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Conservatism is NOT dead. However, our party can’t continue in this current state if we want to be the majority party in 2016 and beyond. Divided we stand and divided we fall if we don’t reconcile our differences in the Republican Party.

Whether you consider yourself a member of the Tea Party, a libertarian or a social conservative, there are going to be varying degrees of disparities among us. There are plenty of Democrats who didn’t like Obama because he was either “too moderate” on issues such as the environment and foreign policy or because he was “too radical” on social issues such as gay marriage.


They were all able to unite behind him in time for the election. Why couldn’t the Republicans do this? Answer: because we were more focused on tearing the other fraction of the party apart rather than rallying behind our presidential nominee.

If “no one…

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  1. Glad you’ve enjoyed Right Message so far. We are sort of carving out our own corner of the internet. I have a blog similar to yours on top of my work with RM. You can find that here: MidLevelPol.blogspot.com. Thanks Utah!

  2. Just to add to the on going problems. I think the republican party has several problems. One they are not strong and do not relay a strong message at all. They are always caving into the liberals threats and that sends a terrible message to everyone. We need strong leadership. I posted an aritcle asking if anyone is reading the Constitution and I said NO. The republican party must remain strong and listen to the people. Romney did not attack, but with liberals you must you must show leadership and attack with integrity and pride. something Romney never did. Him standing back and just letting Obama get away with lie after lie was dreadful. So many were fighting for him and repeating his message but no one beleived in him or his message. The main problem either way Romney or Obama the result would be the same because the republian party is weak. Leaders with integrity, pride in country, morals, ethics, backbone is what is needed. But now the entire party is ready to cave on taxes instead of telling Obama go off the damn cliff. It’s your economy go do it.

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