This is Immoral

Read this story and — as you do — remember this equates to MORE than $29/hr based on a 40 hr week:

‘Welfare Spending Equates to $168 Per Day for Every Household in Poverty’

That is utterly and entirely immoral. Yes, I understand that not all that money gets to the recipient, but that fact is irrelevant. It still requires the workers to pay the mouchers $29/hr just to exist!!! What’s more, we are passing this debt to those yet to be born, which is immorality piled upon immorality.

BURN THIS NATION TO THE GROUND! It’s no longer deserving of life.

2 thoughts on “This is Immoral

    • Augger,

      There is more truth to your words than many realize. We studied this in my sociology classes. When the welfare system was set up, it was designed (I believe intentionally so) to reward those who chose to have many fatherless children. It destroyed many, many families, and has been especially hard on the black community in this nation. HOWEVER, the part that is lost on far too many is that this was NOT forced on anyone — especially the black community. Just as we have the choice to accept or reject God, those who were offered welfare were also given the chance to accept or reject the dependency that goes with it. The majority chose poorly and, before anyone cries racism here, the majority of people on welfare are white (at least, they were at the time I was studying this issue).

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