If You Understand ‘Double Speak,’ Then You Understand Progressives ALWAYS Tell You Who They Are And What They Want

I have repeatedly told you that Progressives are open and honest about what they want to do, why and how they intend to do it. All you have to do is learn their language. Once you do that, you will understand they have never hidden their agenda from you, they just disguised it with doublespeak: language that holds two meanings at the same time. The Examiner has rehashed a beautiful and timely example involving Eric Holder:

In ’95, Holder called for anti-gun info campaign: ‘Brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way’

(The video clip in that story is 3:30 long. You MUST watch it if you really want to understand the rest of my post.)

Note how Holder is calling for the government-directed control of the media to intentionally change the way people think about guns. He does not even bother mentioning that keeping weapons in the hands of private citizens is crucial to the preservation of liberty. Only a well armed people can remain free and self-governing. An un-armed people are known as slaves, or serfs. Does this “pretty good attorney” mention any of that in this video clip? No! Does he mention that the heart of the individual is the issue and not the gun? No! What does he do? He advocates that we use government influence over an otherwise “free” press and media to manipulate the public. There is a name for this practice: propaganda.

And do you know who invented propaganda? If you said the NAZIs, ERRNT, WRONG! Propaganda was developed by the American Progressives. Holder is a Progressive. It all started under Woodrow Wilson with a man who is now known as the father of modern propaganda, Edward Bernays. Now, after the NAZIs gave propaganda a bad name, they did re-name it, so today, we call it “public relations.” However, this does not change the fact that, when the government directs it, it IS propaganda.

So how is Bernays and propaganda connected to Holder’s video clip? Well, this is the cute part: Bernays was largely responsible for convincing women to smoke in large numbers. What’s more, it was connected to the push for women’s suffrage. Before Bernays’, smoking was seen as a social taboo for women. Very few women smoked. But since Bernays, women have accounted for the majority of smokers. Bernays is the reason smoking became synonymous with sensuality. His add campaign sexualized it. And all of this – including the subsequent Progressive campaign against smoking – have been the result of an officially sanctioned government attack on a LEGAL product. The same applies to gun control: it is an officially sanctioned government attack on something that is CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED!

Here, don’t take my word for it: check it out for yourself here and here.

All of this amounts to an open admission by Holder (and Progressives in general) that they believe they not only know better than you what is and is not best for you, but that they presume the authority to manipulate you into do whatever they have decided that may be. In short, Holder is admitting that the law does not matter to him; the principles of a free and self-governing people do not matter to him. He has decided GUNS are bad, so he is going to do whatever he can to “change” the people to suit HIS way of thinking. Again, there is a word for this: TYRANNY!

5 thoughts on “If You Understand ‘Double Speak,’ Then You Understand Progressives ALWAYS Tell You Who They Are And What They Want

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-6IAOBhlU4 The Holder Video. When the time comes how do Holder and Obama plan on confiscating our guns? Who will perform the actual confiscation? The Military? The Police or Sheriff? Home Land Security??!! What will be the penalty if you do not volunteer to give up your weapons. How many deaths will the confiscation require?

    • Ken,

      They have already shown you how they will do this. First, they will need something “bigger” than just this school shooting. They may be waiting for riots or another terrorist attack — preferably one they can “label” as “domestic terrorism” (i.e. militias and/or TEA Party types).

      While they wait for this to happen, they will start massive “buy-back” programs. After that, they will restrict ammunition, making it so that the ammo MUST be designed to “expire” inside — oh, say, three years?

      Finally, when they get their “event,” they will send all forms of “law enforcement” to take your weapons — just like they did in Katrina. the average American may complain, but he/she will just let them take their weapons — because we no longer love our liberty more than our luxuries.

  2. Powder, brass, bullets and primers have no shelf life. Stock up. Find a friend that has reloading equipment and work out a deal.

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