The Rise Of Leviathan And The 50 Year Insurgency

As the Obama supporters routinely take pleasure in telling us, we lost. As I survey the political landscape, I’m afraid that the election of 2012 signals that we lost more than just an election, we have lost the cultural battle that has been raging in America for the past 50 years.

Politics follow culture. The political will of an electorate is only the representation of the will of the dominant culture of the period – and that is what the left in America has understood during their long march through the institutions of our country (via Dutschke, Gramsci and the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism). While conservatives were fighting tactical skirmishes, the left was playing the long game, patiently waiting for the time when the culture that they were creating overwhelmed the political world.

Stepping back to look at the reasons that Obama and the Democrats won at the national level, it is hard to really determine why, to pinpoint one single reason or theme. Their message was weak (not that we did a hell of a lot better), we have had four years of disastrous economic results and we are at the point of bankrupting the nation with all the misguided spending and government expansion. Regardless if you believe that Bush caused all of this, and for the record, in my opinion the second Bush term was almost indistinguishable from Obama’s first, rational people elect presidents and national level politicians to do one of two things – to continue policies that are working or to fix those that are broken.

Obama has clearly failed at the latter but he was re-elected anyway.

The only thing that he could run on was a logical fallacy called an argument from authority (and its variant, argument from false authority). This is simply making the claim that the speaker is an expert, and so should be trusted, but since there are actually degrees and areas of expertise, the speaker is actually claiming to be more expert, in the relevant subject area, than anyone else in the room. There is also an implied claim that expertise in the area is worth having. Democrats routinely make this argument when they dismiss out of hand anything that doesn’t align with their ideology as crazy, stupid or worthless. It is also evident when they just say things like “Solyndra isn’t a scandal” or “Benghazi isn’t important” and they don’t give factual reasons to support their position.

The typical defense of an argument from authority is deflection, refusing to talk about a scandal because I say that it isn’t one, dismissing something out of hand because I think it isn’t important or refusing to address failures by falsely invoking a non sequitur, the most used one of these is a charge of racism – thereby making your argument illegitimate for no other reason than I’m the expert, so I get to make those determinations.

It strikes me as this is the one thing that Republicans lightly attacked and when they did, they were ineffective because they weren’t aggressive or adamant enough. Arguments from authority can be defeated in only one way; the presumption of authority has to be proven illegitimate and the way that is done is to aggressively force these arguments to a conclusion and in reaching that conclusion prove that the authority isn’t really an authority at all.

But in the end the argument from authority did work and Obama did get re-elected. I’ll be the first one to admit that I was stunned…dumbfounded. That one puzzled me to no end until I considered the cultural angle.

It worked because we have cultivated a culture that is comfortable with the “beta” approach to authority. When people are not strong enough in their core values to question authority on an individual level, they assume authority where there is none. For decades we have lived in a society that has taught our children that no matter what they do, everybody gets to play, everybody gets a trophy and everybody goes to college. We have created segments of society who are advanced by the color of their skin over performance and supported racism as long as the purveyor is a minority. We have been forced to accept certain cultural aspects that we have convictions against and are told that we are bigots and discriminatory if we believe in American exceptionalism.

We now have a bland, nobody is better than anybody else, don’t stand out culture that expects to present themselves to American society at large and say, “Here I am, I did what you told me, now do something with me”, thereby abdicating any personal responsibility for their own futures, waiting for an “sovereign” to direct them where to go and what to do. This sovereign is now supposed to be responsible for them and their futures as they have had the individualism conditioned out of them.

We have created the Leviathan as foreseen by Thomas Hobbes.

This is a society free of objectivity, and one that is ripe for a “sovereign” to be respected and followed simply because these folks are looking for an “authority” to guide them and tell them what to do, they are the modern Hobbesians…and there are a lot of them.

When we look at the last Gallup poll on party affiliation, there is something that jumps out. When people were asked if they identified themselves as Republicans, Independents or Democrats, the numbers looked like this: R-27, I-38, D-32 but when they were asked which way they “leaned”, the numbers changed dramatically to: R-39, D-50, which means that there really were really only 11% (not 38%) who were true Independents. Obama could lose over 90% of the actual “Independents” and still win a narrow election, which he did, getting almost 7 million fewer votes than he did in 2008 while Romney actually improved by 500K over McCain’s 2008 total.

It means that the “Independent” vote is not the panacea for Republican victory because the coalition of Democrats and Democrat “leaning” Independents is already too large to overcome at a national level – and they are concentrated in key counties in key, high value “swing states”. There seems to be a large percentage of Americans who either voted to continue the path to a “sovereign” rather than self-rule. It must also be noted that there are a significant number of people who didn’t vote, indicating that there are even more in the country comfortable with authoritarian rule.

