this ideology actively. The Progressive Leftists are a Global movement and all those people infected with his and other Hateful Lies need to be “Treated” with the Truth so to speak.

      Actually your use of “infected” is a good one…..we either treat the infection or it will spread.

  3. What an unmitigated moron,

    “I’m not a pacifist in philosophical terms. I think there are times and places where using violence to stop a greater injustice can be morally justified. This ain’t the track I’m gonna go down, though… There were times in US history when that was possible. Even as late as the 1960’s, there were revolutionary moments in the world where something more dramatic might have been possible. This is not such a time. So we must first put aside any fantasies about “the revolution”… It doesn’t mean however that we put aside revolutionary ideals. To recognize that this is not a revolutionary moment in history, that we are not going to topple systems of unjust and unsustainable power does not mean that one gives up revolutionary or radical ideals. It means one is sensible about how you strategically try to deploy them in this world. So when I talk about action, I want figure out how do you retain a radical spirit, even if in the moment radical action is not possible or sensible.”
    – Robert Jensen, Taking Politics Seriously: Looking Beyond the Election and Beyond Elections

    Exactly what the hell is that is broken in professors of journalism born from the 50s? It’s almost as if they were weaned too fast, or not potty trained long enough.

    • Augger, your assinine comments bookending Jensen’s quote show in dramatic form what a mental lightweight you really are. At least Jensen can put forth a complete thought.

      • Greg, so you assert that I am a “mental lightweight”, right? Well, let’s see about that.

        University of Texas President Larry Faulkner (that would be Jensen’s boss) is on record stating;

        “Jensen is not only misguided, but has become a fountain of undiluted foolishness on issues of public policy.”

        So I would suppose my assessment of Mr. Jensen is not so far off base, and I sit in good company. You, Greg, should really work on your reading. You self-aggrandize yourself as a intellectual heavyweight, but really, you present yourself as a intellectual pauper, and a**hat.


  4. And Utah has it all wrong. Nations destroy themselves; all revolutionaries need are patience and a capitalist to supply them with guns. Che and Fidel weren’t all that smart, the country was just that corrupt. Same with Pol Pot and Cambodia, Ho and Vietnam, but Ho epitomized patience, since 1918 he had been fighting for an independent Vietnam. He asked for our support first. The legendary corruption of Northern Alliance in Afghanistan made the Taliban look good to the populace!
    The result is the same, some Mugabe-wannabe ends up running the country as if it was his inheritance, and the The Who queue up ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again”.

    • Augger,

      See what I mean?

      And Utah has it all wrong. Nations destroy themselves; all revolutionaries need are patience and a capitalist to supply them with guns. Che and Fidel weren’t all that smart, the country was just that corrupt.

      He sees everything bass-akwards because he never looks past the surface of anything: he always accepts things at face value. This is the work of John Dewey.

      In truth, the founders told us the nation would stand as long as we remained a religious and moral people. Our enemies knew this, and that is why they identified our Churches, schools and media as the primary institutions they needed to corrupt in order to topple us from within. Utah’s piece just highlights that this has happened, as evidenced by the fact that tax dollars help to pay this subversive idiot, Jensen’s, salary.

      Again, Greg is too far gone. Unless God softens his heart, he’s lost. We should feel a sense of loss over this fact and have compassion for him because he really doesn’t see the truth… 😦

      • “This is the work of John Dewey.”

        Maybe so, but likely not the only thing contributing to Greg’s twisted little mind. Likely, it’s more of a combination of factors including the jacked up philosophy of the 60s coupled with some chemical addictions of the time.

        Of course, it could be that he is a proto-Marxist, and a proud card carrying member of the Free Sh*t Army.

        • Augger,

          Could it be nothing more than he is getting on in years, he and his wife have some health issues and — because he did not take personal responsibility to provide for these and his future needs — he now finds himself facing a future with no means of supporting himself or tending to his health issues? FEAR, Augger: it makes the best of us do things we know we shouldn’t do — especially when we have nothing to anchor our hope in but nothingness (as is the case with ALL atheists).

          Believe me, my friend, I know where you’re coming from. Greg has knowingly and purposely misrepresented my positions many times. Still, there is a part of me that feels sorrow over what he’s become.

    • Sadly, I don’t see much to dispute in the above Melfism, it tied right in to the original post, and it didn’t touch off my Commie-Radar.

      “but Ho epitomized patience, since 1918 he had been fighting for an independent Vietnam. He asked for our support first.”

