Must Be The Rabid “Gun Culture” In The UK Or Maybe It’s The Rope Epidemic In Cleveland

Since all handguns are outlawed (a decorated SAS sniper was just released from prison after being convicted of possession of an illegal handgun – that was a gift to him at the end of his service) and “long guns” (shotguns and rifles) are strictly regulated, I doubt it. Yet this happened:

A Tory council leader shot his wife dead outside their bungalow and then turned the gun on himself, police fear.

Keith Johnson, 58, and his 44-year-old wife Andrea were discovered by police after neighbours called emergency services just before 3pm.

Police are not looking for any suspects in relation to the incident in the quiet Compit Hills housing estate in Roughton, near Cromer, Norfolk.

Nearby neighbour David Stow said he heard a single gunshot on Sunday. ‘At first I didn’t think anything of it,’ he said, ‘But then I saw the police arrive and realised it must be something serious.’

But maybe it is the rabid “rope culture” in the US that is the real problem:

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner confirms they were called out to the Cleveland Browns Training Facility located in Berea Saturday morning for a suspected suicide.

Berea police and the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner located the body of the 30-year-old groundskeeper, Eric Eucker, hanging in a Cleveland Browns storage shed.

Perhaps the US should outlaw rope as well.

4 thoughts on “Must Be The Rabid “Gun Culture” In The UK Or Maybe It’s The Rope Epidemic In Cleveland

  1. See, I TOLD you it’s the NFL. We need to outlaw football NOW! (Ah, and that would be BOTH types of football: we Americans have only recently started falling out of the stands and tearing down our stadiums when our teams looses — or even when it wins, for that matter 😉 )

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