Anti-Gun Tyrants Are the Real Bad Guys — They Even Say So In Public

Before you listen to anything the anti-gun crowed has to say about gun control, you might want to stop to read this story first because, once you do, you will realize there is little difference between the anti-gun crowed and the people who commit gun violence/crime:

After School Shooting, Anti-Gun Advocates Want NRA President, Members to Be Shot

Seriously, read the story.  Read the tweets posted in the story.  If you agree with them, then, yes, I am telling you that — in your heart — you are little different from people who use weapons to commit murder.  However, if you are among those who still believe in individual rights and liberty, then you had better start accepting the fact that these people are not our allies.

Now, understand me: I am not saying you have to be for guns to oppose the anti-gun crowed.  But, if you are for individual rights and liberty, then you must be willing to defend ALL individual rights, not just the ones you think people deserve to have.  If you cannot do this, then you are with the anti-gun crowed.  It is that simple: there is no gray here.  There never is when it comes to matters of right and wrong.

11 thoughts on “Anti-Gun Tyrants Are the Real Bad Guys — They Even Say So In Public

  1. Israel has 4.7 murders per 100,000, and the U.S. has 5.9 murders per 100,000.
    We can engage in a do-it-yourself program by arming teachers, or we can spend ourselves silly on Security Guards, and still not do an adequate job. Buses have to be guarded. Every entrance to a school must be guarded. Any time we leave anything up to the government, we get an inferior job for an enormous amount of money spent. We can keep building our Police State, or citizens can take responsibility. The Israelis are very cost conscious, and arming teachers with assault rifles slung over their shoulders was an easy decision because every person in Israel must do military service. The Israeli people did not even want to pay for the defense systems they have. Because not every person in the U.S. serves in the military, arming teachers seems like an outrageous solution, but in order to keep our freedoms and prevent outrageous costs to tax payers, it is the most sensible solution. People in the U.S. must start taking personal responsibility. Why would Americans be stupid enough to pay for Security Guards for schools when Israelis do not? Are Israelis actually smarter than Americans? The truth is: Americans do not really want to admit we have a problem, and they will pay any amount of money to try cover up our problem, while the Israelis are totally realistic.

    • Oh, I just realized: do you know what you really just explained? You have explained that Israel still knows what the militia REALLY is and what purpose it is supposed to serve in society. EXCELLENT JOB! 🙂

    • AWKingsley – I have a tactical theory about this that you may, or may not agree with.

      Rationale – best deterrence isn’t what the criminal mind can see, but rather the uncertainty of who the adversary may potentially be.

      Case in point – I believe it was the Columbine shootings (feel free to correct me if I memory is doing me a disservice tonight), the initial plan was to take out the S.R.O. who had developed a lunch routine. They had cased him out. However, on this day, the S.R.O. ate his lunch in the car in the parking lot, and was able to return fire thus stalling the attackers buying time for more victims to escape.

      edit note: I do not think I am describing the Columbine shootings, so anyone feel free to chime in and I will modify the post.

      Implementation – send willing school faculty to tactical training school, and permit them for concealed weapon carry. Additionally, I would not mind the extra tax burden to hire retired military tactical veterans to work in posing as school faculty with concealed weapons. The trick here is stealth.

      The first thing Obama has said that I agree with … we are not doing enough to protect our youth. This is but just one idea.

  2. Spoke of this in The Duties And Responsibilites of Nancy Lanza

    December 16, 2012 at 21:38 (Edit)

    Earlier you spoke of my “Cringing”. Here’s what makes me cringe when it comes to the liberal agenda … (sigh):

    Ah those flippant anti-gunners, are now calling for NRA members to be shot. How’s that for hypocrisy? Sam Tarling’s mom should be proud of him. She raised a little totalitarian monster.

    Post-Newtown witch hunt: NRA president and members bombarded with death threats

    And then everyone wonders why we want to keep our guns …

    Of course none of the liberals, especially Professor McPhatty had a word to say about that. Guess we are just simply gun-slinging morons.

    I can live with that moniker.

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