      Pretty sure Greg is right about that, unless I have just been reading the wrong books on the subject. Ho did turn to America before he turned to Communism. It was a missed opportunity. The US decided to prop up a flimsy, doomed-to-fail government in South Vietnam, and, let’s face it, Ho was determined to win. In the aftermath, the Vietnamese revealed they weren’t defending Communism. They were defending their homeland, to the last man if necessary.

      Sadly, I also agree with the Melfster that the US is doing a pretty good job of destroying itself. Let’s face it, we are in trouble. Our economy is not built on a solid foundation. It is a Keynesian house of cards. Our enemies, and we have many of them, are disciplined, determined, and patient, while we are on the tale end of a prosperous binge that has made us lazy, stupid, barely capable of basic survival and defense. I am reminded of Monty Python’s Holy Grail, where the invaders rush the castle in a full tilt and the guards just watch in bewilderment, right up to the moment they are cut down. The Trojan Horse could already be inside for all I know. Look at our representatives; it could well be bankrolled by American capitalists.

      In conclusion, I take the words of Jensen, moronic as they are, as a serious warning, that is, the widespread dehumanization of the American way of life, taken to its logical conclusion. Where is our foundation? Where else can you find it but in the hearts of the believers? And where are they, and how many? Are there any in Washington? Are there any in your local government? Look at me. I’m one of the few willing to share a thread with you, and I’m about half libtard. What does that tell you?

      • Justin, you agreed with me on several points, and you are a Monty Python fan? Let’s go out one Saturday and throw some Holy hand grenades, whaddya say?

        Assuming that your questions were addressed to me, let me sa y this…

        Some of the barge fleets where we pick up have rotating crews on the fleet boats, 12 hours on, 12 off.. Many times, I have seen a crew do just enough to get by, ignore a problem, or do just enough so that their relief will have to handle it.
        Congress is like that, each session hopes that their relief will do the hard stuff that they lacked the nerve to tackle.

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  6. Any “Christian” who believes that Marxism or communism is a valid answer for America’s problems is actually supporting the destruction of God in public and private life because in these human political systems, there is room for only one god – and that is government.

    I would add, “any JEW”.

    • I agree with you Texas95….about both Christians and Jews.

      The Catholic church has an unfortunate history of supporting Socialist Ideas and policies…..as do the Jewish communities, esp reform. Protestants and more orthdox Jews have supported policies which support and expand Liberty.

      • Don,

        The Catholic Church was infiltrated by the Progressive ideology (in whatever form you wish to call it) and was actually instrumental in formulating the whole notion of “social justice.” But that was the acts of men, not of God or the teachings in the Bible.

        • Very well put Joe. But somehow we need to reach Cathotics and educate them as to the distinction…..and to the fact that “Social Justice” as enacted “by Men” does nothing but infict Gross Social INjustice to the vast majority….which is NOT of GOD or the teachings of the Bible.

  7. I’ve tried not to comment but it is important to note that Imam Greg confirms exactly what I wrote.

    It is clear from his very first statement that his view of morality is relative, that once evil always evil without ever considering the context of the times, just like that idiot Robert Jensen. He focuses a relativist attack that presupposes that because slavery existed all else that the founders did was suspect, ignoring the fact we did, in fact, fight a civil war that ended it.

    Perhaps the most important aspect of our form of government is that it prevents institutionalization of evil and allows us an opportunity to correct it.

    What he says is also a perfect example of Alinsky’s Rule 4:

    The fourth rule is: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

    • Very good OP and commentary Utah, as usual.

      I was going to say this in response to Melfamy ( I like MAL-famy better….since I think he’s kinda “ill”). “And Utah has it all wrong. Nations destroy themselves”…..But I thought it better here, with those who are open to Historical Truths.

      In fact the History of the Mideast, North Africa and into Central Asia shows just the opposite……The Mohameddans viciously, and without any provocation, attacked Many Old and enduring Cultures and Civilizations from the OUTSIDE. And they imposed their “New and Progressive” ways by force and violence.

    • Joe and Utah,

      I was thinking about Utah’s quote from Al Capone’s BagMan…..didn’t know that? Alinksi was associated with Capone’s Accountant and intimately studied with them their tactics…..including infiltrating the Unions in the Mob’s long process of becoming “Legitimate”…..Alinky = Al Capone Thug Tactics = updated for American Commies (Progressives). Brietbart has a bit on it in an excellent Documentary called Occupy Unmasked…..If you haven’t seen it you should……CLEAR connections from SEIU to the Founding and organization of the OWS movement.

      Justin, Augger, Trappedinca, Kells , Texas all should watch and spread this video.

      Anyway…I have heard recently Mark Levin, Judge Napolitano, Doug Urbanski maybe Beck too….talking about being more aggressive and using the Rules ourselves. Being less ‘Moderate” and confronting the negative adds head-on, targeting the message to the Twitter users better…..selling Liberty as R Paul said. Urbanski said “Speak in Bold Colors” and learning to “Speak over the Heads of the Media”.

