Second Verse, Same As The First

Drudge had this story titled right:

Tax Now: Cut Later

And we all go:

[Note to those who do not get it: the girls = tax and spenders; cops = the fiscally responsible. Neither have anything to do with Party affiliation or even ideology.]

5 thoughts on “Second Verse, Same As The First

  1. It would be as shocking as finding roses growing on Mars, were the Repub’s to find a spine and refuse to go along with the Demo’s Marxist agenda, so I don’t see it happening. Whatever bad happens will be, is, has been, and will always be “blamed” on Repub’s and not the radical Demo’s. This is the world we live in. BO stinking up the country as we’re forced to watch our demise.

  2. Is Boehner the most stupid man, or a true wolf in sheep’s clothing?

    Either way his historical legacy (and the Republican party) will be ruined for eternity.

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