Hey, Leftists, Here You Go: Time to “Get the 1%”

I have decided that the Republicans ARE our best hope (see, I’m listening to all of you who told me I am joining Obama by leaving the Republican Party).  So, just like Boehner has decided to do, I am “joining them.”  After all, “America has spoken,” and they said they want to “get even with them.”

So, here’s your chance, Lefties.  The closest thing we have to 1%ers on the RNL are Utah and Augger, so I am here to take what they have stolen from you and put them in jail (sorry Boss, Augger, but you know you guys stole everything you have).  So, consider me “officer Joe,” and I am here to take your complaint so we can start legal action.

OK, Mr/Ms Leftist,

Can you describe the wealth that these two accused have taken from you?  And where/when you originally acquired that wealth?  (We need to know that so we can establish that you actually owned this wealth before these evil 1%ers took it from you.  Don’t worry, it’s just a legal technicality).

So, when and where did you acquire the wealth that Utah and Augger stole from you? 

Mr/Ms Leftist, unless you want me to start filing a complaint on behalf of Utah and Agger against you for filing a false police report against them, I am going to need an answer.  When and where did you initially acquire the wealth that you claim Utah and Augger stole from you?

4 thoughts on “Hey, Leftists, Here You Go: Time to “Get the 1%”

  1. Having lived in Oakland, CA this is easy. US owes reparations to all descendants of slaves. Slaves built this country, while whites grew rich on their labors, same for Native Americans. If blacks/Indian tribes had not been enslaved by whites they would be where Mitt Romney is today.

    I actually had a minority woman in Oakland tell me I owed her reparations even though her Dad was rich and they lived in the Hamptons, while I was virtual orphan on my own from age of 16. My skin is white so I must have harmed some minority and if I didn’t my ancestors did.

    Had several folks tell me That since my first ancestor came in 1628 they had owned slaves. Imagine my surprise when I did some research and found the ancestors were famous abolitionists!

    For these folks absolutely everything is determined by race. Everything.

    • Trappedinca,

      If you REALLY want to spool them up, tell them NO, you owe whites! Then, when they start to spit and sputter, tell them that, had it NOT been for slavery, they would still be living in Africa and enjoying the same lifestyle as Obama’s brother — living in a “hut, sweet hut” and living off $1/day or less.

      Now, I do NOT mean for that to be taken the way the racist will think I do (you know, the REAL racists who, just as you point out, see EVERYTHING in terms of race). I simply meant to show how “liberal logic” can turn basketballs inside out without ever breaking their skin.

      They truly are asshat donks.

  2. I would love to be a fly on the wall while you advanced this theory to the people I know in Oakland. Most of CA really is a alternate universe.

    • Trappedinca,

      the difference is, I can actually make that argument where they CAN’T make theirs. They miss WAY too much of the economic realities of the Colonial South. NOT that I am excusing or defending it, but the old South did NOT generate the wealth many believe it did. Much as today, that perception depends on everyone focusing on the few large plantations and NOT seeing the masses of otherwise impoverished masses.

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