The Left’s Arrogance and Ignorance of Natural Law as Connected to Gun Rights

“Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled either by a power within them or by a power without them; either by the Word of God or by the strong arm of man; either by the Bible or by the bayonet.”

— Robert Winthrop, Speaker of the U. S. House 



I have posted that quote many times on the RNL, and I’ll keep posting it because it is true.  Unfortunately, its universal truth is lost on those among us whom we call ‘liberals.’  For whatever reason, and over any objections they may raise, the American Left has abandoned their belief in God.  If you press them, they will give you many reasons for this turning away.  They will claim there is no proof that there is a Creator, yet science has actually shown that there must be.  They will claim science has ‘proven’ God does not exist, when modern science has shown just the opposite.  Or they will argue “whose god?” as though that were a refutation of God’s existence.  But, in the end, it comes down to man’s original sin: he thinks he can become God through knowledge alone.


I happen to find this a funny notion, especially since those who claim to embrace knowledge, reason and science do understand nothing of any of these concepts.  Knowledge alone is useless.  It requires reason to be useful, and the Left has shown a total and consistent lack of understanding of even the most basic principles of logic.  And reason without wisdom is equally useless.  Intelligence does not equate to wisdom, a fact lost on most Leftists.  Yet, deceived by their own unguided intellect, these Leftists have not only convinced themselves that they are intellectually superior, but that this gives them the moral high ground in society, as well.  And that just proves my case against them.  If they actually understood the need for reason to be guided by wisdom, they would understand that one cannot have such a thing as morality without a Creator, and that this is dictated by the maxims of basic logic.  In short, the Left commands an internally self-contradicting position.  What’s more, their own arrogance has blinded them to any chance of ever seeing this internal contradiction.


Then there is the notion that ‘science’ supports their skepticism.  To which I say HA!  That is a claim made out of pure ignorance.  Modern astrophysics has PROVEN – PROVEN, PEOPLE – that this universe had a beginning, and that everything we have been able to show about the way that beginning came about points to the necessity for a Creator.  Furthermore, astrophysicists have shown that the design of this universe SCREAMS of intelligent design.  What’s more, modern microbiologists have made discoveries that support this conclusion: this universe was designed by an intelligent Creator.  Man has never had more inductive evidence of the Creator’s existence than we have today, and yet, these supposed “intellectual elites” who claim to rest on science and reason reject Him.  And THAT is why our societies are failing across the globe – because we have turned away from God and His natural law and are trying to live according to our own desires.  Unfortunately, this universe does not and will never work that way.  We are not greater than our Creator, and we never will be.  Living as though we are is the height of folly.


Even if we were to just rely on simple observation in reference to human nature, we would still come to the same understanding expressed in Winthop’s words: we will either be ruled by the Creator’s Natural Law (i.e. our conscience), or we will need to be ruled by other men.  If we believe in the Creator, then we recognize His laws and we obey them because we love and fear Him and His wrath.  If we reject Him, then we will have to be ruled over by other men.  The only problem with that is, whenever you find other men who seek to or will accept authority over other people, you have found an inherently evil person.  No one who loves our Creator will ever seek to rule over another person as it is a violation of God’s Natural Law.  It is that simple.  And this is why the Deist, Voltaire, said words the effect:


“If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him.”


Now, to connect this to the issue of gun control: gun control is about violating the natural rights of other individuals.  We have a natural right to self-defense.  This right has no limit.  If I can afford an aircraft carrier, and I use it in accordance with natural law (i.e. I do no harm with it), then I have the natural right to own an aircraft carrier.  Note: the 2nd Amendment says we have the right to keep and bear ARMS – as in, any weapon of war.  That is what this word meant in their day, and it still does.  They chose it for that reason.  The 2nd Amendment is NOT about hunting, or even self-defense against a criminal.  It is about defending our liberty from tyranny.  And those who now seek to take our right to keep and bear arms from us are the very tyrants against whom our founders sought to guarantee us the right to defend ourselves. 


Finally, one does not get to chose between the different parts of Natural Law as though it were an al a carte buffet.  You either accept and defend the entire extent of Natural Law, or you are hostile to all of it.  There is no middle ground.  So, when a Liberal tells you they support the Constitution but they are for gun control, they are lying – to you, and maybe even to themselves.  That the Left does not understand this is just one more piece of empirical evidence that the Left is not nearly as intelligent as they think they are. Unfortunately, they are also dogmatic about their beliefs, which, in turn, makes it nearly impossible to save them from their own ignorance.  But, alas, that is the task that befalls the rest of us who understand what was once considered to be “Self-evident.”  😦


2 thoughts on “The Left’s Arrogance and Ignorance of Natural Law as Connected to Gun Rights

  1. Your article goes hand-in-hand with M.’s very poignant comment: A moral, responsible society should be able to self-govern the use of deadly force by self-regulation of individuals.

    I believe the heart of the progressive is of good intent; it’s just that for all intents and purposes the sky thingy is being fed and growing. I daresay it is growing at such a rate that it is sapping our very own individualism away from us.

    I’m probably not makin a lick o sense. Of course, B., this is all your fault! Or Bush’s….

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