The 20% Solution

Sometimes you just have to step back in awe of the total absurdity of the alternate and mystical world that some liberals inhabit. I wrote a letter to the editor of my local paper (at least it was before my two year sojourn in Scotland), the Panama City News Herald and one of the frequent commenters, Diane Reeves, responded to it with this little nugget:

Conservative Republicans, like Smith, sure do give President Obama some amazingly magical powers to turn a majority of Americans into mental zombies incapable of making rational decisions. In just four short years, most of America have somehow fallen prey to authoritarian rule. The last time I checked, Mr. Smith, Republican conservatives have dominated national politics for most of the past 50 years – since the time of Richard Nixon. In most “logical minds”, that would indicate this last election was about ridding ourselves of the “Authoritarian Rule.” And as we Liberal Democrats like to say, “You lost. Suck it up and deal with it.”

First, Ms. Reeves sets up a strawman to knock over because I never said that Obama was setting up authoritarian rule. What I said was that there were many people who didn’t vote at all and that means that they are indifferent to authoritarian rule – or apparently any rule or form of government.

The second assertion that “Republican conservatives have dominated national politics for most of the past 50 years”  is something that confounded me because this woman seems educated, having graduated in 1982 with a degree in communications – and according to her FaceBook profile, has had a career working inside government – but now that I think about it, that might explain it.

And lastly, that was what the letter was about – sucking it up and dealing with it.

I responded to her comment with:

Then madam, you haven’t checked very far. Democrats held Congress for 40 years until 1994 and held it again from 2006 to 2010. Democrats have held the House for 44 years out of the last 57 (since 1955) and also the Senate for 43 years out of 57, both parties have each had 6 Presidents during the same period – so for your assertion that Republicans have been in control of national government for 50 years – that is provably wrong, as is your assertion about the level of control of the government. Bush can’t hold a candle to Obama as far as the accusations of the unitary executive and the imperial presidency – even your friends on the left like Cornel West, Michael Tomasky and the editorial board of the Washington Post say so.

What I didn’t point out was that “conservative Republicans” weren’t even conservative until the post-Reagan years and that until then the Bob Michel and Nelson Rockefeller Republicans were “progressive” go along to get along politicians, scarcely better than the Democrats that they colluded with.

You really do have to wonder if this is the way that these historical illiterates see the world, that it has always been the “conservative Republicans” in power screwing things up when the Democrats have actually held control of the national government for almost 80% of the past 60 years.

It appears to me that this is a case of classic transference, the phenomenon characterized by unconscious redirection of feelings or responsibility from one person to another.

That’s what we see in the fiscal cliff discussion. Obama and the Democrats control two thirds of government and yet somehow it is the Republicans fault that he won’t negotiate. We have had a government that has been controlled by Democrats for 80% of the past 60 years, yet it is the Republican’s or the Tea Party’s fault that we are where we are as a country.

In a later comment by another “progressive”, Richard Weber, we have these:

And the reason you LOST, is because your philosophy is bizarre. We will not go back to the tenth century, we will treat all people as humans, we will allow women to govern their own bodies and we will not be forced to fund the wealth’s yachts fuel costs.


BTW it is us free thinking progressives that bolster freedom not the conservatives that want to have a say in what everyone does. Except themselves.

My responses:

Yeah, we need to talk about that. It the monthly meeting of the Secret Rich People Society, we noticed that you hadn’t sent in your monthly check and we need gas for the yacht…

I think it bizarre that you mention the 10th century because that is exactly where Obama is taking us. He operates as if he is some sort of feudal lord and you little sycophants are all a twitter about pledging your loyalty do Dear Leader as long as he takes from others to give to you. You don’t care about improving the lot of others, you just want to make sure that I have less because it makes you feel that you are “fair”.

As far as I know, you don’t fund anything of mine and nothing of mine belongs to you. There’s nothing about my “philosophy” that is bizarre – it was tried and true long before your god Marx drew his first unfortunate breath. My philosophy is that of men like Locke and Montesquieu – the philosophies that this country is founded on.

Your “philosophy” is one that won’t allow a simple Christmas tree to be placed in a public building because you fear Christianity and the morality it brings and you use the excuse that your tax money shouldn’t fund things you disagree with – and yet you tell me that I want to “govern” a woman’s body because I object to my tax money being used to fund abortions…

But I’ll give you one thing – you have made me rethink my position on abortion, especially in your case. If your mom had made that kind of “health care” decision, the world might have been a better place…

There ins nothing more equal than individual liberty, you petit communists cannot force equality by taking from one and giving to another – it has never worked and will never work.

Dickie, you are a sad, small minded, envious little communist.

Now about that check…


There’s nothing “free thinking” about a modern progressive.

You just have to love it when these sad little commies start talking about “free thinking” when their number one thought is to let someone else produce and then try to take it from them – in the old days before Marx, that was called “theft”…and as far as conservatives “having a say in what everyone does” – that one is hilarious after you “progressives” implemented Obamacare, a program that tells every citizen in the USA what to do about healthcare and then, to add another layer of irony, you engaged the IRS to police a “healthcare” program and the mandates it requires.

You are a real laugh riot.

Back in March, I posited that Obama was suffering from hypengyophobia:

There may actually be a medical explanation for Obama. In addition to suffering a clear case of narcissistic personality disorder, he exhibits strong tendencies of hypengyophobia – an abnormal fear of accepting responsibility.

This may explain why everything that happens in his administration is the fault of someone else and the most powerful man in the world is rendered powerless to govern America.

His regime has morphed from one of “Hope and Change” to “Not My Fault”…maybe that should be his 2012 slogan – seems to fit based on the statements he makes about America.

I would suggest that this syndrome has spread to people like Richard Weber and Diane Reeves.

Since we have tried “progressivism” for 80% of the time and it has lead us here, perhaps it is time for the 20% solution.

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