Secession Fever…

…is not just raging in the US – the EU is at a crossroads, Scotland wants free of the Treaty of Union and Catalonia looks to break from Spain:

Something is missing at the top of the flagpole which stands outside the town hall in Arenys de Munt. Despite a law requiring it, the red and yellow of la Rojigualda – Spain’s national ensign – is nowhere to be seen. Something else is missing inside the building itself. On the walls of Josep Manuel Ximenis’ office a blank space marks the spot where a portrait of King Juan Carlos would normally hang.

But both these absences are a badge of honour for Mayor Ximenis.

Instead he proudly displays a certificate declaring his town to be a “free and sovereign territory of Catalonia”, independent of the Bourbon crown and the symbols of the Spanish state.

It may not be legally binding or even recognised outside of the municipal limits but it represents the strength of the desire for nationhood that is growing across Catalonia and has set the wealthy region on a collision course with Madrid this weekend.

Three years ago last September, Arenys de Munt, a picturesque town of 8,500 residents 45 kms north of Barcelona, held an informal referendum on whether Catalonia should secede from Spain. Forty-one per cent of residents turned out to vote and an overwhelming 96 per cent of them said ‘Yes’.

The reasons?

Cultural, religious and economic differences.


So when US secessionists are claimed by the “elite” to be a bunch of nutters, perhaps they should look around.

16 thoughts on “Secession Fever…

  1. I think that a state such as ours would be torn asunder by secession, the Panhandle being the red half of Florida. But our legislature is composed of idiots, they might just go for it.

    • I liked FL’s idea of dividing FL at the whatchmacallit thingy that didn’t get built because of environmentalists. This is going to drive me crazy. It’s that waterway that FDR tried to have built from the Atlantic to the Gulf in FL.

      There was a fella named Mike (I think) on a different post who offered up a neat solution for voting. From what I recall, his idea was to let every county just have one vote. It seems to me this would balance the EC and the whole urban/vs. rural issue.

  2. Liberty on the rise, even in Marxist Spain?

    Wow, maybe, the victim’s of Marxist lies are poking their heads up above the walls of lies to seek truth.

  3. It’s kind of funny to me that this President has repeatedly sown the seeds of divisiveness and now his party is upset because this crop is bearing some fruit. Personally, I’d rather have half a free country than save the union and take the whole country Marxist. If that makes me a nutter, so be it.

  4. The Former Soviet Union split into constituent Countries and they are all doing fine!

    We shouldn’t be afraid of a similar event here…….since Obama and his Marxists aren’t doing what the Constitution says any way, in any way…… as one example, they are gutting the military so as to make the US LESS safe.

    Time to re-evaluate whether one group can Just come and Vote in Marxism for everyone else. And just change the Social Contract that people had agreed to for 223 years……..can just come in and “Vote” away half the country’s rights.

  5. damn i sure missed reading your blog!!! so glad i’m up and running again. keep on writing the good news. you inspire me and give me hope in the knowledge that i am NOT alone.

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