If Politicians Want to Blame Someone for ‘Greed,’ They Can Start HERE!

EVERYONE — I mean every bloody person who voted to do this should be stripped of every last cent in assets and imprisoned for life. I am NOT kidding, this is NOT hyperbole: these people deserve to be imprisoned for violating their duty to their constituents and even to those yet to be born:

School District Owes $1 Billion On $100 Million Loan


How many Americans understand what this is REALLY all about?  It is about the REAL greed and corruption in this nation: not that of private industry, but of the looters who place themselves in position to steal from the public treasury.

The money we spend on education goes largely to the people controlling the budget — NOT to help our children.  Higher teacher salaries and exorbitant school environments on par with corporate Americas have NOTHING to do with improving education.  They just provide comfortable lifestyles for those who did not or could not make it in the private sector where there IS competition and you DO have to produce to remain employed.  This is also connected to the wealth transfer from the people, to the union members, and then back to the politicians who forced the borrowing to get the money to pay the union members in the first place.

When it comes to college costs, the wealth transfer by way of public funding is even greater.  The very charlatans who preach against the free market — the thieves masquerading as professors — have been growing wealthy while the rest of the nation starves to fund what amounts to nothing more than mass indoctrination of our children to support their own fiscal suicide.  Have you ever looked into the endowments that our major universities possess?  Did you know most Ivy league schools could afford to provide FREE educations to ALL their students JUST OFF THE INTEREST ON THEIR ENDOWMENTS!!!  Yet, every year, the govt. STEALS more money from the tax payer to place students in debt (i.e. slavery) so that that wealth can be transferred to their buddies in the universities.

I could go on, but what’s the use.  We’re so far gone now it will take a revolution to correct what is wrong with our society, and the only revolution that has ever succeeded was conducted by men who placed their fate in the hands of the Creator.  I pray for such a revival to happen in this land so that we might repeat our founders’ feat, but — so far — I see no signs that we are even willing to acknowledge our Creator, let alone hit our knees and repent.  😦

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