School Shooting Sets Off My “Spidy” Senses



I am horrified by what has happened, and my heart breaks for these families, but I noticed something in this story I think needs to be watched. This is the ONLY purpose of this post: to draw attention to something that has set off my radar. WARNING: anyone trying to make a comment intended to make me out to be something I am not or who tries to jump on the medias’ attempts to politicize this tragedy will not be treated kindly by me in reply. Now that this is out of the way, I draw your attention to this:

CBS News: 18 Children Among At Least 26 Dead In Newtown, Conn. Elementary School Shooting


A law enforcement official said the gunman is a 20-year-old man with ties to the school. Two guns have also been recovered. One of the guns recovered was a .223-caliber rifle, the Associated Press reported.

I have heard on the radio reports that this shooter was also wearing a “military styled vest.”

Here is what caught my attention: this shooting has too much in common with the recent mall shooting!!!

Both of these shootings used the same style weapons (.223 or 5.56 mm, probably both AR-15s). And both of these shooters were reportedly wearing some sort of “military styled” vest. And both of these shootings took place in what are typical, Americana areas of “refuge.” meaning, the mall and the school are two places we, as Americans, feel most secure.

These weapons are typically MISLABELED as “assault weapons.” And Assault weapon is fully automatic. These weapons are semi-automatic.  So this is unusual.  Typically, these shootings tend to involve weapons that are easier to use.  Contrary to public opinion, the AR-15 requires a bit of training to be used anywhere near efficiently, and this shooter does seem to have had some training with this weapon.  The mall shooter did not, otherwise, as in this case, we should have seen far more casualties.

So, yes, I am being cautiously skeptical.  I want to wait to hear what details come out of this, but I no longer accept coincidence as an explanation for such things — especially when they come this close together and have this much in common.  Nor do I trust stories like these when the media so immediately jumps on them to push their political agendas.  Were this whole thing to play out in Venezuala — media campaign included — we would all be skeptical in this country.  But, because “this can’t happen in America,” we tend to think anyone who points out what I now point out is a paranoid “conspiracy freak.”  Well, I have a news flash for you: you no longer live in America — you live in Amerika, where people can be jailed indefinitely without warrant to court appearance, or even assassinated with nothing more than a stroke of the President’s pen.  So, if you think that the same government that spies on ALL your emails, tweets and everything your cell phone does, if you think a government that puts thousands of drones in the air to monitor your every move, if you believe a government that openly controls the media and commits high treason is beyond orchestrating something like a couple horrifying shootings to provide cover for taking our weapons, then you are much more trusting of this government than I am prepared to be.

But then, maybe you don’t understand the true meaning behind this video:

“If you don’t have the “crisis” you need, you simply manufacture it.  And it is of little consequence if innocent people have to die in the making of this crisis: the goal more than justifies whatever messy actions that need to be taken.”

That IS how the people in charge of our government think — in BOTH Parties — and this is what they believe.  If you do not believe me, get off your rear end and start researching the American Progressives, Fabian Socialists, Fascists and Communists.  They are ALL cousins of the same mentality, and they have ALL openly written and stated that they DO think and believe this way.  I’m not the only person who has done their own homework and found this to be true, and — if America wants to survive — it is high time people stop attacking those of us trying to warn you about the danger that is taking over our government.

I’ll end by asking you to NOT dismiss me until AFTER you have thought about all the freedoms you have lost as a result of “terrorism:”

You can now be assassinated without any oversight, just a stroke of the President’s pen.

You can be picked up and indefinitely detained — without oversight or legal recourse — strictly by Presidential directive.

You can be declared a “terrorist” and sent to Gitom where you will lose all rights of an American citizen.

Your library records, email, tweets and all the data your cell phone collects is now stored by the govt. and is searchable without warrant.

The DHS is building its own civilian military force which is NOT answerable to Congress — only the President

The State Department has built a civilian (i.e. mercenary) military organization which is NOT answerable to Congress — only the President

The TSA will soon be expanded to our highways.

And there are more.  Just search under “loss civil liberties terrorism” and see what has happened to you since the govt. discovered the “crisis” of terrorism.  Then come call me paranoid.

6 thoughts on “School Shooting Sets Off My “Spidy” Senses

  1. I agree with your direction and I predict two things:

    1: Gun laws will be attacked
    2: The Internet (which may be the central meeting ground of they are related) will be attacked

    Both for MORE regulations!

  2. Well, I am NOT saying that anyone “directed” this guy to carry out this attack. But I am not willing to accept that the guy wasn’t “on someone’s radar” screen and being watched. I firmly believe our govt. HAS allowed things like this to happen when it knew enough to prevent it in the past, so I am not willing to dismiss the possibility that happened here. After all, the Batman shooter gave off enough warning signs, and so did the Ft Hood TERRORIST! “Authorities” knew both were unstable, and the govt. did nothing about either — but they and the media sure jumped on the “ban guns” wagon immediately after those shootings. And, if you listened closely, Obama has already started laying the ground work in his presser today. I paraphrase:

    “We’ve seen too many of these sort of incidents lately.”

    That is a precursor to “We’ve got to do something.” And when a Progressive “solves” a problem, he/she ALWAYS looks for the way that TAKES rights and liberty, NOT the one which preserves them.

    So, yeah, my ‘spidy’ sense are in overdrive.

  3. I agree with UR direction too. PoliTecs is right about the Internet.

    Let’s not forget the Hundreds of Millions of rounds of “Non-TYarget” ammo purchased by the DHS, Social Security, Dept of Education and other Domestic Gov’t agencies in the last few months !

  4. I have been thinking this all along but said nothing. Obama is pure evil and will stop at nothing to convince people that guns are the problem. They are not, if in truth these are unrealted both young males have a terrible mental illness. Have no where to go and don’t beleive in God to guide them. Saying that but stillo beleiving that this could and probably was a set up of the worst kind. Nothing like a mass shooting to set the country off to take something that ensures our freedom. They have shreaded the Constitution already so why not the 2nd amendment.

    • Sharon,

      You hit the nail on the head: our society no longer believes in God. When we refuse to let God’s law guide us, then there is NOTHING to restrain those who set themselves toward evil. 😦

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