America Must Take Immediate Action Against Bloomberg

Have you seen this?

Bloomberg: Obama Must Take ‘Immediate Action’ Against Guns

I knew this would happen, but Bloomberg is correct about one thing: we need to take action — AGAINST HIM AND PEOPLE LIKE HIM! I say round them up, charge them with violations of our civil rights and prosecute. It is actually legal because it is actually the law of the land (that would be the U.S. Constitution for those of you who have never read it).

BTW: I am bloody well serious about this. Put me on the jury and I will vote to convict. Bloomberg and all who stand with him are tyrants and we had best start standing up to them. What’s more, they are tyrants who would seek personal and political advantage in the blood of innocent children. THERE IS NOTHING MORAL OR RIGHTEOUS ABOUT THIS STORY! NOTHING!

Think about it, people.  This jackwagon has outlawed guns in his city, and now, only the criminals have guns — and that includes those politicians such as himself (they always seem to have weapons when THEY need to defend themselves, and they never seem to get prosecuted for it, either).


Then there is this:

Boston Mayor Menino: Time for ‘National Policy on Guns’

I agree: the national policy should be to jail ALL these people trampling our INDIVIDUAL NATURAL RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE and to end ALL restrictions on otherwise law-abiding citizens’ rights to keep and bare arms.


make NO mistake, these people mean to disarm you, and only tyrants seek to disarm free people.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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