Hamas, Yes We’re Terrorists But….

The “great” Egyptian President Morsi has just finished brokering his “cease-fire” between the terrorist group Hamas and the Israelis and then he assumes the role as a modern Pharaoh.  Good stuff right… I mean you can’t make this stuff up and sell it to Hollywierd producers. 

Ghazi Hamad - Hamas Deputy Foreign Minister

But guess what… Hamas is going to have it’s recently destroyed “infrastructure” rebuilt and we just might be paying to have it done.  Because the “International” community will step up and help rebuild the Gaza Strip.  This is according to the terrorist group’s deputy foreign minister.

Which begs the question….how does a terrorist group have a deputy foreign minister or even a foreign minister for that matter?  But that’s a question for another day.

Today, the terrorists are basking in the glory of a perceived victory over the Israelis  and are planning on a bigger influence towards all the terrorist groups in a quest for regional domination.  Hooray for terrorism!

There’s more at the Dryer Report.  Check it out.

7 thoughts on “Hamas, Yes We’re Terrorists But….

  1. Well, if he’s a modern Pharaoh, he’ll want to keep the pyramids, right? Daddy, do you recall our conversation on Egypt? I just read a comment by B. which alluded that Hamas has a reason for holding back on Israel. I suppose what I’m wondering is if the U.S. is backing Egyt, and in turn, Egypt is backing Hamas, why would they agree to a truce?

    • Kells,

      I know just enough about the Mideastern mind to know I cannot understand how it works. HOWEVER, I heave learned they often say one thing, do another and actually want a third — or even a fourth. I think, scripturally, it goes back to God’s curse of Ishmael:

      Genesis 16:12

      New American Standard Bible (NASB)

      12 “He will be a wild donkey of a man,
      His hand will be against everyone,
      And everyone’s hand will be against him;
      And he will [a]live [b]to the east of all his brothers.”

      Remember, even the Arabs admit that Ishmael is the ancestor of the Arab people 😉

  2. “if the U.S. is backing Egyt, and in turn, Egypt is backing Hamas, why would they agree to a truce?”

    The US, including Obama, still officially backs Israel, although where Obama actually stands with Israel, well, I’ll let B fill in that one. For the time being, Morsi has to play nice, because he does not want to upset Obama. Actually I don’t think ganging up on Israel would upset Obama too much; Obama just does not want to upset Americans; for political reasons he likes to introduce chaos in small doses. Hamas will use the time and foreign aid to build up for another offensive (that is how they define peace).

    Next up: Syria. My take is Obama and Putin had a little falling out, so I expect Obama to be cautious with Syria, although the Syrian civil war is spilling into several neighboring countries, so if nothing else the US will be involved in containment, particularly with Turkey; watch for Jordan to get thrown under the bus.

    Iran: If he is going to keep his word, Obama is going to have to be tough with Iran, possibly even assist Israel in bombing nuclear facilities, if Iran does not follow the rules, whatever the rules are. My guess is Obama will put this off as long as possible, although by March 2013 this is going to be big news. Again, Russia is not going to like it.

    Iraq and Afghanistan? Ignore them and hope they go away.

    My general take is, Obama has established chaos in Libya and fundamentalist dictatorship in Egypt, what else is there for him to screw up? Knowing he has already unleashed a mixture of volatile elements, he will to do what he can to keep the peace and play the diplomat; he must know this is going to come to a head one way or another, unless he truly is as magical as he and his followers believe. He will try to keep things calm through the rest of his term, although there are too many variables to say what will happen. Of course, if anything happens, the media will shield him from all responsibility. The worse the situation, the more he will be adored, and the more nay-sayers like us will be ridiculed for saying, ‘I told you so.’

    Any questions? How did I do?

    • Interesting, J. There’s a side to me that thinks this is a part of a puzzle in that perhaps he is Muslim…..only, I don’t believe he is Muslim. I believe him to be Atheist. While he has shown no love for Israel, he has defied congress with regard to Muslim countries. As far as Putin; that’s what I can’t figure. Putin’s no angel yet he’s no dummy. I watched his speech, and I don’t know what is up his sleeve. But I believe something is…….

      I suppose what you’ve got is essentially a number of worldwide Ozymandias as leaders. Personally, I think Mary Shelley’s creation is more apropos; you’ve got a number of worldwide Frankensteins as leaders.

  3. Fascinating, K.

    “only, I don’t believe he is Muslim. I believe him to be Atheist.”
    Personally, I think Obama is a chameleon.

    “he has defied congress with regard to Muslim countries.”
    What do you mean?

    “As far as Putin; that’s what I can’t figure. Putin’s no angel yet he’s no dummy. I watched his speech, and I don’t know what is up his sleeve. But I believe something is…….”
    Hmm. Hmmmmm. Hmmm.

    “worldwide Frankensteins as leaders”
    It’s alive! Err…what is it?

  4. “I just can’t believe that Michael Jackson’s song didn’t help you see the light.”
    When he looks at the man in the mirror, I think he sees what he wants to see. This we have in common.

    “I was thinking on Libya.”
    Kucinich wanted to impeach Obama for that. I wonder if he is still down.

    “Путин? Я не могу знать его ум.”
    I surrender.

    “or a voice teacher”
    And what a lovely voice. Too bad he couldn’t find a comparable piano accompaniment.

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