Let It Burn

Drew M. has a post up at AOSHQ that describes Let It Burn. It is something that Joe has been saying for two years and I argued with him over it. Until this election, I thought that the Republican Party was reformable…and I also thought Romney was electable.

Well, screw that. I was wrong.

Until last week, I was a lifelong Republican. I turned 18 in January of 1977 and my first presidential vote was cast for Ronaldus Magnus. I have not voted for a Democrat or Independent in my life but I agree with DrewM. and Joe – the sooner it burns, the sooner we can try and rebuild. I’m sick to death with variations on a theme and Republicans tripping over themselves to be loved by the press and turning into Democrat Lite. I’m sick of the fear of confrontation. When Obama’s sycophants say that he has created a bazillion months of positive job growth resulting in 4 million jobs, I want to look them in the eye and ask them how we stay ahead of population growth with so low of a creation rate and what about the 10 million or so people who have dropped out of the labor force. I’m sick of being Mr. Nice Guy and losing elections. If you are going to lose, let’s lose on principle and not because we hired idiot consultants. I happen to believe that classic liberalism is a simple, easy understand message to sell. It shouldn’t be this hard.

Well, now I’ll let DrewM. rant:

As one of the first, if not the first, people to say Let It Burn, I’m clearly thrilled with the growing chorus of voices joining the movement.

Like any movement, there are true believers and Let It Burn In Name Only (LIBINO) types. Since it’s never too early to purge a movement of its impure elements, let us lay out some key principles of Let It Burn.

1- America isn’t a conservative country anymore and hasn’t been for a while. Yes, you can point to lots of surveys that show people identify themselves as conservatives and they even say government should be doing fewer things.

The fact is, a conservative country doesn’t “accidentally” elect Barack Obama twice. It doesn’t continue to send Democrats to the Senate who voted for ObamaCare and force the GOP to run as the saviors of Medicare.

People want the ever expanding welfare state, they simply don’t want to have to pay for it. They are happy to pretend they can “ask the rich to pay a little more” (it won’t work) or to pile on debt for some generation to be born later to pay for it. What they are very clear about in their votes is…”don’t you dare touch my “free” stuff”.

One foundation of conservatism is to see the world as it is, imperfections and all, and not the way we wish it to be. Unless we can admit the reality of the country we are living in, Let It Burn makes no sense.

If you think we’re just one or two tactical moves and a great candidate away from political victory, you’re not in the Let It Burn camp.

2- Gabe and several commenters yesterday wondered, why isn’t Bob Corker’s “tax cuts now, entitlements later” idea consistent with Let It Burn?

The answer is simple: It’s a deliberate action is based on doing several things- raising taxes and then magically reforming entitlements.

Even if the GOP managed to “win” this standoff with Obama by generating more revenue through tax reform than hiking tax rates, who cares? We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.

“Let It Burn” is about inaction. There’s no point in trying do anything that avoids going over the fiscal cliff/sequestration. Remember, the deal that got us to this point was agreed to by House Republicans, Senate Democrats and signed by Obama. That’s as bi-partisan as it gets. I’ve heard from squishy low information voters, Obama and the media that “bi-partisan problem solving” is the Holy Grail of politics. Well, here it is.

Will it lead to massive disruptions? Yes. That’s the point. The current system is rigged against conservative. We should play no part in its perpetuation. If you can’t win the game, concede and start new one. That’s the heart of Let It Burn.

This isn’t some petty “I lost so I’m taking my ball and going home” tirade. This is what people want. It’s simply not sustainable. If we can’t stop them, we don’t have to continue to enable them either.

Bill Kristol has a column attacking the Wall Street Journal for opposing any tax hikes. John Podhoretz challenges any conservative to argue with it. Well, I just did.

What Podhoretz should have done is challenge any Republican to argue against Kritol’s analysis. That can’t be done in a serious way.

We need to start disassociating conservatism from the GOP. We’ve tried it for 30 years. It hasn’t worked.

15 thoughts on “Let It Burn

  1. We don’t have a choice BUT to take over the party. We are out of time! In 14 short months we start working on district and Congressional elections again. WE need the Tea Party grass-roots to start going after more localities AND installing more Tea Partiers!

    This is our only option right now. Long-term; we need at a minimum a Tea Party version of Fox News. We need a national campaign on par with Newt’s nationalization of the Congressional elections of 1994! Possibly the new Glenn Beck channel on Dish expanded to cable as the tea Party channel. We need to push the big money right into launching alternative pop-culture version for the right; a counter to counter culture if you will. We need to be in a position of “ready” when the coming second crash the left is inevitably going to create happens otherwise they will exploit it and IT WILL BE OVER at that point.

    • PoliTec,

      With respect, my friend: WRONG!

      You have a choice. Form a third Party that DOES advance your ideals, then recruit people from ALL ACROSS the political spectrum: D’s, R’s and even Indies.

      Stop accepting this lie that the only choice is D or R. That is how we got here in the first place.

