Jefferson Lies

Many of you may have figured I am an attorney.  Ashamedly, I am. (update & explanation- I’m not ashamed of being an attorney, I’m ashamed of my profession because so many attorneys violated their oaths to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.  I have watched Attorneys make arguments they had no basis for, or belief in, and later explain their actions away.)

20 years ago, I was lucky to have had an attorney/legislator/judge/professor and, my mentor,  school me in “the law”, and morality.  I am currently looking at a 100 year old picture of my “great grandfather” and the home he built for his family, and his future generations, including me.

During my time in law school and “law review”, I read the writings of Thomas Jefferson. . . and other founders, of this “blessed nation”.

Through their writings, I literally “fell in love with” Thomas Jefferson, America’s founders, and their dreams of “every (person) is created equal”.

Now, there is controversy surrounding this book, but I ask you to pour your favorite beverage and watch this interview of David Barton, before the “supposed” or “created” controversy arose.

Sincerely, texas

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