Donks, Asshats and the Loss of Reason

A simple question: How is it that the people who believe we can tax the rich to solve our greed do not understand the obvious lesson in this story?

Two-thirds of millionaires left Britain to avoid 50p tax rate

The ultimate outcome is simple:If we keep taxing him to the point of death, Atlas will shrug. Really, how hard does the Left think it would be for the world’s wealthy to buy a nation and create their own Galt’s Gulch?

8 thoughts on “Donks, Asshats and the Loss of Reason

    • Utah,

      I know. I also know that history and human nature both tell us we will not recognize or accept this truth until AFTER we destroy ourselves. The problem is, this time, we are globalizing our stupidity and, unfortunately:

      Global stupidity == global catastrophe

  1. We’re not living Paul Krugman’s post-WW2 world anymore… where most of the world was devastated by a decade of war, and the uber-wealthy had few first-world nations to inhabit.

    These days, wealth can go anywhere… despite the US govt’s attempts to build an economic Berlin Wall around the country. There’s no way to keep the truly wealthy from fleeing.

    These Socialists and Collectivists never learn.

  2. Ha. Ha. You said asshat…

    @drugstheasshat will be along any minute to call you a bigotracistislamophobe – although after that little light spankin’ I administered to him, he got scarce in a hurry.

  3. Taxing the crap out of everyone certainly hasn’t helped CA. From 2000-2010 over 2 million people left CA, 25% of them went to TX. Currently, 2000 people leave CA every week. Sometime next year my husband & I will join the exodus.

  4. I hope the south secedes, and there is a civil war. That way, President Obama could lead the union and take over the south and reconstruct it to his liberal paradise where there is a planned parenthood and a mosque in every corner.

    • To all of you from the old News Herald forum:

      Remember when Haq tried to tell us he was “Christian” (just like Obama does)?

      Well, there you go: a mosque on every corner??? From a CHRISTIAN! Seriously, folks, start taking these people seriously and stop giving them the benefit of the doubt. They mean to destroy America as it was founded.

      BTW: Haq, the “utopian ideal” will be slayed by those pious Muslims who actually believe and follow the teachings of their faith. The two ideologies are diametrically opposed to each other and cannot co-exist. Which goes to illustrate how poorly educated you are.

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