Principles: Need Some

If you are among the many people on the Right who are trying to figure out why Republicans didn’t win in this last election, I am going to explain it to you with one simple word: PRINCIPLES.  The GOP needs to get some.

Now, I understand that, if you are a loyal Republican, this may read as anywhere from slightly to extremely insulting to you, but it is still the truth.  When was the last time you actually looked up the definition of principles?  Here, refresh your memory:

Definition of PRINCIPLE

1a : a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption

b (1) : a rule or code of conduct (2) : habitual devotion to right principles <a man of principle>

c : the laws or facts of nature underlying the working of an artificial device

Now, ask yourself, how does the Republican Party react to its losses?  Does it look to what it purports to believe and examine the delivery of that message to see if it may not have communicated them to the electorate?  Or does the Party eat its own and start hewing about how it needs to become more like the other side?  Well, if the Party abandons what it claims are its principles to pander to the electorate, then I ask you, did the Party ever have principles to begin with?  I say the answer is YES!  The Republican LEADERSHIP actually does have consistent principles, and they are found in the Party’s steady Leftward march over the last 100+ years.  Yes, I am telling you that the Republican Party is not and never has been “conservative,” just some of the people within it.

Now, let’s look at the notion of principles.  If you have principles, then you will not budge on them – period!  A principle is something you claim to believe at your very core; a set of standards that you believe represents truth.  If you have real principles, then they define you: they are your very identity.  So, if you are willing to compromise on what you claim to believe is the truth, then you either didn’t really believe that truth in the first place, or worse, you are willing to ignore what you believe to be the truth to pursue your objective(s).  So, what is the assumed objective in question?  To build political power (supposedly so one can then implement policy based on one’s principles).  Well, if you are willing to abandon your principles to build power, then why should anyone expect you will then implement policies based on those principles?  After you demonstrate you are willing to abandon your principles just to get elected, then why would anyone expect you to suddenly find your principles again after you win?  Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to expect that you will simply do whatever you find expedient to keep that power you just won?  Of course it is, and that is why the Republican Party will not change: because it is actually doing what it wants to do.

Yes, I am asserting that the Republican Party leadership is happy with the state of the Party.  Only the Party members are unhappy, and even then, only a portion of the membership is upset with the current state of the Party.  In reality, the Republican Party is quite content to be in the position of the minority: it has been designed to be the minority Party in our system because the system really only has one Party – it just pretends to be two.  This is why the Republican Party leadership always seems to “cave” to the Left: because it is supposed to, because it actually agrees with the Left.  The reality is that the Republican Party leadership is Progressive.  It has been since at least the time of Teddy Roosevelt.  Thus, Republican leadership has more in common with the Progressive Left than it does with the “conservative” Right.

This is also why true reformers such as Ron Paul are attacked, ridiculed and marginalized by their own Party.  Reagan, though he was not pure in his “conservative” ideology, was another threat to the system the Progressives have built, and, because of the threat Reagan represented, he was opposed by both Parties.  Anyone who espouses a true allegiance to the founding principles and ideals of this nation threatens the status quo of this one-Party-pretending-to-be-two system as it runs the risk of kindling the passions of the electorate.  And, if the passion of the electorate is rekindled under the banner of individual rights and liberty, it can destroy the power structure the Progressives have built.  That is also why the Republican leadership joined the Left in attacking the TEA Party: because the TEA Party represents a re-kindled electorate that could destroy their control of our system.

As with most things in life, you just need to look to what people do and not what they say.  And, when you start to look to what the Republican Party does, you will start to see that my claims are based in reality, not fantasy.  What’s more, none of this is based on some conspiracy theory.  It has all been openly explained, and many times.  Carroll Quigley wrote a book that explained all of this and more, ‘Tragedy and Hope.”  When you look at Party politics over the past four or five decades, you can easily see that, whenever this one-Party-as-two system has been challenged, both Parties have rallied to oppose the threat.  That should have been a warning to all of us who understand how tyranny grows.