      Thinking along those lines loosely I was looking at Rule #4:

      **The fourth rule is: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.” **

      (1) We need to adopt a strong response to this ,something of the nature that…..Trying to live up to a Standard DOES NOT negate that standard….failure of some to meet moral standards DOES NOT imply that Immoral Standards are superior.

      (2) Example of our own application of Rule # 4….The rule book for the mohameddans is on paper against homosexuality and child-abuse…..but what goes on in their Madrashes is just that…..Make the enemy ( Progressives and their mohemeddan allies) live up to their own book of rules.

      These twisted Progressive hypocrisies need to be interjected in the dialogue with the Facebook and twiier communities somehow. And it’s not necess the Gay issue….that was only one quick example from surrah and hadith…there are TONS of others.

        • Basically communicate that there are GROSS hypocrisies within islam with regard to people’s basic rights. And that it is NOT “Cool” to protect such an institution. We need to change the dialogue the way the Press and Hollywood has changed it for Christianity and Judaism.

            • No my comment is directed to the supposed Prohibition to Sodomy…..but their hypocrisy is defening…..we should also make them “live up to their rules” ala rule #4.

              Prohibitions…Quran 7:80-81, 11:77-79, 26: 165-166, 27: 055, 29: 28-29…..”Sodomy is Kufr (disbelief…ie in islam),Surah Hud 11:82, Hazrat Imam Ali, ar-Reza…The Profit said: ” Refrain from Adultry and Sodomy, and this Sodomy is worse than Adultry….(Figh-e-Reza)…..etc etc etc.

      • Don,

        Alinsky is nothing new. Here merely codified Machiavelli, who did nothing more than state the rule of the jungle: the strongest get what they want. So, if you want to be “civil” about it, you could say Alinsky did nothing more than set “Simba to music.”

        As for adopting and turning Alinsky’s rules against his followers: I would ask you how one fights darkness by becoming darkness?

        To me — ME — the solution is to fight the darkness with The Light, for we do not fight flesh and bone. Our struggle is with the principalities of darkness and evil, and in a spiritual struggle, one must put on the full armor of God. I see no other way — not anymore.

        but then, that’s just me.

        [Also, be careful about connecting Islam to secular humanism. I agree with you, they share a common drive: the notion that man can work his own salvation without God. But they are not equal or even equivalent forces as Islam can and WILL slay the secular humanist — just as soon as they finish with the Jews and Christians. So I would advise that we view them as allies in the Machiavellian sense, but not in the natural sense. Hope that makes sense 😉 ]

        • Yes….but for the immediate fight we need to treat them the same….distinctions can become again more relevent once the Application of overwhelming force is applied to their respective defeat……which brings me to the fact that I am not a pacifist in the traditional sense.

          I believe that standing aside while evil “works its magic” on others is cowardice….just the way I’m put together.

          As to your first point. I heard you say this on other threads. But I don’t believe in bringing a knife to a gunfight…..and I don’t believe that applying their rule to educate others to their Gross Hypocisy is adopting the “Way of Darkness”. When the Lord overturned the Money Changer’s tables in God’s House he was using the “Way” of the other side…( a Bit of carefully and Colorfully displayed violence )….to shine the Light.

          Adopting the tactic is not the same thing as embracing the sentiment…..I think we need to show the ‘WAY’, but I also think we won’t do that by being passive………being forceful but Truthful and if possible Pleasant is what’s needed….not silence and HOPE that other’s will somehow glance over and get the message.

          We need to be in the Game….in early and with a Plan an Conviction…..Christianity saved the world Twice from mohameddan Blackness and Tyranny……Martel in the 700’s I believe and the Poles outside of Vienna 1400’s…..both employed or matched the tactics of their enemies mixed with their Convictions in Christiandom….the armor of God needed at those times to ensure the Spiritual struggle could & would continue its course and Development.

          • Adopting a deceitful and destructive tactic IS becoming that which you oppose. In PRINCIPLE, there is no difference: you’re even arguing the same as them – that it is “OK” because you have “good intentions.”

            For me — ME — I see the way to deal with this being through education and cultural warfare. It starts by showing how Alinsky works and calling it out and shining the light of truth on it every time it is tried. Then by shunning the people who refuse to drop the evil that is Alinsky. When people are on the wrong side of right in our society, we have to start saying so and then coming to each others support in doing so.

            Call them what they are, then lock arms with each other and hold the line. It works. MLK proved that it works. We just need to apply it in the sense of educating society as to what has happened to them and who did it and why.

