Have you seen this story?

U.S.-Approved Arms for Libya Rebels Fell Into Jihadis’ Hands

This story gets one FACT wrong: it isn’t that these weapons “fell into” the hands of Al Qaeda, it’s that Obama KNEW AD WANTED them to get into the hands of Al Qaeda. How do we know this? Because Obama has known that Al Qaeda was linked to the Libyan Rebellion since March of 2011:

NATO: Signs of Qaeda presence in Libyan rebels

Intelligence on Libya rebels shows “flickers” of Qaeda

But the intelligence has gotten solid since these reports of “flickers:”

Al Qaeda in Libya: A Profile

Al-Qaeda Flag Flies Above the Libyan flag in Libya

This means Obama KNEW he was giving weapons to a declared enemy of the United States and THIS IS THE CONSTITUTIONAL DEFINITION OF TREASON!

But you ask why would Obama arm Al Qaeda? If you actually have to wonder about this, give yourself a Homer/Gibbs head slap. Haven’t you been paying attention? OBAMA IS SUPPORTING THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD! Al Qaeda is part of and working with/for the Muslim Brotherhood. Ergo, Benedict Obama is supporting Al Qaeda. What do you think Benghazi was really all about? Obama is gun-running to Al Qaeda and the Brotherhood.

Oh, and the reason you are only hearing about this from the “alternative” media? Give yourself another slap if you don’t understand that the Pravda West is working with Obama to help him achieve his agenda.

It is spelled T-R-E-A-S-O-N

And the “gonna save us all because they are ‘conservative'” Republicans are STILL sitting on their asses when it comes to filing Articles of Impeachment…


Are you ready to talk about secession yet?


  1. It’s like that sign that Augger posted: Obama, your bitch is our dictator. I understand why Obama supports the Brotherhood (at least I think I do.) I feel that he believes that religion will more ably facilitate a progressive agenda. What I don’t understand is why they attacked the US Consulate if it were being used to aid in their obtaining of weapons. Isn’t that self-defeating?

    • Kells,

      You need to understand that Islam is a divided religion.

      Also, if Obama thinks Islam will help with his Progressive agenda, he’s been smoking crack while on heroin and LSD laced with PCP all wrapped in a giant joint. There’s a good reason Islamic nations (i.e. those under Shari’a) are considered “backward” by any modern measure.

      No, I think — if you REALLY want to understand Obama’s “religious” view(s) — you need to research the growing sect of ‘Christianity’ that trying to blend Islam and Christianity. It’s totally PC and has Progressive origins, and it is very real. Remember, Rev Wright said he was able to “help” Obama acknowledge Christ without renouncing Islam. 😉

  2. Racistbigotislamophobe. That’s all I have to say about the subject…other than – damn, what a slow and uninteresting news week so far. Nothing but darkness, gloom and yes, DOOM!

    My head hurts to think about how much everything just sucks right now…

    Maybe I’m just depressed that I apparently ran @drugstheasshat off.

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