Weaving Together the Threads of History’s Grand Tapestry

As an amateur philosopher and historian, and a Christian struggling to understand how Christ would have me understand the world, I have come to believe that the history of this world is intended to be viewed as one big picture, or — as Kells might describe it — just a long play. Either way, I am not the first to see repeating patterns in history, or to note the similarities in the evolution of philosophical ideologies. Ecclesiastes was certainly correct when he said there is nothing new under the sun. For this reason, I have been spending an ever increasing amount of my time trying to understand these repeating patterns that run through history like threads in a giant tapestry, and I stumbled across something I’d like to share with those of you who care enough to seek some greater understanding, yourself.

But first, I want to set this up just a bit. So far, I am only on the 16th video in this series, so I am in now way endorsing the take that it puts on every aspect of scripture or history. In fact, looking ahead, I can already tell you I probably break with the producer where the Beast and Catholic Church are concerned. Still, this in no way undermines the greater good that this video series serves. As a means of explaining how so many things throughout the many different cultures in history are connected and how they remain connected today, this series is brilliant. In fact, I wish I had been the one to produce it.

So, if you will try to set aside any per-conceived notions you may have and leave any disputes for the end of the series and just concentrate on how this series explains the repeating cycles and threads of history, I suspect you may come away with a better understanding of how the events of today are driven by the events of yesterday — even of yesterdays long, long passed:

22 thoughts on “Weaving Together the Threads of History’s Grand Tapestry

  1. This Farrely fella sounds Scottish. So we just go to youtube and watch these video segments? How long are they? I’ve already forgotten the name. Was it fuelproject? I should like to know the discussion on the Beast and the Catholic Church that you disagree on….

  2. Kells,

    Yes, just watch #1 on YouTube, then the next in the series will show at the top of the right margin. They average 5-12 minutes in length, though some are a bit longer. You can find the postings here, they are under “Know Your Enemy” 😉

    As for the difference on my take: I believe now that the 4th Beast is Islam. It fits perfectly. Read Joel Richardson’s book on the Islamic/Middle East Beast (Go to Amazon and look up Joel Richardson). This is also why the angel told Daniel that it would only be the last generation that fully understood the prophecy Daniel was given. It also accounts for ALL of prophecy, whereas the notion that the Beast is connected to Rome would require us to ignore a great deal of prophecy to get to that conclusion.

    Finally, while I agree that the Catholic Church has been perverted by men who have fallen under the influence of Satan, I disagree that it is necessarily connected to the Beast and the Anti-Christ. Whether perfect or not, the Catholic Church does profess to believe in Christ as the risen Son of God (see their profession of faith). I fail to see how this could be turned into an Anti-Christ religion — or even why we should try to force this interpretation. This is especially troubling for me given that Islam fulfills EVERYTHING prophecy tells us to watch for in the Anti-Christ and his religion.

    This time, I am still learning. You should read the books I am listing, they are much better at explaining all of this, and they walk you through scriptural support for their case the whole way — they even address the best objections and evidence against their argument.

    • The reformers made a great case against the Catholic church fitting the prophecy. I tell you, we recite the Apostles’ Creed every Sunday. If my brother-in-law (the Baptist) is visiting, he will not say the line “I believe in the Holy Catholic (and Apostolic for Nicene Creed) Church”. Why? I think what it boils down to is the reformers have been reformed by new reformers. In other words, Baptists, for example, have taken scripture a bit too literally in my mind. The Left Behind series is a perfect example. The key to the mystery of Revelation is in the scripture itself. Unfortunately, the key seems to be the mystery.

      • Kells,

        Prophecy is meant to be understood. Otherwise, it is wasted words and God doesn’t waste anything. Please, seriously, get this book and read it. I think it will help you make a whole lot of sense out of prophecy after you do.

        Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist

        Even skeptics should be reading this as it may help them come to Christ. The parallels here are impossible for someone to have predicted 3,000 years ago. Bible prophecy is so accurate and so precise as to leave only one possible solution for how it could be so: God told the prophets what was going to happen!

        • I’ll put it in my Amazon bag along with More than a Feeling, er, Theory. (so 70’s)

          Please understand, I will not let some radicals who are tarnishing their religion spoil the entire Muslim populace. People are good or they are evil.

