The Christian Theme Behind the Hobbit

Did you know that The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings were both written by a devout Christian who specifically and unequivocally stated that these books have Christian themes running throughout them? Yet, today, the secularists (i.e. enemies of God) would try to tell you that this is a myth. Well, you might want to give this story a read before you go see the movie (or watch the Lord of the Rings again):

Did You Know About These Christian Themes in J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’?

I just wish more people would subscribe to Beck’s GBTV. In this case, so you could see the hand written letters from Tolkein stating emphatically that he wrote Christianity into these books. It won’t matter to God’s enemies: if they will lie to Him, lying to you and I, or even themselves is a small matter. But, if you could see tonight’s show (Dec 12, 2012), then you could see for yourself and know the truth. You could also see and hear Beck’s interview with one of the world’s preeminent Tolkein scholars. At least, then you would be better equipped to judge for yourself rather than take the word of some amoral or immoral Hollywood dolt. And you might come away with an entirely different take on the movies — a take that actually teaches you valuable lessons as opposed to just entertaining you for a couple hours.

18 thoughts on “The Christian Theme Behind the Hobbit

  1. Joe…..We are subscribers. I was thinking of giving subscriptions as Christmas Presents…..because I know he wants to start a Genuine Network that can compete with the others in Presidential Briefings and the like.

    I stopped ALL ordering from those Companies that are in states that voted for Obama…..Vermont Country Store, LL Bean, Lands End etc…… Had some interesting conversations with them about WHY I was cancelling long-term association.

    • Don,

      At the very least, we should ALL start to live our lives as close as we can to your example. Now, as a business owner who is about to launch his business again, I have to tell you I see both sides of this issue, but I would understand if someone told me they could not would not buy from me because I live in a blue State — AFTER I sent them a link showing the NW part of Florida is VERY red and has tried to secede from Florida and join Alabama — TWICE! 😉

    • There are business owners who are “trapped” in “statist” states. There are democrats who live in “attempted Constitutional (ie. republican, not party, but form) states.

      I recommend one base their decisions of who to donbusiness with on an “individual”/case by case, decision based on each “person’s” actions.

      • Businesses have clout in states and if their revenues start declining because of the States Politics…..they will make noise and/ or Move. There HAS to be a stand….we have to make some kind of stand…..In the 1860’s it was MOSTLY delineated by Geography… it is First delineated by Ideology and Votes for or against The Constitution…..Vermont, Mass, Calif Oregon etc voted AGAINST the The Constitution…..Not every person in the state , I know that,… BUT their State’s vote put the Tyranny back in power….perhaps there does need to be mass migrations based on Ideological lines….OR perhaps people in those BLUE states will have more incentive to start putting Conservatives in charge of their states.

        I have also cancelled Norm Thompson in Oregon and have Increased Texas orders…..Local and Companies from Dallas and San Antonio etc…

        We have to start walking our Talk…..this is a Kind of Secession action on my part linked to Discretionary spending and the Christmas season…..which is ALSO under attack in those Blue states……as I said I had some VERY interesting comments regarding this.

        • Dallas county, and especially the city of Dallas, are democrat by majority.

          Republicans have fled Dallas for the other suburbs and Fort Worth. The death knell was 2006 for Dallas.

          Look at the quality of services provided by Dallas and compare to the surrounding communities. Dallas consistenyly has the lowest quality customer service except for water.

          Meanwhile the city of Dallas and the county of Dallas have THE HIGHEST tax rates.

          Case by case basis.
          Case by case basis.

          • Yes. Correct. Case by Case.

            BUT…..If you send your money to a Company in a Blue state ….that Company will pay State Taxes to THAT state’s Blue Policies…..whether you like the Co. or not….whether the Comp. is Conservative or not… (we) are STILL paying the Blue States Taxes.

            I’ll re-consider Dallas…thanks……But still it is supporting Texas…….Case by Case counts for STATES too.

            For instance Instead of Harry and David for fruit (Oregon) etc….there is Pittman Davis in Texas I found.. :- )) .

          • Agreed Don,
            Red state, classical liberal (constitutional republican), USA, then other ….. I am very unhappy when what I’m trying to purchase is only made in china.

            I am very thankful I live in Texas. I generally find most Texas immigrants believe in the American dream of free markets, opportunity and hard work , not food stamps, government jobs and high taxes for producers.

            • Something You said about “Case by Case” made sense and got me thinking….

              With the Internet it is easy to call up the Congressional Districts WITHIN EACH state and SEE which voted RED ( For the Constitution) and which Blue ( for Tyranny ).

              We can see where a Business id Domiciled and make our choices accordingly. Actually a Website could be created for such, making it easy to select based on this criteria !!….

  2. A business’s voting district says little or nothing about the business itself. Seems hardly prudent to purchase from a progressive business in a conservative district/state over a conservative business in a progressive district.

    • Good Point !…..One definitely needs to do their homework.

      But the point is keeping the status quo has done nothing for Conservative nor for the Country. By supporting Business taxes in Blue States you ARE SUPPORTING those Progressive policies and those Progressive Politicians. So in a way you are supporting Blue Progressives.

      One can talk onesself into a neutral position about anything and thus rationalize doing nothing…….BUT the Progressive/Democrats ARE themselves trageting “The Rich” in places like California and on a national scale…..they are Targeting The Right and Conservatives in the Press etc…

      What makes NO SENSE to me is doing nothing… I said some kind of Message being sent with your Discretionary money could on a larger scale have a material effect on those Businesses in Blue states and at the same time Bolster those in the RED states…………This kind of economic “Voting” had a big impact on the Cotton market in India when Gandhi employed it.

      The changes this country needs ARE NOT going to be addressed by the Poiltical Process…..not at this time. They will require New Media….as Beck and Ace of Spades and others have said. They will require a resurgence of States rights….perhaps nullification and organizing amongst the GOP Governors. They will require taking back our schools and Re-introducing American Values and Truthful history. They will require some new avenues in the Entertainment industry.

      And these needed changes will require unified action by that 62,000,000 million who voted against Obama…..political action AND the flexing of financial muscle……connecting one’s political convictions with one’s money is a kind of “soft” secession. Remember, People ARE moving OUT of places like NY and Calif….a kind of ‘divorce’, a change, a choice…….What I am talking about is Also a change of habit…..a choice of where to put your assets, of what and who to reward.

      • Don,

        When it comes to trying to build this “new media,” I can’t think of ANYONE who has put his money, energy and ass on the line more than Beck. If we will not now support him — even if we do not totally agree with everything he says and does — then we are little more than what we are often accused: bitchy voices nagging from the cheap seats.

        Don’t you think? 😉

        • Yes…..I do……That’s why we are giving subscriptions to his GBTV this year….

          I was encouraged by his desire to create his News brand….with real reporters.

    • Unfortunately, Justin, if we want to address the problems with businesses, we’re going to have to do something most conservatives have come to believe is “unconservative” — tackle the issue of the corporation!

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