            At least, this is where I am heading. 🙂

            • I think you (We, all of us) may have misinterpreted exactly HOW MLKs movement affected society at large actually…..but that is a topic for another time.

              I do understand where you’re coming from and agree with you on many parts of this. But I think you are mis-representing what I am saying….It sounds like you are saying I am advocating a kind of Taqiyya (which I find mildly offensive ). Pointing out deep Hypocrisies within the Progressive Ideology….or within islam….is in no way DECEPTIVE. It is upfront, in your face and Truthful…..WE have not been upfront and in their face. And I’m saying we need to be. All military strategists understand the crucial part in understanding your enemy’s tactics and motivations…..we need to study their methods better…..to understand why and how their position has gained prominance

              And we have been doing exactly as you say…..We have been calling out Alinski, articulating the difference between Free Stuff and Freedom….and yet as R Paul asked “Why has Liberty been such a Hard sell?”…..We here know that it is because of the Decades of Propaganda in our schools and the subsequent reinforcement in the Media. So at this point “Shunning” will do no good….we don’t have the time for shunning and re-education. Those are Long-term goals, with Long-term effects.

              We Do have to Do as you say…”Call them what they are, then lock arms with each other and hold the line.”….But we have to do it smarter and understand how they are communicating with their Followers in Situ….and come to each others support. I would ask….Do you think the Franks and the Poles should have done something different in their times ??

              • Don,

                First, I am not using Islam to address you, so you might want to set it aside in addressing me.

                Second, what I am telling you is this. If you are going to attack the Left for the way they spread their ideology by advocating that we adopt and/or use their own ideology against them, then you are NOT opposing the Left — you are merely saying you want people to accept YOUR version of it. When you use their tactics, you become them. That then makes you a hypocrite for saying anything about the Left. This is at the heart of my attack on the Republican Party: it is becoming what it claims to oppose, leaving us with no real choice.

                I am saying that you and I will not “win” this struggle. We CAN’T “win” it, we are part of how it came to be — yes, even those of us who see ourselves as opposing the social decay. There is only one way this gets fixed, and that is through the same process that led to our founding and which saved us in the Civil War — a 3rd Great Awakening. Baring that, NOTHING you and I or anyone on “our side” can do will have any effect because — frankly — you cannot win against adults promising other adults they can play Peter Pan and others will pick up the tab for them. When children are in charge and turn others into grown children, society has already collapsed. It carries on for now out of sheer momentum, but even that will end soon enough.

                • Well I have a high regard for your opinion…..and in much we are in complete agreement.

                  I just don’t think that analyzing and addressing point for point your oppositions tactics is “Adopting” their position. But We do agree about the current and recent GOP becoming the same as the Tax and Spend Leftist Democrats.

                  I’m not quite as pessimistic as you are about our “prospects”…..I think because I see the germs of that Awakening happening in discussions like these. Although I am not quite sure of your reference to the 3rd Great Awakening in relation to the Civil War….I welcome enlightenment on that front, anything which challanges my understanding.

                  And my question regards the Franks and Poles wasn’t meant to be rhetorical….If you care to entertain it I would be interested in your take on their struggle….as a struggle not necess. related to islam, but to addressing their opposing force.

                  • I am of the belief that we need a 3rd great awakening in this nation. The first led to the revolution, the second led us to end slavery. We need a third to save man’s freedom.

                    As for the Franks and Poles, I am not quite sure I understand what you are trying to get at, sorry. I am either a bit dense tonight, or pre-occupied with the posts I was writing. My fault, either way.

        • B, the Muslims INVITED the Jews that were kicked out of Spain to live in Muslim lands. If they were going to kill all the jews, that would have been the time to do it. But they did not. There are Christians in Iraq; Saddam’s second in command, Tariq Aziz, was a christian.

          When the Moors conquered Palestine, their leader ordered the churches to be left alone. By most accounts, Muslims treated conquered peoples with dignity and respect.

          Why do you persist in repeating lies?

          • Spoken as if those thousands of rockets, and tens of thousands of bombs that have gone off in Israel over our lifetimes alone weren’t intended to cause any harm to the Jews. And yeah, whey the crucified Christians and Jews, it was all good fun sport. Their deaths were merely accidental. Things just get a little rough when the boys play….

            Yeah Greg, keep on preaching.

            • I’m done trading comments with him. He has nothing but to quoque arguments to offer. His positions exclude the possibility of there ever being a right and wrong, a good and evil. It is not enough that when good men do evil, they correct themselves (even if it sometimes it takes a very long time) because they are able to know what is right and what is wrong. The sole purpose of evil is to do evil and recognition of good is unnecessary because evil is its own goal.