Given that we have had “soft” Republicans in the fold at one time or the other like Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Scott Brown, and Lincoln Chaffee – and in non-military matters, McCain and Lindsey Graham, it is clear that classical liberals are substantially in the minority as the “Hobbesians” are on the rise. I would wager to say that we are well in the minority as these “Hobbesians” likely make up two thirds of not only the electorate but the non-voting population as well.

That is a result of culture. Leviathan is rising.

If this proves true, it will take at least as long to swing the culture in a different direction – which means we are in for about 50 years of insurgency as we push the country away from Hobbes and back toward Locke, the Founding Fathers and classical liberalism.

22 thoughts on “The Rise Of Leviathan And The 50 Year Insurgency

  1. Utah,

    I agree: great piece, but one question. When has this:

    We have created the Leviathan as foreseen by Thomas Hobbes.

    This is a society free of objectivity, and one that is ripe for a “sovereign” to be respected and followed simply because these folks are looking for an “authority” to guide them and tell them what to do, they are the modern Hobbesians…and there are a lot of them.

    Ever been overcome this way?

    If this proves true, it will take at least as long to swing the culture in a different direction – which means we are in for about 50 years of insurgency as we push the country away from Hobbes and back toward Locke, the Founding Fathers and classical liberalism.

    As I know you are aware, the Leviathan is despotism and tyranny, and despotism and tyranny NEVER give up without a fight. So how do you propose we take back something to which we haven’t even access tot eh controls? As soon as they finally seize the internet and re-institute the “fairness” doctrine, we won’t even have talk radio or the blogosphere available to us.

    Maybe you are correct, but I’ve been looking to history and the only choice I see to preserve man’s liberty — or what’s left of it — is to take action in a bit more immediate and assertive manner. I STILL say we’d better start pushing for secession while there is still a window of opportunity because — if I am reading the tea leaves correctly — that window is closing fast.

    • B. sorry bud, but I have been steadily doing my part the help slam that window shut for some time. How? Easy. Removing my money from the market, stashing it all away for a rainy day. 🙂

      • Augger,

        I have no problem with slamming the window shut. Remember, I’m the one who shut down my little business. Now, mind you, I need to eat again, so I am starting it back up, but under a bit different business model. So long as the internet is still available to me and my raw materials stay “reasonably” affordable, I can sell enough to pay my bills — but no more. I will NEVER AGAIN hire another employee and pay all the taxes the Donks don’t even know exist. I’m sure you can relate, and will agree that — in my own way — I am helping you to close that window while keeping my own fingers out of the way 😉

    • @joe: In my heart of hearts, I know you are right – but look at how few of us there are supporting secession…the only reason that I’m pimping federalism is that I don’t believe secession will be able to achieve critical mass.

      • Utah,

        I understand: you are looking for what we “might” be able to do as opposed to what is needed. I am even sympathetic to that line of reasoning. But, honestly, I don’t think we have the numbers we need to do either — not anymore. And, even if we do, we will soon lose any hope of coordinating ourselves enough to be effective. They WILL find a way to shut down our ability to communicate. Remember that clip by Mark Llyod?

  2. “I’ve about reached the conclusion that we should give Obama everything he wants in order to crash the system as soon a possible. I’m afraid that unless the public at large feels real pain, we are in for a long slog.”

    I agree completely. I’m willing to give them every “tax the rich” notion they have been hyperventilating for. And if everyone else in my fiscal peer group would go along, the country would be funded for about a week. Then what?

    1. Even if the Republicans cede the taxation Commissar Obama and his Free Sh*t Army wants, they will never agree if any spending cuts are included in the deal. So who is really the obstructionist?

    2. Even if they agree to spending cuts, it will not matter. Atlas can’t fund the nation for more than a week anyway, so as I stated above, what with the Commissar and the Free Sh*t Army do after that … blame Bush?

    The answer is, give the shitty diapered crying babies the lolly pop that they are so jealous someone else is licking on, and let them enjoy it for 8 days. Then, when all hell breaks loose, we can just “shrug”, and sit on our hands, or even better … join them in the ranks of the “entitled” and add even more strain on an already crippled system … until the “Republik of Obamasitan” crumbles, and falls in to protest and chaos.

    Then, we can say “We tried to tell you.”

