The Impending National Suicide

I am not sure whether we will commit suicide by fiscal collapse or an invited religious overthrow. All I know for sure is that, so long as the media continues to support both, we’ll be blindsided either way:


BTW: did you notice how obviously “ethnic” this guy looks?  Yeah, me neither.  That’s why you need to reject the PC lies of racism.  Just because you are concerned about the violence connected to Islam, it does not make you a racist — unless you’re not white, that is (see the picture).

The truth is, Islam is a religion, not a race.  The PC police just use the accusation of racism to silence you because you and I have allowed it to silence us over so many other issues.  The Left is lazy by nature.  they’re not going to look past the first thing that has worked for them, so — RACIST!


26 thoughts on “The Impending National Suicide

  1. Indeed. So many of the “-ism” charges are simply bludgeons with which to beat good-hearted people into silence; not wishing to cause pain to another person, manywill simply accept quietly that they have given offense, albeit unintentionally, and to be kind, they say nothing further, even if their point was just. The result is a cowed populace that is more afraid of giving offense than of being oppressed. Rather a sad was to see freedom whimper off into a corner, if you ask me. How pathetic that those leveling the charges lack the same graciousness and gentleness of heart.

    Peace be with you, Rio. — Kelly

  2. As NPR says, it’s all politics. Politics first, solving problems later. Why bother addressing the budget and tax situation when there are political points to be scored? Same with Islamic terrorism.

      • Because my sweet little cinnamon roll, the taxpayers shall fund her (she of the free shit army) whilst she sits on her ass for eight years and comtemplates her next moves to destroy her support (YOU!) Hey! There’s power in bein a woman………….in America, anyway.

          • I was talking to myself again since you are obviously asleep on the job. I didn’t want to have to break this to you, but, I’ve been having my own little conversations with M. Can I just say that they weren’t pretty? While I’ve only had a few minor complaints about you, I inadvertantly found out about “Boys Night Out”. Uh-huh! Guess yer secret’s not sa safe, pal Joey!! What’s the saying….loose lips sink ships? Oh, wait a second! M. just e-mailed me and said that if I want to live through this rehearsal tonight I better straighten up and fly right. 😯

            OH!! What was I thinking?! It was GIRLS night out with FL and Kells! (Dusty and Daddy brought over some tequila and I became confused. 😳 ) Kelly came round and offered to take us to CA so we could kidnap Trapped and get her tail in church, but Don threw a hissy fit about goin back! Yeah….. That’s what happened. I’ll leave out what Justin and Daddy did…..

            P.S. My family can attest that I’m not a confectionary racist as I just pounded a red velvet Krispy-Kreme. Then again, there are those red-velvet cake wars…….

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