In the “Spirit” of Fun

Call me a sadistic SOB, but I ran across this on the web and laughed my ass off.  A little over 6 minutes, but if you’re a practical joker. . . . . From the Brazilian television show, Programa Silvia Santos

Need a Lift?

Sometimes you just need something to lift your spirits.  Need something to remind us that we’re all in this would together.  That kindness, respect and love are still out there for all to see. Enjoy.

Asymmetrical Intellectual Warfare

As we wander through the landscape of the post-election dystopia searching for answers to our Republican defeat, it seems that there aren’t enough fingers to point. Romney this, Ryan that, liberal/conservative, in a bubble, outside the beltway, need a big tent, too moderate, too conservative, ORCA failed, Obama promised free stuff, Hispanics, blacks, Asians, cities, counties and…

Ozymandias and The Religion of Statolatry

I have a post coming on statolatry but I ran across this in my research last night and given augger’s Jamie Foxx post, it seemed timely to promote it. I wanted to write something similar but when I tried I kept saying exactly the same thing in far less elegant and efficient prose. One can’t improve upon perfection. May…

The Great Twinkie Famine of 2012: There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See

Don’t you know that the Twinkie died because of bad management, not union intransigence? Michael Hiltzik writes in the LA Times: Let’s get a few things clear. Hostess didn’t fail for any of the reasons you’ve been fed. It didn’t fail because Americans demanded more healthful food than its Twinkies and Ho-Hos snack cakes. It…