  3. Maybe it’s because I’m in CA, but I think the Dems won because the country has become flooded with illegals bought and paid for by the Dem party. Officials in Mexico give out maps to their citizens of how to get to the US. When the illegals get here we give them Free food, housing, medical care. Our schools teach in Spanish and our companies speak Spanish to them and the Dems tell illegals constantly that all the largess comes from their friends in the Democratic Party. Who do you think they’re going to vote for? More insidiously, the Dems encourage La Raza, Reconquista and the idea that the bad, racist whites have stolen their land and their opportunity. If only those bad whites were not here Mexico would have been much richer and you would be richer too. The Dems are excellent at sewing the seeds of divisiveness.

    • PoliTecs,

      Do we have an example in history of a socialist collapse that was actually replaced with a Classic Liberal/Free Market system WITHOUT some form of open conflict (not necessarily armed conflict, but conflict of force none the less)?

      • We have a Untied States to show that every time we swing wildly Left we swing back. I say we allow the swing, get the hell out of the way and let this thing cause the poor to start feeling what it is like to be dependent on other people money AFTER that money drys up!

        The problem we have had is that when it does swing back our direction, we have not had the people in our party willing to be revolutionary like the left ALWAYS is. I say this all changes this time and for two reasons… TEA and PARTY.

        I belong to that party and I am hearing one resonating single mantra… WE ARE DONE WITH THIS PARTY!

        We are going to take this thing back one Governor at a time and one Congressman at a time. And when this thing tanks we will be ready this time to talk and act like Ronald Reagan – “this is my country, I paid for this!” (a play on “this is my mic…”)

        • PoliTec,

          With respect, that assumes the U.S. is exempt from human nature. There ALWAYS reaches a point where the pendulum is seized. I do not think you are going to see it swing back — not this time. Critical mass for the Left has been reached. They will NOT give it up now without being FORCED — and when they have proven to themselves they can steal a national election, you are not going to force anything through the ballot bow.

          • But you again gave the solution… “forced”. Its going to get pretty damn ugly, sure, but that is what it will take. And in the end, economic forces will dictate the swing.

            I think too many people compare the US with all other countries, Marxist, Socialist, etc. no matter how close we get to those models we will never BE those models purely. You have to wipe out the Bill of Rights and Constitution and we are far from that. Signs of damaged yes, replaced not even close.

            Again, we have an extremely active citizenry – left or right – that changes based on the economics and we can gain that in our favor by STOP BEING MODERATES. Be genuine Conservatives like the left are genuine Socialists and WE WIN. That was beyond missing this election. Romney was more of a Moderate than McCain! As much as I dislike McCain, he NEVER proposed McCainCare ANYWHERE. He opposed both HillaryCare and ObamaCare. Where was Romney? He was talking about “repeal… AND REPLACE”. BULLSHIT. That is NOT what we wanted so he didn’t get hired.

            Election have been fraudulent for ever. Our votes are not to be worried about, its the electoral college we need to monitor and take back and we can by taking more states back. 2 more years 🙂

  4. I have helped people who are at their “end”. It wasn’t until they reached “their end” that they were ready to open their eyes and view the world in an open and new way, accept responsibility for their own choices, and take the difficult journey one painful step at a time.

    When no one has anything left to lose, then things will change.

    (Again, the Tea Party, gives me hope. A gathering of INDIVIDUALS, who have chosen to SEEK out TRUTH on their own, study AMERICA’s history for themselves, and reach the SAME CONCLUSIONS about what is JUST and TRUE. Until now, I have been “all alone in the crowd of indoctrinated zombies.”)

    I am saddened for the devastation and loss that is coming…. when those who are able to help, no longer have the resources to help, those in need of help will suffer the consequences of the STATISTS’ policies.

    As the Statist’s policies FAIL, their lies will become ever more numerous and ridiculous.
    Many of their followers, removed from reality will continue “preaching their faith” becoming ever more strident and loud.

    Some of the Statist’s followers, (I have personally experienced), will understand things are not as portrayed, are lies, and become converts to INDIVIDUALISM and LIBERTY.

    Many victims of indoctrination and lies, will journey on, comfortable in their sea of lies and disinformation, happy to believe they victimized by some unknown “them”. Meanwhile they will be consumed by their own chosen ignorance, unknowing indoctrination, and yes, even stupidity. (They will become ravenous wolves.)

    We will be forced to take whatever steps are necessary to protect our families and friends from the wolves.

    • Exactly! But, as I said, we need to people in place to take FULL ADVANTAGE of this :cliff”. Offer the correct bennies like personal freedom, a helping hand AT THE LOCAL LEVEL (by you and I) and in the process a POLITE education of how and why our founding comes from God – not some fallible man.

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