I don’t like being pessimistic. I really don’t. But folks, elections have consequences, and November 6th dealt a great blow to this country. We lost in a big way. Badly. And it hurt.

A lot of us have given up. A lot of us believe the country is lost. And it may very well be.

But we can’t stop fighting. We can’t just throw in the towel and admit defeat. It’s time to get back to work.

Why did we lose on November 6th?

We’re afraid to fight on social issues.

I know there is disagreement, even among the contributors to Right Message, about social issues. But one of the big problems the Republican Party faced last cycle was the refusal to even stand its ground on social issues. Democrats characterized Republicans as racists, sexists, and homophobes, and because the Republicans failed to fight back, choosing instead to pivot to…

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  1. Which strategy to take? That’s the million-dollar question. Well, I guess these days it would be the dollar question.

    From my own discussions with progressives, what comes across is the need for govt. to have control. The spirit of the individual is dying because it is neither taught in schools nor home. Factor in the fact that so many folks do not attend church (and by no means am I saying that makes someone moral) to get that gentle nudge.

    So then, by bringing social issues into the equation, Reps. have created a Catch 22. Or have they? As the author points out, our arguments must be stronger, full of conviction, and dummied down (not to be mean; that’s just the way I view it.)

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