So, let’s go back to the Republican Party and why it loses to the Left so often.  Until just recently, the majority of this nation lived according to what could be loosely described as “conservative” values.  That means, in their daily lives, the majority of Americans – of all races and social classes – generally lived according to the founding principles and ideals of this nation.  The Progressives understood that, if they were to ever gain power, they had to overcome the peoples’ adherence to these principles.  So they divided us by groups, setting us against ourselves.  Then they used the public trough to buy the votes of those special interest groups.  Essentially, they played on our baser nature to undermine our willingness to hold to our principles.  They did this in conjunction with an assault on our social support organs such as our schools and media.  Then, through a concerted effort, they continued to work to expand this erosion of our culture and to solidify their hold on power.

At the same time, the Progressives understood there is and will always be a segment of society that will never give up their allegiance to our founding principles and ideals, so they had to find a way to redirect and control that segment of the electorate.  The solution was to keep them within the minority Party.  By allowing the Republican Party to appear to be the Party of “conservative” values, they can keep that segment of the population fighting the Party leadership for control of the party whereas, if they were to leave the Party, they might otherwise direct their energy in a constructive direction that would actually threaten the Progressive system.  If you will think back, you will realize that we have seen indications of how this works.  Every time a real threat to this system threatens to break away from the Parties, both sides attack that threat.  Yes, even the Left and the “main stream media” will comment on how a third Party will destroy the Republican Party (note: you never really see a serious movement for a third Party to break away from the Left).  This is just another case of the one-Party-as-two acting in concert to protect its system.  The whole purpose is to keep those conservative voters on the Republican reservation where they can be controlled.

However, things in the electorate have changed.  The majority of the American people no longer adhere to our founding principles and ideals.  Through decades of cultural war in our schools and against our churches, and as a result of an unabated flood of immigrants, the majority of Americans no longer value individual rights and liberty.  In fact, a growing percentage of Americans openly embrace the ideals of socialism and class warfare.  So, in the face of this moral and social decay, how – better yet – why would we expect a Party supposedly based on principles to be able to out pander the Party that has never hid the fact that it openly seeks to buy votes?  You see, the issue is simple: if the Republican voter really does hold to his/her conservative values – and many do – then Republicans who are trying to offer a platform that is essentially ‘Democrat light’ will not get their votes.  They will vote third Party or not at all instead.  You see, it is as I have been saying, the Republican Party does not have any core principles other than to gain and keep power, and therefore, it does not and cannot understand voters who actually have real principles.  Such people realize the Republican Party is not really an alternative to the Left: it is just a lesser version of it.

But all is not lost.  There is a solution to our situation, but it is not to “take over” an existing Party.  You will not do that.  Anyone who thinks they can take over either Party and turn it toward true conservatism might as well argue that we can take over the Russian mafia from within and make it into a Christian charity.  You can do it, but you will need to use open force.  Anything short of that and those in control will always take out the opposition – period.  No, the solution is to form a real alternative to the one-Party-as-two system.  Frankly, I don’t care if we form a third Party or not.  Honestly, I would prefer we don’t.  I would prefer something more like the TEA Party: a loose organization of like-minded people, but no Party structure to lose its way as the current Party has.  All that matters is that we teach our founding principles and ideals and we run INDEPENDENT candidates who hold to those ideals – EVEN IF IT MEANS THEY LOSE THE ELECTION!  After all, if you are not willing to accept defeat before changing your principles, then you are no better or different than anyone currently in our political system today.  Of course, the correlative to running such candidates is that we vote for them – EVEN IF IT MEANS WE LOSE THE ELECTION!  No matter what, if we continue to value winning over advancing our principles, we will lose even if we win.  That is the essence of what our founders tried to teach us:

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

–John Quincy Adams

5 thoughts on “Principles: Need Some

    • AW,

      Every now and then, a stopped clock and a blind squirrel… 😉

      (You do know I am an animated movie star, don’t you? Yep! I have been in ALL the Ice age movies. I’m the nut Skrat is always chasing )

  1. I just sent a letter to Mr. Priebus stating the same concerns and facts. The letter was in response to a fundraising letter he sent. His letter contained the same rhetoric. Nothing new, no real plan for 2013 and beyond. Do I expect any change? Not really. The GOP is in need of a total cleaning out from the top down. Now!

  2. Indeed. The toughest lesson we’re teaching our wee tribe is that you do what’s right 100% of the time, regardless of whether or not it’s popular. Jesus Christ was a dissident, too 😉 Peace be with you, Rio. I love the days whenthe kids nap and I have time to read your blog! — Kelly

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