              The pursuit of relative thinking, that because once an evil act was committed by otherwise good men, excludes the possibility that good will triumph as excuses can be found in that to justify evil.

              We can know the difference, we do have the right to judge and we to have the tools – relativist post-modern thought is the death of civilization.

              • I’m with Utah on this one. Everything Greg says lies in a self-defeating, internally contradicting ideology. He has suffered a break from — or worse — a willing rejection of objective reality. I am reminded of these words:

                “It is as useless to argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason as to administer medication to the dead.”

                That would be Thomas Jefferson, once again proving that he is not the ally Greg so oft asserts him to be.

          • “There are Christians in Iraq; Saddam’s second in command, Tariq Aziz, was a christian.”
            And so is OWEbozo……………………………….. yeah, right.

          • To those reading Greg’s post:

            HE IS WRONG! He is wrong because he does not acknowledge the truth — ever. What we consider “moderate” vs “radical” Islam here in the West is mostly just the difference between Sunni and Shi’a Muslims. One believes they can declare Jihad on their own, the other group is waiting for the Caliphe to do so. But make no mistake: those who seem peaceful right now will be after your head just as soon as the Caliphe is seated and declares global Jihad. Those who refuse to fight in the ways of Allah at that point will be declared apostates and they will be killed along with the rest of us infidels.

            This is ALL in Islamic literature and ALL comes directly from Muhammad. Greg just refuses to accept it, or to read it for himself. That makes him willfully ignorant — and wrong!

          • Oops-see! It would seem the Muslims are behaving exactly as their holy books teach and exactly as I have always said their holy books teach.

            Sort of puts old Greg on the spot, now doesn’t it? I mean, he’s the one who has been telling us this sort of thing doesn’t happen and isn’t taught in Islam — yet here we go. If you look for them, you’ll find MANY stories telling you that the Muslim Brotherhood is doing or trying to do exactly what I have said they will. This picture just sums it up very nicely for you.

      • (2) Example of our own application of Rule # 4….The rule book for the mohameddans is on paper against homosexuality and child-abuse…..but what goes on in their Madrashes is just that…..Make the enemy ( Progressives and their mohemeddan allies) live up to their own book of rules

        Substitute church for madrasa, catholic for mohammedans. Now do you hate Christianity? Catholicism? Or just the perpetrators of sick acts on children?

        • Your illness shows in each of your posts……
          .The issue is Hypocrisy within the mohameddans faith….there were NUMEROUS references given above against Sodomy , written by the mohameddans themselves….thus quoting from the mohameddan “rule-book” itself.

          Alinski says……make them ( mohameddans in this case ) live up their THEIR own rules…………Indeed, Conservatives should do JUST that, highlight the hypocrisy within the mohameddan faith, the perverion in their “schools” and at the same time highlight the hypocrisy of their Progressivist supporters in ignoring islam’s great failures.

  8. No No…..no fault any where…just discussion.

    By Awakening you mean awakening to the call of our God given rights to free will and Liberty ?? First to throw off the yoke of George then in 1860 to fulfil the promise of 1789 for Blacks as well as Whites and “insure a more perfect union” ? And so by analogy today we ( a significant portion of the Country ) will have to have this similar “awakening ” to the spirit of Freedom and Natural Rights……and in this awakening will blossom the WILL to regain the Founding principles.

    A kind of Organic change of Zeitgeist right?

    Well I agree that fundamentally things have changed this time around, not the least of which is that in neither 1776 nor 1860 were 47-48% of the population financially Gov’t dependent. But the efforts of many writers and pamphletiers in both awakenings set the stage for the Moods to change,,,,,Remember ” These are the times that try men’s souls….”. and ….”We have it in our power to begin the world anew…Ye that dares oppose not only the Tyranny, but the Tyrant, stand Forth ! America shall make a stand, not for herself alone, but for the world.”…Th. Paine 1775 Common Sense

    We should remember (1) the Berlin wall did come down…..many years before anyone thought it would……(2) the Soviet Union split off its satellite countries…Ukraine,Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Waziristan,Khazistan and all the other Stan sisters ( a kind of secession )….and (3) India / Ghandi managed to throw off the British empire…..ALL with out major armed conflict !! And all within the 20th Century…..miracles can happen.

    • Don,

      Yes, I believe this nations ONLY hope is for its people to turn back to God and seek His help and healing. And yes, that means a return to our understanding that God is the source of our rights and liberty. And yes, I am aware of how history works (which is why I may be a bit more skeptical than you). I think we are on the same page now (sorry for taking so long to join you). 🙂

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