Make No Mistake: True Political Violence in America Comes from the Left

I have repeatedly made reference to the 180 degree rule on the RNL. I suppose many might think I am being flippant, but I’m not. The 180 degree rule is not intended as sarcasm: it is the way the Left works. That is the nature of what we are dealing with, and we had better start accepting this fact. If we want to have any chance of saving this nation, we must be willing to call our enemy by its name: EVIL!

I call the Left evil because they are the side that is supported by violence. Historically, the ideology embraced by the American Left has always been supported by violence. As one radio host puts it:

“The Left’s ideas are so great they have to be forced on you — but only for your own good, you understand.”

Now we see the 180 degree rule in all its glory. When the TEA Party PEACEFULLY rallied to express their opposition to government policies, the Left called them hateful, racist and violent. But these stories are supposed to represent “righteous indignation:”

Fox News contributor punched in face at pro-union protests in Michigan

Democrats threaten violence on Michigan House floor

Union Mob Destroys Tent With People Inside

If you’ll remember, these supposedly democracy-loving, peaceful Leftists threatened violence if Obama lost this past election, too. So, the next time some Leftist tells you the Right is throwing a temper tantrum because it had an election stolen, you square yourself, look that person straight in the eyes and tell them to STICK IT!

In fact, these people on the Left threaten violence routinely and, when they cannot manipulate people into giving them their way, they carry out those threats. In reality, the Left is evil. Its leadership is pure evil and its rank-and-file is little more than a mob behaving like a bunch of grown, petulant children supporting their evil masters.  And I call the Left evil with authority, because only evil seeks to dominate all men, first through manipulation and deception and, if that doesn’t work, through force of violence.

If you doubt me, just listen to them, they will openly admit it:

Never forget, this man — like all communists — does NOT mean he will use the persuasion of PEACEFUL power, he means he will use EXACTLY what we are seeing in Michigan, and he openly says so in this video clip.  IT IS WHO THEY ARE!  IT IS WHO OBAMA IS!

Students of history have seen this pattern before — IN EVERY COMMUNIST TAKE OVER SINCE THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION!



[If you have not already done so, go buy a gun and make sure you become proficient with it. If you’re smart, you will buy from a private citizen — no legal requirement to register it. The time is coming when you may need to defend yourself and your family from these mobs and, if things get bad enough, to answer your nation’s call when it has to call on the militia once again.]

17 thoughts on “Make No Mistake: True Political Violence in America Comes from the Left

  1. That’s weird. Last night I dreamt that these fellas came and were yelling at me to give them my corn (I have no idea what the hello that means) but I pulled out a gun and they ran.

    Enough of my nonsensical dreams. I should like to know if you know of a place where I can record a CD here.

  2. He must secretly be a Tea Party member… those are the guys who commit all the violence, right?

    Or am I confused? Been watching too much nightly news.

  3. Shades of Wisconsin and OWS….Stern was instrumental in Organizing OWS ( see Brieibart’s Occupy Unmased).

    Long history of antecedents …”The Terror” in france in the 1790s…..all the way up to the Russian Soviet Holocaust in the Ukraine 1920-1930’s. similar ones in Eastern Block Romania and Hungary….on up to Pol Pot…..the 1960s Radicals in the US Led by Alinsky and his young Leftist “turks”…Ayers, Dohrn, The Weather Underground and now THEIR Proteges…..Clinton / Obama and their Union Army.

    Alinsky Learned from Al Capones Hitmen when they joined forces with the Unions in a pitch to go “Legit”……The Union Left has literally been a “Mob” organization since the 1920s….not Figuratively…..Literally.

      • Beck did some GREAT work on Occupy almost a year before it started — back when it was being organized from Canada, by Steven Learner, and under the title “Days of Rage.”

        Beck also told us to watch for a movement like this 2 years before OWS happened after he read “The Coming Insurrection.” I read it, too. No genius required here, Beck just reported what the people who wrote that books said they were going to do and how they were going to do it: build a large army of welfare dependents so those people will have the means to agitate as a profession, then turn that army on the establishment. They even said that, when they got going in Europe — which they did – they would then move to the U.S. — which they did.

        I keep telling people this and they keep ignoring me: the Left will ALWAYS tell you what it wants, why and how it plans to do it. You just have to listen, then accept them at their word.

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