Gun Control Advocates: a Special Kind of Stupid

I honestly do not understand how or why anyone who can reason would believe that gun laws will ever prevent gun crime. It is right there in the name: “gun crime.” By its very definition, crime implies that the perpetrator does not care about the law.

Then there is all the anecdotal and statistical evidence that proves gun laws actually increase the rate of gun crime – not decrease it. There is a reason that Australia reversed its gun laws. So this is strike two on the intellect meter for all those touting gun control as the answer to our problems.

The last strike is the total lack of understanding of even the most basic elements of natural law, natural rights and of liberty. NO ONE, not an individual, not society, not even the government has the ‘right’ to take ANY means of self-defense from a free person. That is a violation of natural law. And ANYONE – yes, ANYONE who argues otherwise is a tyrant – period. The only people who will EVER seek to remove your right to defend yourself are people who seek to control you. Just look to history to see if I’m not telling you the truth.

So, where do these people get off calling those of us who understand all of this “stupid?” The real stupid people here are the gun control advocates and, to barrow from something one of Sam Elliot’s characters once said:


5 thoughts on “Gun Control Advocates: a Special Kind of Stupid

  1. Utah, the intellectual laziness of those who claim that stricter gun laws are the answer to the problem of violent crime simply stupefies me. Thanks for all your (highly entertaining!) efforts to communicate that point! Peace be with you — Kelly

    • Criminals (like terrorists) are bullies and cowards. Criminals look for defenseless victims upon which to prey. Criminals, being criminals, have already demonstrated they will disobey mere laws, much less the natural rights of other people.

      Criminals WILL NOT register or turn in the arms they already illegally obtained. In fact there are Court opinions stating a criminal who is already prohibited from legally possessing a firearm, CANNOT be prosecuted for failing to comply with gun registration or gun confiscation laws.

      4-5 times more crimes are stopped or prevented by law abiding citizens with a firearm than are actually committed. Statistically shown by criminologists and economists trained in the field of criminology.

      Criminals seek the “path of least resistance” or “least risk” when they begin a crime.

      If a criminal has a choice between victimizing an armed or unarmed person, who will they choose? The unarmed person.

      Law abiding citizens are the only people who will comply with gun registration and gun bans.

      If gun bans are passed, then ONLY the law abiding will be disarmed. The criminals aren’t going down to city hall and turning in their firearms.

      Then the entire country is a buffet table for the criminals and their chosen trade.

      However, if everyone is armed, OR, the criminals can’t tell WHO is armed, then the risks of crime go up, and the criminals change careers.

      This is exactly what has happened in the “shall issue” concealed handgun license states. In EVERY state that has adopted shall issue concealed handgun license laws, their crime rates have GONE DOWN. Whereas, in every state that has decreased firearm freedoms, their crime rates have increased.

      Since 1950, there has been only 1, JUST 1, multiple victim shooting where 3 or more people have been shot, that was NOT in a “gun free zone” where it was “illegal” to have those firearms.

      IF, all law abiding citizens were armed, THEN crime rates would go down.

      Reason and Common Sense

      • History ?
        Facts ?
        Don’t bother “us” with RESULTS !

        Things will be different “this time” because “we” said so. We just didn’t “do enough” last time.

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