This Is Why I Weep For America

Here is the video made by the California teacher’s union and narrated by Ed Asner, an avowed commie – I watched the original but I can’t do it again without damaging my computer. I’ll post this one that carries with it a devastating critique by Lee Doren:

My God, is this what we have become? A nation so economically illiterate, so bitter, so envious that we are willing to fall for bullshit like this? This was made by teachers, for Christ’s sake- in a state that is about to have a 52% effective rate on top earners. Is it any wonder why the government schools are turning out brain dead members of the Communist Youth League?

This is so stupid and easily defeated, why aren’t national level figures standing up for freedom and fighting this garbage? Can you imagine a Washington, Jefferson or Adams keeping quiet for something like this? Where is the modern Paul Revere to warn the countryside that the Reds are coming?

8 thoughts on “This Is Why I Weep For America

  1. Yeah, I saw that nonsense a few days ago. Immediately made me think of that dope CCF. These are the people teaching our kids, right?

    We are screwed.

  2. Crime rates are dropping only because state governors (Governor Richardson in New Mexico) put pressure on police departments to change their crime reporting methods to disguise their high crime rates. Police departments prior to that time reported each crime committed at a particular crime scene separately. Now all crimes at a particular crime scene are only logged as one incidence. For instance a murder, rape, and robbery were logged as separated crimes, but now are logged as one. While crime rate is actually skyrocketing, crime statistics are going down. I was given this information by an insurance agent in the state of New Mexico who was complaining about the problem he has finding the thefts for insurance claims.

  3. This has been all over and Fox was discussing last night. It makes me sick to think this is the crap they are teaching children these days. Obama and every liberal have ruined this once great country. Between the brainwashing and the stealing from every American I am beside myself with what to do.

  4. Seems important to note it was created by union activists and not by teachers. That does not negate their [implicit] agreement with its content. The next step in their downfall is when they are compelled or encouraged to present it;

    • It was paid for by the teachers union dues and unless there is something I’m missing, the California Federation of Teachers works for the benefit of them.

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