The 2nd Amendment for Dummies (i.e. Gun Control Tyrants)

I am posting this in liberalese (i.e. pictures), so they will have a better chance of being able to read and understand this simple lesson:






5 thoughts on “The 2nd Amendment for Dummies (i.e. Gun Control Tyrants)

  1. I love this blog, and you’re dead on about the essential nature of an armed populace, but I feel like this isn’t exactly the moment. A bad thing happened today, and all this posting makes you seem defensive and frantic. I’m not saying don’t post about it, but you are a competent writer, and I think you got your point across the first time. It’s OK to take a breath. You’re not alone.

  2. This may start a furor of anger but I would not rule out involvement by Holder and Obama in both the Colorado and Connecticut tragedies. Obama’s fake tears tell a story. Never let a crisis go to waste, if there isn’t one then create one.

    • Ken,

      I am not prepared to say that Obama and Holder are DIRECTLY involved in any of these shootings, but immediately after the first mall shooting, I commented that we should expect more. And now, in the space of just a few days, we had the school shooting and a second mall shooting.

      Sadly, I expect even more, and, unfortunately, I expect them to be even more deadly.

      Whether earthly or spiritual (or both), there are forces at work to set up an environment that the Statists can exploit to disarm otherwise free people. That and clamping down on free speech are the last two things they need before they can slam the cage doors shut forever.

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