RNL Heresy: The Unmoved Mover

OK, I’m tired of politics.  How about a little astrophysical theology or, as the author of our namesake, Ayn Rand, might put it, a little heresy?  Philosophers like to call this one the Unmoved Mover.

Everything modern science has been able to determine about the beginning of our universe points to something we now summarize under the heading of “The Big Bang.”  In short, to the best of our knowledge, this universe had a distinct beginning, and it began from a singularity.  So, while keeping things as simple as we can, let’s look at some of the implications of the Big bang Theory.

First, the most thoroughly tested and most affirmed theory man has ever known, Einstein’s Theory of General relativity, also affirms the Big Bang theory.  So, put General Relativity as a feather in the hat of the Big Bang Theory.

Now, how many of us have ever stopped to understand exactly what the Big Bang Theory describes?  Most of us think that it says, “In the beginning, all matter was condensed into an infinitely small point in space – or singularity — but this is wrong!  First, it is physically impossible for all the matter in this universe to be condensed into an infinitely small point.  What this really means as that, before the big bang, none of the matter in our universe existed.  However, there is something else many people miss.  We think that the universe started from a point in space, but this is not what happened.  Before the big bang, there wasn’t even what we call space.  There was nothing: absolute, utter and total nothing!  That means that everything we see in our universe, even space and time itself, came from nothing.  This is a violation of several of this universe’s universal laws of physics.

Now, consider this problem.  Even if we can somehow get past the fact that something came from literal nothing, we then need to explain how the big bang was caused.  You see, we live in a temporal world of cause and effect.  In other words, cause and effect are both functions of time.  But time is one of the dimensions of this universe.  Before the big bang, it didn’t exist, either.  Not only was there no matter and no space, there was no time – at least, not as we know it.  And this means that, if there can be no cause and effect because there is no time, then, under the laws of this universe, it would be impossible for the big bang to ever occur.

The only explanation for the existence of this universe is that something from outside the four dimensions of this universe brought everything we know into existence and set time in motion.  For this to happen, by definition, whatever that force was (is) must also be able to act outside of the limitations of this universe’s laws.  Once again, by definition, if this universe was caused by a force that is outside of, not constrained by or above the laws of this universe’s nature, then that force is “supernatural.”  Some of us call this force the Creator, but others believe they have figured out how something can come from nothing and without cause.

Steven Hawking claims to have worked out the mathematics for a self-generating universe.  The only problem is, it is a mathematical proof which depends on imaginary numbers: specifically the square root of -1.  Unfortunately for Hawking, the square root of -1 is an absurdity in this world.  Therefore, his proof is not the “proof” of a self-generating world he claims it to be.  In fact, if you insert real numbers into his formula, in this case, the square root of 1, then his formula brings us back to the Big Bang.  Count that as yet another feather in the cap of the Big Bang Theory.

But then there are a number of theories based on recent discoveries in quantum physics.  They posit that, since we have observed particle behavior in this universe that appear to “pop” in and out of existence, then this could be how the universe came to be – only on a much larger scale.  But there are problems with this, too.  First, these quantum mechanics theories rest on the presupposition of an energy field, but remember, before the big bang, there was nothing.  Therefore, there was no energy field.  But the problem goes much deeper than this for these theories.  Before the big bang, there was no quantum mechanics by which or through which this universe could “pop” into existence.

Finally, we have those theories which posit that there are other dimensions that we cannot perceive but that we can mathematically prove.  Well, here again, Hawking has mathematically “proven” that the universe can spontaneously generate from nothing, but his “proof” does not hold up under the laws of this universe.  Therefore, it stands to reason that our “proof” of other dimensions could be another case of proving something that doesn’t actually exist.  However, I am willing to accept that these additional dimensions actually do exist.  To which I then ask, if those who believe that forces acting in and/or through additional dimensions that they cannot perceive are responsible for the generation of this universe, how is it that this is assumed to have “disproven” the existence of the Creator? What’s more, even if there are forces acting in an extra dimensional reality within which our universe is contained, guess what?  All of the questions I have just posited would then apply to those extra dimensions.  😉

In truth, all of what we know, everything modern science has revealed points to the necessity for a Creator.  So why is it that so many of those who would otherwise call themselves “scientists” try so hard to avoid or reject what the evidence is trying to tell them?  What basic logic is telling them must be the case?  🙂

3 thoughts on “RNL Heresy: The Unmoved Mover

  1. Kells…..I thought they were in the 7th House along with the Moon..??

    Have I confused my Metaphors once again ??….Say it ain’t so.

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