AMERICANISM attacked with purposeful MISUSE of terms

It’s time for a little learning on the historically accurate terms of the different forms of government.

Today’s “understanding” of the terms “liberal” and “conservative” aren’t really understood at all.

Watch, listen, learn !

8 thoughts on “AMERICANISM attacked with purposeful MISUSE of terms

  1. Very good! But, very confusing to others if we start using the term “Constitutional Moderate”. I take issue in many respects with the term “Constitutional Moderate” because judging by today’s political jargon, it sound as if a Constitutional Moderate favors a watered down version of the constitution, although by dictionary definitions the 2 terms may be very accurate. The problem is use of the 2 words together. That part of the video doesn’t feel like the right association for today, and although it may be designed to garner votes from the Left, it might also backfire by alienating the Right, since moderates are considered by many to be too Liberal – RINOS and NeoCons. I am reminded of the frequent jab at Libertarians, “You are too Liberal.” I would hate to do anything to encourage that image.

  2. Texas,

    Have you already forgotten all the work I’ve done to try and explain how, when, and why our language was corrupted and by whom? Ouy! I suddenly have a headache from beating it against the proverbial wall. 😦

    • Joe, of course not !

      But everyone is throwing around conservative and liberal terms today. So I posted this for the “new” readers.

      • Texas,

        If they do not know what the terms mean, or understand the history behind them, then they are the blind leading the blind. And when you try to provide them with a light, they snap at you. I’m having a very difficult time caring anymore. In PRINCIPLE, they are little different from the Left and — honestly — I’m tired of getting bit for sharing what I’ve taken my precious time to read and learn for them.

        Lemmings: cliff ➡

        • Joe,
          It was not that long ago that I was ignorant. I knew Jefferson, the founders, the deblaration of Independence & the Constitution, but not where all this came from. I knew the opposition were Marxists, but not the depth and scope of their stealth cultural war. “we” need to figure out a way to provide an easy to use guide for motivated new readers to be able to easily find the pertinent posts on the history of the “mess” we are in.

          Maybe a flow chart with a “drop down menu”. . .

            • It was a BITTER pill for me to swallow when I realized with your help the Republicans are equally at fault for the mess we are in.

              These folks are just now learning everything is not as they thought. They are just beginning their journey of learning. Weve been doing this for years.

              Hell, when Judge Napolitano said it, I couldn’t believe my ears.

              We have to figure out a way to educate our allies, so they can in turn educate their allies. Etc.

              The journey is just now beginning.

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