          • Kells,

            You can decide to make up and live in a fantasy world all you want, but the radicals inside Islam are those who do NOT follow the word of Muhammad. Islam calls the Muslims you refer to as “moderates” APOSTATE! And it commands pious Muslims to kill them.

            You will obviously never read the Qur’an, Hadith or Sirah, so you can feel safe in your made-up world…until you come face to face with the reality you have been ignoring, that is. Let’s hope that never happens.

          • I just happen to look into this Thread……

            Kells……I have studied quran and hadith since 1980….I have even gone to the trouble of learning a bit of Arabic to read some in original tongue…

            What Joe says below is true…….But I also want to add that there are structural problems within textual islam that preclude any real moderates. islam does not recognize ANY moderates…..those mohameddans that claim they are .are apostates in the eyes of larger islam…..and/or are liars in the form of Tagiyya.

            Have you never wondered with over 1 Billion muslims throughout the world, some in strict countries others in “moderate” countries, why there is virtually NO outcry when violence is done in the name of their “religion” ? If it truely was a bifurcated world of “radicals” and “moderates” then you would expect a difference in responses……but the response to “radical” violence from the mohameddan community is uniformly………..Silence.

            Because the word “islam” means submission…..some “moderate” mohameddans will tell you (Tagiyya) that it means “submission to God” or that it means “peace”…….but again “peace” in islam means the complete submission of ALL to islam…..because then there is no strife or struggle.

            You really should read their books…..and you should read Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer and Andrew McCarthy….they are life-long observers and scholars of islam.

            • Thanks for the affirmation, Don. I’ve been trying to teach this to Kells for several years, but she (and a few others on the RNL) simply refuse to accept that I am telling them the truth. They would rather believe the PC Western myths about Islam.

              • Well, I was just over at Amazon and was going to order Islam for Dummies, but the reviews made it seem too lightweight. Isn’t there a quick read? I mean, you’ve already got me reading the More Than a Feeling number.

                • The Politically incorrect guide to Islam is not bad, and it will help direct you to where to go next. I read it and it is not a “light weight.” I actually use it as general reference in my work — like a directory.

                • I am a huge advocate of reading Original sources. So in addition to Joe’s recommendation I would suggest finding (MULTIPLE) translations on the internet,,,,bookmark them and read the actual Koran and hadith ALONG with Spencer and McCarthy. My copy of the koran was given to me by me mother in 1980 and is published in Pakisrtan with Arabic on one side and Englich on the other for instance.

                  But you should be able to find accessible translations online for free.

                  • I would add that, where possible, try to look for the oldest translations you can find — from before a time where modern politics and PC shields have crept into the translations. I have found MANY translations of the Qur’an INTENTIONALLY change what the original Arabic actually says — or they leave whole parts of the original text out all together.

                  • Kells,

                    There is just no way to “interpret away” Allah declaring that he has MANDATED war — actual killing war – for ALL Muslims until there is ONLY Islam — period!

                    Those who claim this is only meant for times of war, or does not mean actual killing are called hypocrites in Islam. Allah commands those people to be killed.

                    The passages are VERY clear — there is no interpretation allowed. Muhammad said so.

                • Kells,

                  Re: interpretation…..look up Taqqiya and similar tactics….

                  Also my point about uniformity in the public reaction to “Radical” violence actually addresses this….if you think about it….the LACK of protest to Violence in the name of islam basically tells us there IS NO interpretation as to the Goals of islam….achieved through variuos kinds of Jihad ( personal and group). The overarching Goal being world-wide “conversion” to mohameddanism.

            • Thanks Don, ( & Joe).

              Many comfortable Americans indoctrinated in cultural marxism, cannot fathom or accept EVIL. If they are ever confronted by EVIL, Evil will destroy them as their mind spins in circles arguing with itself as to what is occurring…

              • I agree with you 100 % Texas . Except for one glaring contracdiction within Liberal / Democratic / Independent thinking and habit. And that is they have NO PROBLEM describing Conservatives, TP and people who believe in the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration as EVIL !

                It is a Constant drumbeat everyday all day…..they are merely being selective about the term Evil, and have started a Social Hate campaign not unlike what the Eastern Europeans did to the Jews……Focus their Hate on one group and try and isolate them. What the Liberal Press, Media, Schools, Politicians have done is exactly the same IMO.

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