It Would Seem We Need a History Lesson on The Fabians



Or, for those who would rather not read:

Now, while the points may differ slightly, and some may — in their zeal — go a little farther than what suits your taste, notice how the central themes in ALL of these sources is in agreement: the Fabians, founders of the Communist and American Progressive movements, want to control the world — period!

7 thoughts on “It Would Seem We Need a History Lesson on The Fabians

  1. And so the question becomes how do we scare off the wolf when he’s just been invited to dinner? How do we tie the tentacles when we’ve voted for them to become more empowering? How do we turn the tortoise on its back when we’ve allowed it breathe fire?

  2. It will be hard to reverse this slide into Marxism/Socialism when most of the teachers in America are Marxist themselves, or affiliated with the Marxist/Socialist Movement through their unions.

    Maybe that also explains the decline of the American Education System. Teaching Doctrine always suppresses fact and reality and critical thinking.

    • Triper,

      LOL, oh, it certainly DOES explain the education system. John Dewey, Progressive and card-carrying COMMUNIST, is known as the “father of the modern American education system.” He openly stated the goal of public education was to take our children from their parents — as early as possible — and make them as unlike their parents as possible. He started kindergarten for this purpose, and Bill Ayres — who now does what Dewey started — had a hand in head start to snatch our kids even earlier. Dewey also said that learning was not the goal, but teaching people to accept their place in society was the goal.

      Dewey is also the man who said the teacher is the true prophet of the new “god.” As Dewey was a secular humanist, his “god” was mankind, itself. And he said this too.

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