Government: virtual surveillance of EVERY American

Utah noted here the Government became self aware.

Former NSA official, William Benny explains, the Government is AWARE of YOU.


EVERY AMERICAN BEING SPIED UPON  (The quotes below are from the interview in the youtube video linked below, please watch for yourself)

Every single e-mail every person in the United States has sent has been saved for at least the last 10 years. If you are targeted by the Government, the Government can retroactively analyze everything you’ve done over the last 10 years AT LEAST.  ALL THE DATA.


That’s why they are building “Bluffdale”.  All emails are being collected.

There is no filtering, they are storing it all.

If you are on the target list, you are on the list.

George W. Bush started this…  What Changes with Obama Administration?  It’s getting worse.  They are doing MORE. Collecting a lot more now.  They need alot more storage.

If you ever get on their enemies list … you will be surveilled …

This government doesn’t want things in the public… not a transparent government …

The central government defines what is right or wrong and whether or not they target you.

If an individual’s position is against what the administration has, you will become a target.

NSA is building social networks on who is communicating with who …  320 million records a day.

Original plan was to protect identities until probable cause was developed.  Not being done.

They are violating the foundation of this entire country. … Why this Government was formed.

The Constitution.

Executive Order 13526 section 1.7  Signed by Bush and Obama.

You cannot classify information to cover up a crime.  Which this is.

The Government is doing the best it can to keep this issue out of Court.

The (Supreme) Court is to suppose to protect the Constitution.

All of these people take an oath to protect the Constitution.  They are not living up to their oath of office.

10 thoughts on “Government: virtual surveillance of EVERY American

  1. Again- welcome to the party. Those crazyleftwingers at the EFF, EPIC, etc etc have only been talking about this, and filing lawsuits and FOIA requests for what, a decade? And before that Carnivore.And of course then there’s the long history of ECHELON. And the decades long agreement with canada toavoid the supposed prohibition of the US spying on it;s own citizens…you spy on our people, we’ll spy on yours. (an agreement supposedly ended after the patriot act ended it’s plausible necessity).

    My point? This has been going on since before I was born 40+ years ago- only the technology has changed. The intent, and the illegality remains the same. Well- not quite- because almost all of america was silent when the patriot act was rammed through. I think myself, ron paul, and some guy in north dakota were probably the only people that read the 7000+ pages…

    So…you’re on the right. CALL your damn congress critters. Because while these intrusions have bi-partisan support virtually the only opposition has been the evil socialist far left dems…and ron paul.

  2. @drugstheasshat:

    And yet you want the government to have more power to take stuff and give it to you – oh, I know, it is for the good of all. Same as “soak the rich” – tax not me, tax not thee, tax the man behind the tree.

    Spare me.

    Are you just immune to irony or have you never taken into evaluation what you just wrote as compared to what you think you define as your political ideology? You can’t give government the power to do one thing without expecting that to expand to things that you never imagined.

    You collectivists created this thing 150 years ago by arguing that the Constitution is a “living document” and means whatever you can convince a judge it means.

    I would propose that it is because rather than existing as a subset of “of the people, by the people, for the people,” as outlined in the Constitution and by Lincoln, the government has now become an independent, self-aware entity – just like SkyNet of the Terminator movie franchise.

    While there are some who posit that there are no differences in political parties, that both collude to reach the same goals only at different speeds, I do not subscribe to that line of thought. These folks, with some basis, believe that the differences are but illusions. I just can’t agree – I do see significant differences between parties and their positions. What I think is a more likely illusion is that any political party can control our version of SkyNet – SkyGov – the federal government.

    It is really simple – if the road sign says the speed limit is 70 and you decide to do 90, what is stopping you? Nothing – once you break that limit, where is the limit? 80, 90, 100, 120? The answer is that there is no limit until someone stops you. That is what the Constitution was designed to do but now that you misnamed “liberals” have decided to do whatever you want and you have hamstrung the authority of the Constitution, there is nothing to stop Leviathan from crushing all of us and grinding our bones, along with the bones of you asshats included.

    Like I said, you deserve every inch up your anal orifice that government gives you. I just wish I didn’t have to hear you squeal.

  3. Utah, we weren’t around for the founding of the illuminati, Sorry to disappoint you.

    Haven’t you ever heard that you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar? I know, some preach better than they practice, so it’s up to you to be the big man here.

    • G., you just reminded me of a youtube video I watched. I had never heard the singer Katy Perry sing, and when I searched to listen to her, it brought this whole list of singers that are supposed “members” of the illuminati. I don’t really think I have the correct grasp of what the illuminati really is. For instance, I always thought that the eye on the dollar bill represented the third eye.

      • There was a series of books based on the supposed existence of a vast conspiracy, the Illuminati, that controlled everything, or almost everything, by Robert Anton Wilson. I use the title as a metaphor for all conspiracy theories, most of which, as is the Illuminati, horse hockey.

        • Well, on the youtube, they made it seem as though the sybolism is Satanic. After the eye symbol, they went into numeric symbols. Were they (the Illuminati) an actual group like the Freemasons? People were comparing them to the Freemasons. I thought the Freemasons were like the Shriners. Gah! Have I been livin in a van down by the river too long?

          • If you are asking me, The illuminati is pure, unadulterated crap. What we see in the world is a confederacy of dunces.
            Are there conspiracies? Yes, but they cancel each other out.
            A conservative friend of mine has an axiom that he adheres to, follow the money. So who profits from war, anarchy, and chaos? Arms manufacturers. Who profits from disorganized citizenry that square off against one another? The people already in power.
            I was going to visit with you, but that van won’t stop rockin’

  4. This whole thing with surveillance is much, MUCH worse than many of us will ever realize. The goal is to be able to track EVERYTHING you do — BEFORE YOU DO IT!!!

    NOT “conspiracy.” Again, if you know where to look, they have flat-out said this is the goal. The brave among us will listen and accept them at their word. The lemmings… Well, they will mask their own cowardice by telling the brave they are conspiracy theorists and fear mongers.

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