Say Hello To My New Friend

Went and picked mine up this morning.  Ownership of any weapon, especially a semi-automatic rifle, is about to become crucial.  I was second in the gun shop to purchase an AR15 this morning.  Four more came in behind me to buy, and the gun shop owner came in and raised the price $100.00 on every AR in the store, after I had paid for mine.  Also bought 1020 rounds of .223 to go with it.

16 thoughts on “Say Hello To My New Friend

  1. Your handle removable? If so, get the flip up combat sights. They are amazing. 🙂

    In fact, you can see the arrangement I have over at in Destin. (No, that’s not my gun, but it is how I have one of my ARs rigged out …it’s my primary home defense weapon these days).

      • Well, I am certainly not has enormously fat as McPhatty for sure, but I can handle any rifle you toss at me bub. 🙂

        • LOL, I bet you could. But my father has a .30 –.06 carbine neither of us would care to shoot for long — at least, not without a shooting jacket. That bad boy kicks worse than the elephant gun I once fired.

              • I have a Remington 30.06 “hunting” rifle. It fires one shot with one trigger pull. I have multiple magazines for it, two are 5 round mags, 1 is a 10 round mag (it’s not legal to hunt with in Florida). It shoots a much larger, much more powerful round than the .223 AR15 I bought yesterday, yet the anti-assault weapon advocates are perfectly willing to leave it alone because it “looks” like a hunting rifle and not a military style weapon. It does kick the living daylights out of you when you fire it.

                • FC,

                  It will also do a lot more damage. Where I used to have to “bounce” my .223 rounds around corners in urban areas, that 30.06 of yours will often just shoot through the cinder block wall that stopped my .223. Imagine what that rifle would do in a shooting rampage.

                  So, yes, your point is “on target” (sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂 )

                • Yes, the .06 will blow clear through a cinder block wall and knock a hole out the backside of the wall you can put your head into. Standing behind the wall wouldn’t be much protection. That rifle would fire through those mall store paper walls and kill multiple people 3 or 4 stores away. You know, a legal short-barreled 12 ga. pump shotgun loaded with 00 buck would mow down shoppers in a mall like a scythe. A nut with a suicide belt packed with ball bearings or nails would kill so many people in a mall it would be hard to imagine. Those people, with their fantasies of going out with a bang being fed by the liberal media, will find a way to kill as many people as possible to get the recognition they crave.

    • Have you not read or heard how deadly the pistol grip is?!?! Oh, yes, sweet FL, women have actually been known to faint upon simply viewing the pistol grip. Thankfully, that was not the case with the chick in B.’s article….

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