The Amish Mafia

Hey – this is no joke. We have detailed the exploits of these beard shaving marauders here but this makes our facial hair killers look like a  bunch of sugar-high Lutherans at an ice cream social:

Within the rolling hills of rural Pennsylvania, sects of Amish live out a seemingly modest existence, caring for their families and living lives of deep religious significance.

But beneath the veil of their seemingly idyllic lifestyle lies something much more sinister – an Amish mafia, which serves as vigilante justice for the community and exposes infidelity, blackmail, and extortion plots.

The provocative information has been revealed by Discovery Channel’s upcoming reality show, ‘Amish Mafia,’ which focuses around the organization’s leader and his three henchmen.

In one scene from the pilot episode, two ‘mafia’ members stake out a prominent Amish bishop who was asking a taxi driver to take him to see a prostitute.

The two men barge in on the bishop, camera in hand, to get photographic evidence of the bishop’s sin. They then kindly let the woman cover up before letting her go on her way.

While an Amish woman explains the conservative traditions of the lifestyle – long dresses, muted colors, no being photographed, no complicated machinery – a man loads a machine gun.

This is the world of Lebanon Levi, a Mennonite who was never baptized, and therefore never a member of the church. Because of this, Levi is able to live in both communities, living amongst his people but also seeing that his idea of justice is served.

The Amish. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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