When the “Adults” Can’t Stay Focused…

I have a question for ALL of you — especially those of us who regularly comment on the RNL:

If WE — the supposed “adults” of the world — cannot stay on topic when discussing a post/issue, then how — or better yet — WHY would we ever expect the reason-challenged members of the Dewey-indoctrinated Left to stay with us long enough to teach them why they are wrong — let alone come to a general compromise that actually solves our problems?

No, I don’t see how we’re ever going to resolve anything if we can’t stay focused for — oooo, shinny 🙂

Oh!  I’m sorry, where was I?  Yes, staying on topic.  So, as I was saying, if we, the “adults” can’t stay on topic long enough to actually educate and resolve a problem, how will we ever — SQUIRREL!


[Do you think it is possible there really is a connection between all the TV we watch and the set-in-stone broadcasting rule that no scene should last longer that 17 sec—]

23 thoughts on “When the “Adults” Can’t Stay Focused…

  1. Look, I just put up two pretty complicated and very serious posts on the national debt, inflation and Bastiat. Cut me a little slac…what was I saying?

  2. Well, I was going to comment on this, but I forgot what you were on about. Hold on while I scroll….. Oh, we are to stay on topic! And that would be shiny squirrels, then? Well, they’re awfully cute, but they do tend to steal the bird food, so they’re very naughty, as well! See? I can stay on topic.

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