No Place to Hide- Strategy of Terrorism

From the 1982 Documentary “No Place to Hide – Strategy of Terrorism”:

The Weather Underground discussed throughout video:  at 24:40 in the video (notice Bernardine Dohrn in the pictures)

“Weathermen” were trained and educated in Soviet Union

The Weather Underground: Following the robbery of a Brinks Armored Truck . . .

Officially describes itself . . .

Our goal is the destruction of US imperialism … and the achievement of world communism …


One thought on “No Place to Hide- Strategy of Terrorism

  1. OMG. Your refencing this piece of **** from the illustrious G Edward Griffin? The same wingnut who insisted they had found Noahs Ark in the mountains of Turkey? (going so far as to claim the radar images allowed him to count the boards of the ark?). Who insisted cancer was just a lack of dietary amygdalin? (both of which resoundingly proved false)

    Who has a long history of embracing conspiracy theories?

    And you want people to waste an hour of their lives on this trash?

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