“Main Stream Media” Joins Obama in Pushing for Tyranny!



It’s just that there is a greater concern — at least, there is if you are one of the few remaining people who value individual rights and liberty over the tyranny of “safety.”

Just as I KNEW they would, the media immediately jumped on this heinous shooting in Connecticut to push for more tyranny:

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Quickly Laments Lack of Gun Control in Wake of School Shooting: ‘Gun Violence Has Been Epidemic in This Country’

This sort of Left-wing propaganda is too predictable anymore.  These would-be tyrants in the govt. and our media need to ALL be fired and purged from our society (not killed, mind you, just marginalized to the point of being totally isolated within society — like lepers). What’s more, this IDIOT on the TV KNOWS that GUN LAWS DO NOT STOP GUN CRIME!  (just ask the English and Mexicans).  The people calling for gun control just want to make it so you cannot resist them and they can more openly act as the tyrants they are.

I have a better idea for what we should do in reaction to this shooting: let’s outlaw public schools. We’ll use the internet and home schooling programs to teach our kids instead of public schools.  We can even use the savings from having to maintain physical properties to provide the necessary equipment.  This way, we can provide parents with educational choices for their children by designing different curriculum.  We will also be able to resolve the problems with the NEA (they will no longer be necessary as we can easily privatize internet-based educators).   We can even eliminate the Department of Education.  And the beauty is, our kids will no longer be imprisoned in one location where animals like this shooter can easily trap and slaughter them.

There, problem solved and liberty preserved.  How hard was that?

9 thoughts on ““Main Stream Media” Joins Obama in Pushing for Tyranny!

    • Augger,

      Nope. Never have, never will. Well — at least, not man-made laws, anyway. Had this guy feared God, there’s no telling how this would have turned out. I suspect differently. 😦

  1. Anti-Guns laws did NOT stop The Norwegian slaughter of 84 kids at a summer camp. Just the opposite,Because no one was armed…..no one could stop the Norwegian psycho.

      • Yes….and Hundreds of thousands of Political Prisoners……most today don’t know that…..once again because of our wonderful Education System and the Teachers Union.

  2. The Media Talk-shows will talk this weekend about this endlessly….

    People intent on this cannot be stopped by ANY laws or outlawing anything……….Case in point…

    The 1927 Bath School Massacre…….The 3rd deadliest domestic massacre in US history after 911 and Oklahoma City.
    Andrew Kehoe first Beat his wife to death then set off dynamite and pyrotol firebombs which killed 38 children ages 7 – 11. He then used a Rifle and carbomb to kill the rescuers….6 Adults were also killed. And killed himself (suicide) in the process.

    Eery how similar……. We will NEVER be able to prevent those intent on this kind of Mayhem……Stripping Good, Law-abiding citizens of their rights and the means to defend themselves will do nothing to prevent this….it will only leave everyone open to the whims of Criminals at an increasing pace!!

    • Don,

      When I went to school, this could have never happened. There were too many weapons in the hands of good people, and the good people still had the courage to do the right thing. Mind you it was high school, but at my high school, every good old boy had a rifle in the gun rack of his truck ON SCHOOL PROPERTY! We also had 20 rifles in the JROTC armory. Anyone trying to go on a shooting spree at THAT school would have been dead most ricky-tick. And most likely from 1 shot fired by a member of the JROTC rifle team (we were damned good)

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