Florida Debates Medical Exchange Setup

The week began with the Florida Legislature starting its new session in Tallahassee.  The newly appointed State Senate President Don Gaetz, from Niceville Florida, selected 11 Florida Senators to constitute the Select Committee on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare. Don Gaetz, Niceville Fl

The rest of the story can be found at The Dryer Report.

6 thoughts on “Florida Debates Medical Exchange Setup

  1. Senator Smith’s comments were completely uncalled for. Nobody in that meeting said ANYTHING about race but Senator Smith had to inject race into the “debate”. Why? To distract from the issue to rid Floridians of the burden that is OBAMACARE. Not to even mention the fact that his statement was false in its premise.

  2. I loved your analogy on Kris Anne Hall. She was indeed like a vampire slayer throwing Holy Water on a bunch of saucer-eyed vampires and letting the sunshine of reason shine some light on their dark ignorance of the constitution. Amazing how she kept being told to wrap it up. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m posting the link you gave of the entire meeting at your site. Hopefully, folks will pop over on the link above to your site and listen to the abbreviated clips of Ms. Hall and the cringe-worthy comments of Senator Smith.

  3. Been saying this for years… the economics of primary care are tough. More paperwork, more bureaucrats telling you what’s what, more denials of care, more hassle… and all for less and less money.

    And future numbers/demographics are UGLY. If you think access-to-care is bad NOW, just wait until they REALLY start cutting payments to doctors.

    Study Foresees Shortage of Primary-Care Doctors

    My job is going to grow more and more critical, as PMDs cut back on the Medicare and Medicaid percentage in their practices… these people will all come to the ER (the medicaid population already does this; 4-5x more than any other demographic).

    But are they going to cut me any slack, or rein in the med-mal bar in return for me taking care of all these dispossessed patients?

    Yeah… I’m sure they’re going to get right on that.

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