    • I hope people re-read UR post Poli Tecs…….It has the Germ of what’s needed for success.

      The Left is HOPING for a big Divide in the Conservatives…..that way they will stay in power forever.

      The 60,800,000 that DID vote for Romney…..Is a MIX of Folks who feel like us and those in the middle and those wedded to the RINOs……….We can’t afford to SPLIT that 61 million…we need to harness it and at the same time GROW it !!

      And keep in mind this is coming from a Person who ONLY supported Tea Party candidates and has stopped giving to thge GOP long ago……..What I’m saying is we need to be Growing a 3rd party along side of the GOP like Poli suggests while at the same time trying to Move along those GOP die-hards towards Conservatism…….I donated and called for Rand Paul bigtime ! And there he is a TP’r Calling for Amnesty and Letting Obama get everything he wants to “show the country how wrong they are” or something !……..We are being let down from Both RINOs and TP’rs at this point…let’s be honest !

      • I too am against amnesty; however, this means that Rand Paul shares his father’s views on illegal immigration. I’m not sure why they look at illegal immigration the way they do, but it would be interesting to find out the reason, since both Pauls seem to share the same view. As you are, I am an admirer of Rand Paul’s, and while I am very against SETTLING, I am becoming convinced that we need to find a candidate who most represent our views – State’s Rights as a solutions to most problems – then go from there. As it is, we do not quite understand how the Pauls view international boundaries, which makes us feel uncomfortable.

  2. Utah,

    Please keep in mind, while I say let it burn, that does not mean I have given up: quite the contrary. It merely means I am trying to achieve my goals by operating within the confines of what works: NATURAL LAW!

    What do you do when a forest becomes chocked with under brush? You let it burn. That purges the unhealthy vegetation and leaves a stronger, healthier forest in its wake. It is part of the natural law of this universe. I’m merely advocating we follow that law in our political endeavors. You know, sort of like our founders tried to do 😉

  3. For too long my husband and I hoped CA was the only crazy place and that eventually the sane part of the country would rise up and pull us off the cliff, but clearly with Obama being reelected that is not going to happen. That’s how we got to the Let it Burn point, the first step towards either reclaiming the country or secession. We r open to either path.

  4. The GOP has a branding problem across the board. In addition to a fiscal issues branding problem, we have a Values Voters branding problem – Values Voters who are conned into voting for candidates playing the “Christian Card” to cover their flaws. Values Voters must display their values across the board. Honesty needs to be the first value Conservatives look at when ascertaining which candidate to support. Republicans need to stop giving Democrats and Independents ammunition for calling Values Voters hypocrites on both fiscal and social issues.

    With the exception of Ron Paul and Rick Perry, all of the Republican candidates had major flaws, enumerated here as divorced, thrice-married, lying lobbyist, and lying “flip flopper”. When Republicans stop running RINO candidates who have bad character, they can win elections. Many voters are now on to the game of candidates playing the “Christian Card” to win elections. Candidates who loudly proclaim their Christianity have major flaws to overcome: Bush – alcoholism and criminal allegations, Santorum – lying lobbyist, Gingrich – thrice-married, Romney – lying flip flopper, Clinton – amoral. My granny always insisted, “Christian is a Christian does”. Republicans need to leave the bad character behind when they select their slate, if they want to celebrate the day after the elections instead of crying as so many report. Supporting candidates who start off with negatives to overcome doesn’t make sense.

    If Republicans want to win elections, we need to establish a base criteria and strategy for electing candidates that actually works. Every single issue that is a “Hot Button” for Republicans is solved by a return to State’s Rights, putting control of the finances and social issues back into our own backyards on the state level. Voters can have much more impact on the state level than on the national level. Most Republicans do not understand this concept, and are staunchly refusing to take back their power. Republicans have an enormous education problem on their hands, if they want to win elections. But first, we need to establish a base criteria for Republican candidacy, then go from there to a strategy. The means to our goals are through State’s Rights and freedom.

    Here is a good article on branding in American Thinker.

    • AW….I don’i have time right now to view the Blaze article ( although I am a subscriber…lokk at it later)……But I wanted to say this is a VERY thoughtful Post. I agree with you on most of it. I do think Bachmann is Truely for smaller Gov’t and the Constitution tho.

      What you are saying Jibes with Poli’s post above………….you say “our goals are through State’s Rights and freedom”….this is the Core the essence. This New Awakened focus on Federalism should be the TP focus and the focus of any “independent Conervative” 3rd party.

    • Great Article by Root AW….saw your comment there as well…..the current GOP leadership stance on Raising Taxes is beyond insane.

      • You know, Mississippi, in all sincerity you would be a great president. You’re as sharp as a tack and you don’t play golf (not well, anyways.) Seriously, M., you see the big picture. Perhaps 2016 should be a “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” moment……

        All of these strategies abound as to what the R’s shoud do,when what my gut tells me is that we need a sane person to speak the truth and run for president. All of these truths are stored in that purdy lil head of yours (without a teleprompter, nonetheless.)

        Just somethin to chew on……

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